“The binary in God only exists through the ternary. If you conceive of the absolute as two, you must immediately conceive of it as three, in order to recover the unitary principle.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.2 of Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Levi


The Elohim, Fire and Creation

“Elohim is … the Army of the Voice, the Great Word. Each one of the constructors of the universe is a Living Flame, a Living Fire. It is written that “God is a Devouring Fire”. The Fire is Christ, the Cosmic Christ. Elohim, in itself, germinated from Aelohim.

In order to begin Creation, Elohim … unfolds into the TWO, into His WIFE, into the DIVINE MOTHER. When the One unfolds into the Two, then the THREE emerges, which is the fire.

The creatures of the Fire fecundate the CHAOS so that life surges forth.

Whenever the One unfolds into the Two, then the Third one appears: the Fire. The Fire fecundates the Waters of Existence, and then the Chaos converts itself into the Divine Androgyny.

So, it is important to understand that the Army of the Voice, the Army of the Word, is Fire, and that Living and Philosophical Fire that fecundates the Chaotic Matter, is the Cosmic Christ, the Logos, the Great Word.

However, for the Logos to appear, to come into manifestation, the One has to unfold itself into the Two, that is to say, the Father unfolds into the Mother, and from the union of the two opposites, the Third is born: the Fire.

That Fire is the Logos, the Christ, who makes possible the existence of the Universe in the Dawn of any Creation.

It is by means of the Fire, that we can Christify ourselves. The birth of Christ in Bethlehem would have been in vain if He is not born within our hearts as well.

-Paraphrase from the Lecture #092 “Esoteric Rigors of the Holy Week” [‘Rigor Esotérico de la Semana Santa’] translated from El Quinto Evangelio by Samael Aun Weor, also called “The Esoteric Rigour of the Passion Week” and “The Cosmic Christ and the Holy Week”


The Human Being and the Universe

“It is impossible to study a system of the universe without studying ourselves. At the same time it is impossible to study ourselves without studying the universe. The Human Being is an image of the world. We were created by the same laws which created the whole world.

By knowing and understanding ourselves we will know and understand the whole world, as well as all the laws that create and govern the world. And at the same time by studying the world and the laws that govern the world we will learn and understand the laws that govern us.

In this connection some laws are understood and more easily assimilated by studying the objective world, and, on the other hand, we can only understand other laws by studying ourselves. The study of the world and the study of the Human Being must therefore run parallel, one helping the other.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.1 of In Search of the Miraculous


Esoteric Chemistry and the Esoteric Atom

“If we take the three-dimensional universe and consider the world as a world of matter & force (in the simplest and most elementary meaning of these terms)…”

Then we must realize that there are Higher dimensions of the Cosmos with different types of matter & force and with corresponding rules & laws which are unknown to ordinary science.

“…religions, ancient and modern, are all equally physics, and it is only through the principles of Nature that one must search for the Gods of the nations.

Eos qui Dii appellantur rerum naturas esse, non figuras Deorum.

-Extracted from ‘System of the Universal Generation of Beings’ in

(Paris, 1813) by François-Henri-Stanislas de L’Aulnaye

The last line of the above quote is Latin and has been translated as

“What are called gods are abstract qualities, and not divine persons”
and “[Those] who are called gods by them, were nothing but the natures of things”.

It is from Cicero in Book 3, Ch. 24 of De Natura Deorum [On the Nature of the Gods] (45 BC).

What is interesting about this quote is what Samael Aun Weor says regarding these same forces:

“The Father, the Son and Holy Spirit are substances, forces,
they are transcendental and extremely divine energies. That is all…”

-paraphrase from Ch. 33 of The Perfect Matrimony


Now we are going to continue our study of the Ray of Creation in descent:

“Ordinary science does not know of the law of three and it studies matter without taking into consideration its cosmic properties. But besides ordinary chemistry there exists another, a special chemistry, or alchemy if you like, which studies matter taking into consideration its cosmic properties. In this chemistry, the cosmic properties of each substance are determined:
1. first by its place,
2. and secondly by the force which is acting through it at the given moment.

Even in the same place the nature of a given substance undergoes a great change depending on the force which is being manifested through it. Each substance can be the conductor of any one of the three forces and, in accordance with this, the substance can be active, passive, or neutralizing. And it can be neither the first, nor the second, nor the third, if no force is manifesting through it at the given moment or if it is taken without relation to the manifestation of forces. In this way every substance appears, in four different aspects or states.

Note that when we speak of matter we do not speak of chemical elements. The special chemistry of which I speak looks upon every substance as having a separate function, even the most complex, as an element. Only in this way is it possible to study the cosmic properties of matter, because all complex compounds have their own cosmic purpose and significance.

From this point of view an atom of a given substance is the smallest amount of the given substance which retains all its chemical, physical, and cosmic properties.

The term atom comes from the Greek word átomos (ἄτομος), which means “uncuttable” or “the smallest indivisible particle of matter”.

“Consequently the size of the ‘atom’ of different substances is not the same. And in some cases an ‘atom’ may be a particle even visible to the naked eye.

The four aspects or states of every substance have definite names. When a substance is the conductor of the first or the active force, it is called ‘carbon’, and, like the carbon of chemistry, it is designated by the letter C. When a substance is the conductor of the second or the passive force, it is called ‘oxygen’, and, like the oxygen of chemistry, it is designated by the letter O. When a substance is the conductor of the third or neutralizing force, it is called ‘nitrogen’, and, like the nitrogen of chemistry, it is designated by the letter N. When a substance is taken without relation to the force manifesting itself through it, it is called ‘hydrogen’, and, like the hydrogen of chemistry, it is designated by the letter H.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.5 of In Search of the Miraculous

“The Three Primary Forces:
The Holy Affirming: The Father
The Holy Negating: The Son
The Holy Conciliating: The Holy Spirit

Manifest themselves by means of the C.O.N. (Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen) Atoms. The H (hydrogen) is a force free of the other three…”

-Paraphrase from Ch.53 of Tarot & Kabbalah


The Verb as the Manifestation of the Unity of God

Eliphas Levi defines the ‘Verb’ in his Preliminary Discourse in the following way:

“The intelligent power that operates in a transcendental and absolute way within universal movement, we call the VERB. It is the initiative of God, which can never remain without effect, nor can it stop itself without having reached its goal.

In Ch. 2 of Book 2 of The Key to the Great Mysteries, Levi says

“It is the verb which creates forms, and forms, in their turn, react upon the verb in order to modify it and complete it. … Intelligence speaks and matter becomes agitated; it will not rest until after it has taken the form given by the speech.

And in one of his letters (#10) to his student Baron Spédalieri, he says:

“God is universal and inconceivable unity. His verb is the revealed and revealing unity of numbers. The Holy Spirit is living unity.”

Remember that the work of making the COSMIC MOTHER (the CHAOS, the GREAT WOMB of the Universe) bear fruit is always the job of the THIRD FORCE. The Verb is the unity of the Three Primary Forces, but it manifests itself through the Third Force, the Holy Spirit.

“Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen are the 4 basic elements with which the Third Logos works.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.58 of Tarot & Kabbalah


Unity through Divine Balance

We could look at it as if there is only one substance with which creation is formed, and as it is formed: it is divided into 4 basic elements. This substance and the operations upon it must always reach a perfect equilibrium so as to maintain the great balance of Divine Physics.

“The kingdom of God is not an arbitrary empire, neither with respect to the human being, nor for God…

“A thing is not just because it is willed by God,” said St. Thomas, “but God wills it because it is just.”

The divine balance rules and necessitates eternal mathematics.

“God has made all things with number, weight and measure .””

-Paraphrase from the ‘Introduction’ to History of Magic by Eliphas Levi

Remember that God’s Verb “is the revealed and revealing unity of numbers”…


The Four forms of the Balanced Substance which manifests Unity

The balanced substance, from which everything manifests, has four forms related to the four letters of the Tetragrammaton [יהוה]:

“…becoming elementary, the substance is: hot, cold, humid and dry; then becoming: fire, air, water, earth, or, in order to speak as modern people do, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen; but before all this it was light and it remains impregnated and living through the universal light.

Light is one and four in its manifestations. It is active or passive, visible or hidden. The light is the first real and living substance, having in itself the principle of its movement. … It is what God creates eternally on the first day and even before the first day. The book of Genesis is not past history, it is the revelation of eternal work. The light exists because God wills that it be, and all things begin and end in it.

God is the reason of being for the light; the light is the exterior manifestation of the eternal verb of God. The light is pregnant with intelligence and it gives birth to reason, because it is fertilized by the spirit. The universal light … links all beings together, because everything comes from it and comes through it. …it is, in each being, a particular mode of universal vital force.

-Paraphrase from Letter #15 of Eliphas Levi to his student Baron Spédalieri
available in The Kabalistic and Occult Philosophy of Eliphas Levi – Volume 1: Letters to Students

And in the Human Being, this vital force, this ‘light’, is clearly related to the creative energy (sex).


The Seven Cosmos

“Most books on the Kabalah say that there are two cosmos: the macrocosmos and the microsomos. The first is infinitely great, and the second is the infinitely small. But this Kabalistic teaching about the two cosmos is incomplete, it is only a part of the teaching. Seven Cosmos exist and not just two as the mistaken Kabalists claim.

The Absolute, in itself, as explained by the Kabalah, has three aspects, which are:

1) AIN SOPH AUR (אור סוף אין) [meaning ‘Endless Light’ or ‘UnManifested Light’].
2) AIN SOPH (סוף אין) [meaning ‘No-End’, ‘UnEnding’, ‘UnManifested’ or ‘Limitlessness’].
3) AIN (אין) [meaning ‘Not’ or ‘Nothing’].

The AIN SOPH AUR is the exterior circle. The AIN SOPH is the middle circle. The AIN is the UNMANIFESTED ABSOLUTE.

1) The first cosmos could not exist within the Unmanifested Ain, nor within the Ain Soph. The first cosmos can only exist within the Ain Soph Aur. The first cosmos [alpha] is of a purely spiritual nature and its name is Protocosmos.

2) The second [beta] is the Ayocosmos or Megalocosmos, that is to say, the great cosmos, or all of the suns, [and] all of the worlds of the infinite space.

3) The third cosmos [gamma] is the Macrocosmos, which the Kabbalists refer to in their writings. This is formed by the Milky Way, with its eighteen million suns that gravitate around the central sun Sirius.

4) The fourth [delta] is the Deuterocosmos, which is constituted by the Sun of our Solar System and all of its laws.

5) The fifth [epsilon] is the Mesocosmos, all the planets of our solar system.

6) The sixth [stau] is the Microcosm, the Earth and the Human Being.

7) The seventh [zeta] is the Tritocosmos, the infinitely small, such as atoms, molecules, insects, microbes, electrons, etc. and also the Avitchi, the Abyss.

Each one of the seven Cosmos have their own laws. The Gnostic has to study the laws which govern all of these seven cosmos, with the goal of knowing the place that they occupy in life and what they must do in order to achieve the final liberation.”

-Paraphrase from Ch. 3 of The Dissolution of the “I”
(also called “The Elimination of Satan’s Tail” in English)


The Seven Orders of Worlds

…There are seven orders of worlds, seven cosmos that were created

• with the power of the Verb,
• with music,
• with sound.

1) The first COSMOS [alpha] is found submerged within the UNCREATED LIGHT of the ABSOLUTE.

2) The second order of worlds [beta] is constituted by all the worlds of infinite space.

3) The third order of worlds [gamma] is the sum total of all the suns of starry space.

4) The fourth order of worlds [delta] is the Sun, which illuminates us.

5) The fifth order of worlds [epsilon] is made up of all the planets of the solar system.

6) The sixth order of worlds [stau] is the Earth in itself, with its seven dimensions and regions inhabited by infinite beings.

7) The seventh order of worlds [zeta] is formed by those seven concentric spheres or INFERNAL WORLDS of the SUBMERGED MINERAL KINGDOM below the Earth’s cortex.”

-Paraphrase from Ch. 2 ‘TAURUS’ of Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology


The Musical Scale and the Seven Orders of Worlds

Music, the VERB, placed by the LOGOS in seven musical octaves, firmly sustains the Universe on its march.

1) The first order of worlds [alpha], is sustained with the note DO.
2) The second order of worlds [beta], with the note SI (or TI).
3) The third order of worlds [gamma], the note LA.
4) The fourth order of worlds [delta], the note SOL.
5) The fifth order of worlds [epsilon], the note FA.
6) The sixth order of worlds [stau], the note MI.
7) The seventh order of worlds [zeta], the note RE.

Then, everything returns to the ABSOLUTE with the note DO.

Without music, without the VERB, without the GREAT WORD, the marvelous existence of the SEVEN COSMOS would be impossible.


The seven notes of the GREAT SCALE OF THE CREATIVE VERB, resonate in all of creation, because in the beginning was the VERB.

1) The first order of worlds [alpha] is wisely governed by the UNIQUE LAW, by the GREAT LAW. (1)
2) The second order of worlds [beta] is governed by THREE LAWS. (3)
3) The third order of worlds [gamma] is governed by six laws. (6)
4) The fourth order of worlds [delta] is governed by twelve laws. (12)
5) The fifth order of worlds [epsilon] is governed by twenty four laws. (24)
6) The sixth order of worlds [stau] is governed by forty eight laws. (48)
7) The seventh order of worlds [zeta] is governed by ninety six laws. (96+)

When one talks about the WORD, one is also talking about the sound of music, of RHYTHMS, the FIRE with its three measures … which firmly sustain the UNIVERSE in its movement, its march, maintaining its momentum.

PSEUDO-OCCULTISTS and PSEUDO-ESOTERICISTS, only mention the MICROCOSM and the MACROCOSM; they merely mention two orders of worlds, when in reality there are SEVEN COSMOS, seven orders of worlds sustained by the VERB, by music, by the LUMINOUS FIAT of the first instant.

Each of the SEVEN COSMOS is beyond all doubt a living organism that breathes, feels and lives.

From the ESOTERIC point of view, we can affirm that every progress upwards, is the result of a progress downwards. One cannot ascend without descending.”

Think about how important a foundation is in order to build a tall building

“First one has to descend and then ascend. If we want to know a COSMOS, we should first know the two adjoining ones, the one that is above and the one that is below, because both determine all the circumstances and vital phenomena of the COSMOS that we want to study.

Example: In this epoch in which scientists struggle for the conquest of space [Mesocosmos], advances are being made in the field of the infinitely small, in the atomic world [Tritocosmos].

The creation of the SEVEN COSMOS was only possible through the verb, through the word, through music, through sound. Our GNOSTIC students should never forget what the three forces called FATHER – SON – HOLY SPIRIT are.”

-Paraphrase from Ch. 2 ‘TAURUS’ of Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology


The Three Primary Forces and our Dragon of Wisdom

“…Our magnificent Dragon of Wisdom has three aspects. These are: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

1) The Father is the light and the life
2) The Son is the water and the blood that flowed from the side of our Lord, from the Lance of Longinus.
3) The Holy Spirit is the Pentecostal fire or Fire of the Holy Spirit, named Kundalini by the Hindus, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers, it is holy fire symbolized by gold.

1) The Father is Truth: one sins against the Father when one lies.
2) The Son is Love: one sins against the Son when one feels hatred for someone.
3) The Holy Spirit is Sexual Fire: one sins against the Holy Spirit when one fornicates, that is to say, when we waste the sexual energy (through orgasm).”

-Paraphrase from Ch. 11 of The Perfect Matrimony



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