The Aquarian Era, the Dionysian Wave, Uranus, Sexual Energy and the Attraction of Opposites

In the previous class we talked about the 3 different types of sexuality. Now let’s take a look at how the sexual energy works in Nature and in the Human Being.

There is a Cosmic Law which states:

“Never mix opposing forces in the same house, because the mixture of two contrasting currents gives rise to a third force, which is destructive for everybody”.

-Paraphrase from Ch.14 of The Three Mountains


The Era or Age of Aquarius and the Dionysian Wave

According to Gnostic Tradition, on February 4th, 1962: we began a new Era, the Age of Aquarius.

“From that memorable date onward and under the regency of URANUS (ruling planet of Aquarius) the Dionysian Wave continues vibrating intensely in the whole of Nature. Uranus has been, is and always will be the brilliant heavenly body that rules and intelligently governs the sexual endocrine glands… This is what gives rise to the intense Dionysian vibration that our planet is experiencing. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the the earth-dwellers … did not rise to the occasion, and were thus incapable of polarizing themselves with that Wave positively…”

Let us, then, define the two poles of this Vibration:

“Positive Dionysian pole:
• subliminal sexual pleasure,
• voluntary transmutation of the Ens Semenis,
• awakened Consciousness,
• objective knowledge, superlative intuition,
• transcendental music by the great classical masters, etc.

Negative Dionysian pole:

• sexual degeneration,
• all kinds of infra-sexuality,
• demonic pleasures in the infernal worlds by means of drugs and alcohol;
• infernal music like that of the new wave that only fortifies the ego, etc.

…The hallucinagenic mushrooms, pills, L.S.D., Marijuana, etc., evidently intensify the vibratory capabilities of the subjective powers, but it is clear that they would never be able to Awaken the Consciousness…

Within ourselves, there exist (in a latent state) faculties of cognition infinitely superior to the mind. Through them we can experience (in a direct form) what is real, what does not belong to time…”

And it is possible to access these faculties through meditation and transmutation.

“It is necessary to go back to the starting point to “radical zero”; only in this way is a radical transformation possible. …we are not the children of any theory, school or sect. At the raw source of our existence, we find just a man, a woman and sex…

Beliefs of all types exist everywhere. However, the only force that can transform us in an integral and complete manner is the one which has brought us into existence.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.9 of The Three Mountains


The Sexual Energy and the Influences of Uranus & Aquarius

“The sexual cycle is governed by the planet Uranus and lasts for 84 years. The north and south poles of Uranus take turns pointing towards the Sun. These poles are the determining factors in the 84 year cycle of the human species.

If the positive or masculine pole of Uranus points towards the sun, then the masculine sexual impulse predominates on the earth. If the negative or feminine pole points towards the sun, then the feminine sexual impulse predominates.

The masculine sex predominates for 42 years; the feminine sex reigns supreme for 42 years. The time of piracy, the era of Isabel, of masculine unfolding, of knightly adventures: these clearly represent the masculine sexual cycle. During the 1960s the feminine sexual cycle predominated…

The mature man or woman lives in the opposite sexual atmosphere from that in which they were born, a situation which is totally stimulating. This explains why sexual feelings are often richer and more vigorous at 40 rather than at 30.

Sex itself should be the most elevated and creative function. Unfortunately, ignorance reigns supreme, and humanity is very far from understanding the great mysteries of sex.

If we study the book of the heavens, the marvelous zodiac, then we will understand that the zodiacal sign of Aquarius governs the new Age of Aquarius. The symbol of Aquarius is a woman with two jars of water: trying to intelligently mix the waters in the two vessels she carries. This symbol reminds us of sexual alchemy.

If in Pisces, people were mere slaves to their sexual instincts (symbolized by two fish in the waters of life); then in Aquarius, people must learn to intelligently combine the waters of existence and learn to transmute the sexual forces.”

– From Ch.6 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


Sexual Alchemy and the New Era of Aquarius

“Since Aquarius governs Uranus, the planet which also governs the sexual functions… then in the new Era, governed by this planet, human beings should know the mysteries of sex in depth. Rejecting the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) means, in fact, pronouncing oneself against the sign of Aquarius…

We should remember that the most subtle, powerful, and pure energy which is marvelously produced and conducted throughout the human organism, is the sexual energy.

Through a deep analysis of the surprising power of sexual energy, we arrive at the conclusion that it is extraordinarily volatile and very difficult to store and control. Sexual energy is like a supply of dynamite, whose presence is a source of tremendous potential and also has the constant danger of catastrophically exploding at any time.”

– From Ch.6 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


The Circulation and Deviation of the Sexual Energy

“Sexual energy has its own circulatory channels and its own organized electrical system. When sexual energy infiltrates into the mechanisms of other functions, then it can produce huge explosions and tremendous biological, physiological, and psychic catastrophes.

Violent and destructive types of manifestations of sexual energy are derived from certain negative psychological attitudes towards sex in general. Suspicion, fear of sex, sexual prejudices, the sense of cynicism, brutal or obscene feelings towards sex, etc., obstruct the channels in which the sexual energy circulates and, then as a result this energy deviates, infiltrating other channels, systems, and functions, where it produces horrible catastrophes.

Such catastrophes are multi-faceted. At times, it has fiery aspects, which inflame people with passionate anger; at other times, it is bitter with hurtful replies, harmful words, violent denunciations, etc.

All these and thousands of other disgusting matters of the human species are precisely the result of the infiltration of the sexual energy into different channels and functions from its own.

People who squander their sexual energy in unwholesome sexual conversation, in watching pornographic movies, or in reading obscene books, eventually become impotent.

People who spend their time unhappily intellectualizing about the sexual act without actually completing it also eventually become impotent; and when the opportunity really presents itself, far away from reasoning, these people cannot perform the sexual act, they fail.

When Imagination and reason, are wrongly used, then they can lead to a psychosexual type of impotence.

Morbid use of the imagination (which is a wrong use of imagination), exhausts the sexual energy so that when the individual wants to consummate the act, he fails; he is impotent.

Excessive reasoning about sex also leads to impotence; those who only analyze the sexual act without performing it, will be very surprised when they finally try to do it in reality; they will find that they are… unable to perform.

…It is urgent for us to study the sexual mysteries, but the abuse stemming from excessive rationalizing about sex, while excluding the sexual act for a very long and indefinite period, produces psychosexual impotence.”

– From Ch.6 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


Sub-Imagination, Infra-Imagination and Nocturnal Pollutions 1

“Sub-imagination and infra-imagination exist. Any person can, if this is desired, contemplate another person of the opposite sex with purity, but sub-imagination and infra-imagination can betray us in the submerged levels of the mind, leading us into sex in other states of consciousness. Usually, nocturnal pollutions are the result, with abundant loss of the seminal liquor.

Samael Aun Weor received many letters from people complaining of having erotic dreams accompanied by nocturnal pollutions. He would reply by suggesting to these persons the Maithuna, Sexual Magic, A.Z.F. (sexual union without orgasm) as the only remedy against nocturnal pollutions.

Clearly, daily practice of the Maithuna will accustom the human being to restraining themselves in the sexual act in order to avoid the spasm; as they become accustomed to the super effort this requires, they will, when performing the act in dreams, restrain themselves, out of instinct, in order to avoid ejaculation, and then no pollution occurs.”

– From Ch.6 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


Sub-Imagination, Infra-Imagination and Nocturnal Pollutions 2

Sex and imagination are intimately associated. It is impossible to achieve absolute chastity if we do not transform our imagination into a pure mirror without the smallest smudge.

It is imperative to transform our mechanical and morbid sub-imagination and our automatic and lustful infra-imagination into the imagination of a newborn child. This type of transformation is possible only with a special kind of help, which comes from our divine mother Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

It is necessary to know how to pray to the divine serpent, asking Her to perform the miracle of transforming the subjective and mechanical imagination into that of a newborn baby. Only She, the Divine Mother, the sacred serpent, can transform the morbid sub-imagination and the bestial infra-imagination into the innocent imagination of a newborn baby.

A small child can contemplate a beautiful nude person in a pure and perfect way without feeling any lust. Really, unless one is as innocent as a child, it is impossible to enter the kingdom of esotericism.”

– From Ch.6 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


Chastity, Imagination and Internal Tests

“In the physical world, some people attain perfect chastity, and have the luxury of contemplating the nude body of a person of the opposite sex without feeling any kind of lust.

It is clear that these exceptional people believe they have arrived at absolute chastity in the subconscious territories of the mind, not even remotely suspecting that both their sub-imagination and their subjective mechanical infra-imagination betray them below the limits of the intellectual sphere.

These people may have a pure imagination, but ignore the fact that in regions unknown to their intellect, in their sub-imagination and infra-imagination, they can be terrible fornicators.

When this type of person undergoes a test of chastity in the superior worlds or in the submerged worlds of nature, or when they are placed in the different states, situations, or times of the infra-conscious or subconscious, then they unfortunately fail.

…Morbid and lustful dreams are produced by the mechanical sub-imagination and by the erotic, automatic infra-imagination. If we turn on the television, then automatically a succession of scenes and figures pass before our eyes.

The imagination is like a television screen, which is triggered by any sexual shock, not only in the intellectual sphere, but in the deeper levels of the mind as well. Any dreamer can be affected, in the internal worlds, by morbid representations… which produce erotic dreams and nocturnal pollutions.

If the dreamer customarily restrains themselves in the sexual act, then they will have erotic dreams, but not nocturnal pollutions. If the dreamer has transformed their sub-imagination and infra-imagination into that of an innocent child, erotic dreams are impossible they totally disappear.

If any esoteric student is subjected to terrible sexual tests in the internal worlds, without having first passed through long periods of daily sexual magic, then they will unfortunately fail, losing their seminal liquor in nocturnal pollutions. Without Sexual Magic, without the Maithuna, the Arcanum A.Z.F., it is impossible to advance on the Initiatic path.

When the sexual energy is centrifugal, when it flows downwards and outwards, then seminal discharges and nocturnal pollutions are the result. With the Maithuna, the Arcanum A.Z.F., Sexual Magic, the various currents of sexual energy reverse their course, becoming centripetal, and flow inwards and upwards. Seminal discharges and nocturnal pollutions or wet dreams are impossible when the sexual energy flows from the exterior to the interior.

– From Ch.6 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


Transmutation, Initiation and the Kosmic Human Being

Sexual energy has, in itself (on a superior molecular level) the universal seal or cosmic design of the ‘true man’ the Kosmic Human Being; and we can crystallize this design in each one of us by means of Sexual Magic.

Whosoever wants to self-realize in depth must descend into the Ninth Sphere, the origin of worlds, beasts, men, and Gods and work with the fire and the water; every authentic white initiation begins there. There is a close relationship between the sexual energy and imagination.

Sexual energy is the fundamental foundation of Intimate Self-Realization. Initiates who walk the path of the razor’s edge are subjected to many sexual tests in the Infra-conscious, unconscious, human, sub-human, and infra-human worlds.

If the initiate does not transform their morbid sub-imagination and mechanical erotic infra-imagination into the imagination of an innocent, newborn child, then they will inevitably fail all the sexual tests.

It is necessary to know that Initiates are placed, in the internal worlds, in other times, places, situations, and various sub-human or infra-human states of consciousness, where they don’t even remember their esoteric studies, the path, etc.

Now we understand the urgent necessity of transforming our sub-imagination and infra-imagination into conscious imagination, which is as objective and pure as that of a newborn child. Now … understand the intimate relationship that exists between sex and imagination. Sexual energy can transform us into an angel or into a beast.

– From Ch.6 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


Pseudo-Esotericism, Pseudo-Occultism and the Maithuna

“In the western world there are many people who passionately hate Sexual Magic; those people justify their absurd hate in many ways. They say that the Maithuna, Sexual Magic, is “probably” only for easterners and that we, westerners, are not prepared for it. Such people affirm that this teaching of sex-yoga will have as its only result a crop of black magicians.

What is very interesting about all this is that those same reactionary, conservative, regressive, and backward-looking people don’t say a word against fornication, against adultery, against prostitution, against homosexuality, pederasty , masturbation, etc., etc.; all these activities seem normal to them, and they ignore the tragic waste of their sexual energy.

The ignorant fornicators of reactionary pseudo-occultism totally ignore the secret doctrine of the Savior of the World: christian esotericism. The pseudo-esotericist and pseudo-occultist reaction ignores the fact that the early gnostic christian sects practiced the Maithuna, Sexual Magic.

The Maithuna was taught in all ancient schools of western mysteries. The Maithuna was known as part of the mysteries of the Templars; among the mysteries of the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, Chibchas, Zapotecs, Araucanians, and the Toltecs; the mysteries of the Eleusis, the mysteries of Rome, Mithras, Carthage, Tyre; the mysteries of the Celts, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Druids, and all early Christian sects; one of the latter was the Essene sect, whose convent was on the shores of the Dead Sea and which had as one of its most exalted members the Divine Rabbi of Galilee.

The Maithuna (Sexual Magic) is universal; it is part of the mysteries of the North and of the South, of the East and of the West, but reactionary, regressive, and fornicating pseudo-occultists violently reject it. The fundamental stone of authentic and legitimate mystery schools is the Maithuna, the Arcanum A.Z.F., Sexual Magic.

– From Ch.6 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English



“The sexual energy of the Third Logos harmonizes all the functions of the human organism in a splendid manner. The sexual energy is not only perfect in itself, but also desires perfection in everything that exists. The sexual energy produces accord and harmony among all the specific functions of the human organism.

The sexual energy works in the marvelous laboratory of the human organism with the aim of giving it the highest potential and harmony. The creative energy of the Third Logos always strives to perfect each of the marvelous physiological, psychosomatic, and spiritual functions of the human being. The creative energy of the Third Logos completes the work, complementing and correcting deficiencies.

If we consider man as half of a being and woman as its other half, then we arrive, by logical deduction, at the loving attraction of opposites. Souls, anxious for love, continually search for their other half, the twin soul from whom they were separated at the dawn of creation. We always need (on the road of life) that other being who can fulfill us, who can supply exactly what we lack, not only physiologically, but also psychosomatically and spiritually.

Each one of our physical and psychic functions needs its human complement, this is a natural necessity of every living being. The mutual combinations of the elements of nature, the chemical weddings, the sexual combination of opposite elements, in order to achieve a perfect whole: these constitute the living principle of everything that is, has been, and will be.”

– From Ch.7 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


Sex is the Power of the Soul

“Sex is the fifth power of the human being. Sex can Liberate or Enslave us. No one can attain integrity, no one can be deeply self-realized, without the Sexual force. Sex is the power of the Soul. The Integral human being is achieved with the absolute fusion of the masculine and feminine poles of the soul. Sexual force develops, evolves and progresses on seven levels (THE SEVEN LEVELS OF THE SOUL).

In the physical world, Sex is a blind force of mutual attraction; in the Astral, Sexual attraction is based upon the affinity of types according to their polarities and Essences; in the Mental world Sexual attraction occurs according to the laws of mental polarity and affinity. In the Causal world, sexual attraction is founded upon conscious willpower.

It is in this world of natural causes where the complete union of the soul is consciously realized. Indeed, no one can attain the complete glory of the MATRIMONIAL state without having attained this fourth state of HUMAN INTEGRATION.

We need to comprehend in depth the entire Sexual problem. We must TRANSCEND the mechanicity of Sex.

We need to know how to procreate children of wisdom. In the supreme moment of conception, human essences are completely open to all types of influences. Thus, the state of purity of the Parents and their willpower used in order not to spill the Cup of Hermes, is all that can protect us against the terrible danger that the Spermatozum and the Ovum face regarding the infiltration of SUBHUMAN substances FROM THE BEASTIAL SOULS which want to reincorporate.”

– From Ch.14 of The Perfect Matrimony and Ch.15 of Esoteric Course of Kabbalah also called Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot in English


Nature and Attraction (Gnostic Chemistry)

“It has already been demonstrated that the chemical elements are attracted and combined lovingly in accordance with the complementary number of electrons. Every chemist knows very well, through observation and experience, that the perfect electron shell of an atom has a specific number of electrons, for example sodium, which has an extra electron in its outer shell, unites sexually with chlorine, which lacks an electron in its outer shell.

What is amazing, what is marvelous, about all of this is that sodium, with one extra electron, would never combine with other alkalis of a similar composition.

In the depths of all these marvels, of all these miracles of love, we find the matrimony of the elements and the fundamental stone upon which rests all of chemistry.

Without exaggeration, we can affirm that this principle of the sexual attraction of opposites always applies, without exception, to the attraction and marriage of men & women.

Each organic and psychic function always wants its complement, and the feeling of indifference, attraction, or repulsion between a man & a woman is the exact result of an extraordinarily subtle, rapid and exact calculation which happens silently.

The sexual sense is much faster than thought, it makes amazing calculations and knows with mathematical precision if a person of the opposite sex has all the reciprocal factors necessary in order to complement our own.

Within the human organism, the different glands and glandular systems and their dependent functions work in pairs, some controlling the masculine functions and some controlling the feminine functions.

There is a marvelous exchange of chemical substances between the masculine and feminine glands. The dual masculine-feminine aspect of the pituitary gland is amazing. …the anterior lobe of the pituitary is masculine and the posterior lobe is feminine. The masculine and feminine glands harmoniously co-ordinate all the biological functions of the human organism.

Venus and Mars control the pituitary and pineal glands. While Venus, in the pituitary, wants to sleep, Mars, in the pineal, wants to continue fighting. In the neck, the same fight between Venus and Mars is repeated: Venus controls the thyroid and Mars controls the parathyroid.

The surface and the medulla of the adrenal glands always correspond to the masculine and feminine counterparts, which lead to the fight or flight response. This union of masculine-feminine sexual elements in every gland of the human body is wisely symbolized in the images of Tibetan Tantrism where each God is accompanied by a Goddess or feminine Shakti.”

– From Ch.7 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


Finding Our Complement

“Life is difficult, and beginning at around fourteen years of age, each man & each woman, searches for his or her sexual complement.

Any man can find a woman who can complement him for a specific determined function, but it may be the case that only with another woman can he find the complement for his fundamental center of gravity.

The woman is not an exception to the above mentioned complement and now we explain well the tragic sexual cause of the famous love triangles, which end in divorce or violence.

Only with virtue, only by complying with the Christian commandment of not to commit adultery, can these fatal triangles cease to exist.

The ideal in love is to find the other half, the better half, the twin soul.

Only the total and perfect complement can give inexhaustible happiness; but unfortunately, it is a lot to expect, because we don’t deserve so much since we are full of Karma.”

– From Ch.7 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English


Astrology and the Cosmic Model

“In conjugal or married life, we can see that sometimes the man leads and sometimes the woman leads. In every home, there is one who leads and one who follows, do not confuse this with commanding and being commanded.

Speaking astrologically, we can say that

Venus has to lead the Moon;
Mercury has to lead Venus;
Saturn has to lead Mercury;
Mars has to lead Saturn;
Jupiter has to lead Mars;
and the Moon has to lead Jupiter.

Clearly it is necessary to know what star guides our life.

The wise astrological combinations given here mean mutual attractions and perfect sexual complements. Other kinds of sexual unions are absurd and even illegitimate because they violate the sexual nature of the interested parties, leaving them with deep psychic injuries, which are difficult to heal.

The Mercurial man, who adores the beautiful Venusian woman because of the love and sweetness which she radiates, can draw her from her romantic laziness and give her the Mercurial lightness she needs. The Jupiterian woman, who is crazy with love for the Martian man, can extinguish his violence and channel his energy in an edifying way.

The attraction of the opposites has its origins in a Divine, Ineffable, cosmic model.

The Lunar type is always attracted to a Venusian,
the Venusian type is attracted to the Mercurial,
the Mercurial type is attracted to the Saturnian,
the Saturnian type is attracted to the Martian,
the Martian type is attracted to the Jupiterian,
and the Jupiterian type turns towards the Lunar.

Based on these marvelous combinations, the various human types can combine themselves and establish Perfect Matrimonies on the Earth.

The gnostic couple, working intensely within the Fiery Forge of Vulcan, within the Ninth Sphere (sex), can achieve, through the Maithuna (Sexual Magic), what the enemies of sex cannot achieve, even though they declare themselves vegetarian and torture themselves, or live like hermits.

We find in sex the greatest force, which can liberate or enslave the human being.

– From Ch.7 of The Buddha’s Necklace also called Light from Darkness in English



Now based on the Cosmic Law that stated:

“Never mix opposing forces in the same house, because the mixture of two contrasting currents gives rise to a third force, which is destructive for everybody”.

By the law of philosophical analogies, we can say:

“Always mix compatible forces in the same house, because the mixture of two complementary currents gives rise to a third force, that is creative…”




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