As we mentioned at the end of the previous class:

In the Era of Aquarius, (governed by Uranus, ruling planet of the Sexual Glands), we have to learn to use Sex; the “Sexual Yearning” must be intelligently combined with “Mystical Enthusiasm” and the outcome of this wise mixture is the Revolutionary Erotic Intelligence of the Age of Aquarius.”

And we mentioned that:

“Sexual Magic (the Sahaja Maithuna) between husband & wife is based on the polar properties which certainly have their potential element in sex. …We need to enter the luminous sphere of magnetic equilibrium in the “rediscovery of one another”, in the discovery of the Path of the Edge of the Razor within you, the Secret Way which leads to final liberation.”

We also talked about the Divine Androgyne, the Adam-Eve, and that

…the precise function of Sexual Magic is to reestablish that Divine original unity of paradisic Androgyny within ourselves.

So today, we are going to look more closely at how to understand those polarities of Nature and how Gnosis sees the proper use of the Sexual Energy…


Part 1


“The sexual energy of the Third Logos harmonizes all the functions of the human organism in a splendid manner. The sexual energy is not only perfect in itself, but also desires perfection in everything that exists. The sexual energy produces accord and harmony among all the specific functions of the human organism.

The sexual energy works in the marvelous laboratory of the human organism with the aim of giving it the highest potential and harmony. The creative energy of the Third Logos always strives to perfect each of the marvelous physiological, psychosomatic, and spiritual functions of the human being. The creative energy of the Third Logos completes the work, complementing and correcting deficiencies.

If we consider man as half of a being and woman as its other half, then we arrive, by logical deduction, at the loving attraction of opposites. Souls, anxious for love, continually search for their other half, the twin soul from whom they were separated at the dawn of creation. We always need (on the road of life) that other being who can fulfill us, who can supply exactly what we lack, not only physiologically, but also psychosomatically and spiritually.

Each one of our physical and psychic functions needs its human complement, this is a natural necessity of every living being. The mutual combinations of the elements of nature, the chemical weddings, the sexual combination of opposite elements, in order to achieve a perfect whole: these constitute the living principle of everything that is, has been, and will be.”

–Paraphrase from Ch.7 of The Buddha’s Necklace
also called Light from Darkness in English


The Power of the Soul

“Sex is the fifth power of the human being. Sex can Liberate or Enslave us. No one can attain integrity, no one can be deeply self-realized, without the Sexual force. Sex is the power of the Soul. The Integral human being is achieved with the absolute fusion of the masculine and feminine poles of the soul. Sexual force develops, evolves and progresses on seven levels (THE SEVEN LEVELS OF THE SOUL).

In the physical world, Sex is a blind force of mutual attraction; in the Astral, Sexual attraction is based upon the affinity of types according to their polarities and Essences; in the Mental world Sexual attraction occurs according to the laws of mental polarity and affinity. In the Causal world, sexual attraction is founded upon conscious willpower.

It is in this world of natural causes where the complete union of the soul is consciously realized. Indeed, no one can attain the complete glory of the MATRIMONIAL state without having attained this fourth state of HUMAN INTEGRATION.

We need to comprehend in depth the entire Sexual problem. We must TRANSCEND the mechanicity of Sex.

We need to know how to procreate children of wisdom. In the supreme moment of conception, human essences are completely open to all types of influences. Thus, the state of purity of the Parents and their willpower used in order not to spill the Cup of Hermes, is all that can protect us against the terrible danger that the Spermatozum and the Ovum face regarding the infiltration of SUBHUMAN substances FROM THE BEASTIAL SOULS which want to reincorporate.”

–Paraphrase from Ch.14 of The Perfect Matrimony
and Ch.15 of Esoteric Course of Kabbalah
also called Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot in English


Intelligent Procreation

“Magical esoteric procreation, without ejaculation or orgasm, should be animated by the intelligent longing to secure the most characteristic attributes and the possibility of a long life full of light and liveliness for the offspring…

The appropriate moment to engender healthy and intelligent children lies in the upward curve of life, in which the marvelous Essence of the infant is carried by the grand breath of the Sun in the delicate, jubilant resurrection of great Nature, where it will be reincorporated in the general flowering of Universal life.

It is written with words of fire that the Potency of Action and Physical & Psychic Energy reaches magical procreation in a very special way in the ascendant quarter of May at sunrise.

The so called “children from the wedding night”, or those unfortunate ones who were begotten after copious banquets and drunken binges, are carriers of very inferior living values…

…Only when Adam-Eve live in a state of edifying and essentially dignified self-exaltation, is that interchange of living forces produced through each cell, which actually achieves the birth of a “sun child” a physically beautiful and spiritually blessed creature…

It is really unthinkable that the human being (as a stock-breeder, cattleman or gardener) exercises the greatest care to produce the best specimens of beast and fruit and the most beautiful, variegated and fragrant plants, through the selection and crossbreeding of the most select products and seeds, but the same human beings generally exclude the diligence, precautions and attention in the very generation of their own kind.

The quality of sexual energy is intimately associated with the power of imagination, and if the crime of spilling this marvelous elixir is committed; then the creative faculty (the ‘translucence’, the imagination) are impoverished.

Then it is impossible to maintain any beautiful image in the mind with the same freshness which we could use to give life and form to a new radiant creature.

Plato, who in his “Banquet” calls the doctrine of beauty “the mysteries of Eros”, defines Love as the Divine appetite suggested to man by a Great Universal Power which manages to fill his heart with enthusiasm for the creation of healthy and beautiful children…

–Paraphrase from Ch.36 of The Mystery of the Golden Blossom
also called The Mystery of the Golden Flower
in English


Part 2

Nature and Attraction (Gnostic Chemistry)

“It has already been demonstrated that the chemical elements are attracted and combined lovingly in accordance with the complementary number of electrons. Every chemist knows very well, through observation and experience, that the perfect electron shell of an atom has a specific number of electrons, for example sodium (which has an extra electron in its outer shell), unites sexually with chlorine (which lacks an electron in its outer shell).

What is amazing, what is marvelous, about all of this is that sodium (with one extra electron) would never combine with other alkalis of a similar composition.

In the depths of all these marvels, of all these miracles of love, we find the matrimony of the elements and the fundamental stone upon which rests all of chemistry.

Without exaggeration, we can affirm that this principle of the sexual attraction of opposites always applies, without exception, to the attraction and marriage of men & women.

Each organic and psychic function always wants its complement, and the feeling of indifference, attraction, or repulsion between a man & a woman is the exact result of an extraordinarily subtle, rapid and exact calculation which happens silently.

The sexual sense is much faster than thought, it makes amazing calculations and knows with mathematical precision if a person of the opposite sex has all the reciprocal factors necessary in order to complement our own.

Within the human organism, the different glands and glandular systems and their dependent functions work in pairs, some controlling the masculine functions and some controlling the feminine functions.

There is a marvelous exchange of chemical substances between the masculine and feminine glands. The dual masculine-feminine aspect of the pituitary gland is amazing …the anterior lobe of the pituitary is masculine and the posterior lobe is feminine. The masculine and feminine glands harmoniously co-ordinate all the biological functions of the human organism.

Venus and Mars control the pituitary and pineal glands. While Venus, in the pituitary, wants to sleep, Mars, in the pineal, wants to continue fighting. In the neck, the same fight between Venus and Mars is repeated: Venus controls the thyroid and Mars controls the parathyroid.

The surface and the medulla of the adrenal glands always correspond to the masculine and feminine counterparts, which leads to the fight or flight response. This union of masculine-feminine sexual elements in every gland of the human body is wisely symbolized in the images of Tibetan Tantrism where each God is accompanied by a Goddess or feminine Shakti.”

–Paraphrase from Ch.7 of The Buddha’s Necklace
also called Light from Darkness in English


Finding Our Complement

“Life is difficult, and beginning at around fourteen years of age, each man & each woman, searches for his or her sexual complement.

Any man can find a woman who can complement him for a specific determined function, but it may be the case that only with another woman can he find the complement for his fundamental center of gravity.

The woman is not an exception to the above mentioned complement and now we explain well the tragic sexual cause of the famous love triangles, which end in divorce or violence.

Only with virtue, only by complying with the Christian commandment of not to commit adultery, can these fatal triangles cease to exist.

The ideal in love is to find the other half, the better half, the twin soul.

Only the total and perfect complement can give inexhaustible happiness; but unfortunately, it is a lot to expect, because we don’t deserve so much since we are full of Karma.”

–Paraphrase from Ch.7 of The Buddha’s Necklace
also called Light from Darkness in English


Astrology and the Cosmic Model

“In conjugal or married life, we can see that sometimes the man leads and sometimes the woman leads. In every home, there is one who leads and one who follows, do not confuse this with commanding and being commanded.

Speaking astrologically, we can say that

Venus has to lead the Moon;
Mercury has to lead Venus;
Saturn has to lead Mercury;
Mars has to lead Saturn;
Jupiter has to lead Mars;
and the Moon has to lead Jupiter.

Clearly it is necessary to know what star guides our life.

The wise astrological combinations given here mean mutual attractions and perfect sexual complements. Other kinds of sexual unions are absurd and even illegitimate because they violate the sexual nature of the interested parties, leaving them with deep psychic injuries, which are difficult to heal.

The Mercurial man, who adores the beautiful Venusian woman because of the love and sweetness which she radiates, can draw her from her romantic laziness and give her the Mercurial lightness she needs. The Jupiterian woman, who is crazy with love for the Martian man, can extinguish his violence and channel his energy in an edifying way.

The attraction of the opposites has its origins in a Divine, Ineffable, cosmic model.

The Lunar type is always attracted to a Venusian,
the Venusian type is attracted to the Mercurial,
the Mercurial type is attracted to the Saturnian,
the Saturnian type is attracted to the Martian,
the Martian type is attracted to the Jupiterian,
and the Jupiterian type turns towards the Lunar.

Based on these marvelous combinations, the various human types can combine themselves and establish Perfect Matrimonies on the Earth.

The gnostic couple, working intensely within the Fiery Forge of Vulcan, within the Ninth Sphere (sex), can achieve, through the Maithuna (Sexual Magic), what the enemies of sex cannot achieve, even though they declare themselves vegetarian and torture themselves, or live like hermits.

We find in sex the greatest force, which can liberate or enslave the human being.

–Paraphrase from Ch.7 of The Buddha’s Necklace
also called Light from Darkness in English


Part 3

Sexual Compatibility According to the Kamasutra

“The legitimate Hindustani Kamasutra has nothing to do with certain spurious, bastardized, adulterated type of editions, which (displaying the same title) profusely circulate everywhere, in all the western countries. This classic book of the Hindu amatory art is divided into seven parts.

The first part exposes conjointly the impulse of life and the arts & sciences which are of practical use in Sexual Magic. The female Masters of female apprentices are only those women who have practiced Sexual Magic with a man. The female disciple has to possess seventy-four basic arts. Subsequently, among many of these arts are: chanting, music, instrumentation, dance, tattooing, elaboration of beds with flower petals, musical execution with cups containing pure water, mineralogy, science of chemistry, organization of quail, ram and rooster fights and technique on all literary works.

The pupil is also obliged to learn magic arts. She must not only know how to prepare the diagrams and amorous philters of esoteric efficacy, but moreover, to instruct herself in wise sortilege and mantras.

In the second part of Kamasutra, the great Hindustani Master Vatsyayana wisely exposes an abundant esoteric teaching about the art of loving, occupying himself (very specially) on something extraordinary, that is indeed, the division of the types of women and men in accordance with the size of their sexual parts.

He intelligently presents three types of men who are designated in accordance with their phallus, as:
      1. Hare
      2. Bull
      3. Stallion

In comparison to these males, the women are also classified in three types in accordance with the constitution of their Yoni (sexual organ):
      1. Gazelle
      2. Mare
      3. Female-Elephant

This differentiation in both sexes gives fundamentally nine amorous combinations, which come to remind us of the Ninth Sphere:
      1) Excellent sexual pleasure:
      A. Hare with Gazelle
      B. Bull with Mare
      C. Stallion with Female-Elephant

      2) Unmatched sexual unions:
      A. Hare with Mare
      B. Hare with Female-Elephant
      C. Bull with Gazelle
      D. Bull with Female-Elephant
      E. Stallion with Mare
      F. Stallion with Gazelle

The nine possibilities of sexual union are subdivided into three types,
in accordance with the size of the sexual organs:
      1. The proportion of the same size indubitably is the best.
      2. The relationship between large and small organs, among which the enjoyment of pleasure is of the most unfortunate.
      3. All of the other amorous relations can be classified as regular.

Unquestionably, the eventual temperament of the consorts displays a great role in the sexual act. These are grouped in three types:
      A. Cold
      B. Mild
      C. Hot

Therefore nine type of couplings are possible in the Ninth Sphere, namely:
      A. Cold with Cold
      B. Mild with Mild
      C. Hot with Hot

Unmatched sexual unions:
      A. Cold with Mild
      B. Cold with Hot
      C. Mild with Cold
      D. Mild with Hot
      E. Hot with Cold
      F. Hot with Mild

Among the Hindus, the span of the sexual enjoyment, that is to say, the possibility of a long permanency of it, is not based, for instance, in a purely sensual animal activity.

Rather, it is considered as vital matter, which expresses in the performed act a demonstration of a very developed and more exquisite culture.

Deficient is considered the consort who is found not truly oriented about the most intimate sexual phenomena.

This is what any man is, according to Rasamanjuri, who when in the act of love does not reflect upon what he should or should not do.

By all means it stands out in complete meridian clarity that also the prolongation of the sexual enjoyment is divided in three types:
      1. Fast
      2. Middle
      3. Slow”

–Paraphrase from Ch.46 of Parsifal Unveiled
(also sometimes spelled Parsival Unveiled
in English)


Understanding Sexuality in relation to the Divinity

The secret of the God’s happiness consists in the relation of Him with Himself. From such a relation, in accordance with the law of the philosophical analogies, comes every cosmic vehicle, every sexual junction.

Therefore, the sexual act is a legitimate right of the human being. It is the happiness of God expressing itself through ourselves.

Mohammed said:

“Coitus is an act even pleasing unto religion if, whenever it is performed, it is with the invocation to Allah and with one’s own woman for reproduction.”

The Koran states:

“Go and take for a wife, a maiden, whom you caress and who caresses you. Do not begin coitus without previously arousing each other with caresses.

The Prophet emphasizes:

“Your women are your tilth, so come into your tillage how you choose; but do a previous good act for yourselves, and fear God, and know that one day you are going to meet Him.”

Accordingly, with the former thoughts, it is ostensible that the delightful coitus between man & woman is certainly a form of praying.

In those moments of supreme enjoyment we convert ourselves into collaborators of the creator Logos. We continue with the radiant and, in every instant, re-creative task of the maintenance of the universe within the mysterious bosom of the eternal Mother-Space.

“Do as your creator does, as a powerful man in deeds and strength, who has consciousness in what he does. Thus, you will obtain double enjoyment, an increasing seminal liquor and healthy and strong children.”

This is what Mohammed said:

“Ten graces bequests Allah to the man who grants his sympathy to the woman with caressing hands, twenty if he presses her against his heart; yet, if his amorous embrace is the authentic one, then, he obtains from God thirty graces for every kiss.”

KALYANAMALLA emphasizes the transcendental idea that the exact fulfillment of the code of love is much more difficult than the intellectual humanoid mistakenly thinks.

“The preliminary enjoyments are complicated in themselves. Therefore, this art must be employed in exact accordance with the precepts in order to arouse the woman’s passion, in the same way that a fire is kindled, for her Yoni to become softer, more elastic and suitable for the act of love.”

A wise author stated:

“ANANGARANGA confers great importance to both components of the couple in that they keep their everyday life from taking on a lukewarm quality, or letting weariness or satiety enter into their relationship, by consummating their love with spiritual absorption and total surrender. The method of intercourse, that is to say, the love making position, is denominated Asana.”

Four modalities must be differentiated:
      2. TIRYAC
      3. UPAWISHTA
      4. UTTHITA

Since the esoteric study of these four Tantric Asanas has a complicated content, with exclusively pedagogical goals, we will limit ourselves in this present book to specifically transcribing that sexual position named: Upawishta. Upawishta means seated position…”

–Paraphrase from Ch.46 of Parsifal Unveiled
(also sometimes spelled Parsival Unveiled
in English)



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