The fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is נ (Nun) who’s numeric significance is 50 and its kabalistic significance is 14. There are many ways of representing this letter/sign, some of which were used in the ancient world, here are some examples:

The following information is from 3 books: The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah, Esoteric Course of Kabalah, and Manual of Practical Magic, all by Samael Aun Weor. Some of the information is repeated, but is presented here so that there is a single place to find all relevant material.


Arcanum № 14 is Chastity, The Transmutation of the Waters. One must work hard, chiseling the Stone, without which one cannot achieve Sexual Transmutation.


HOUR: “FIFTH HOUR OF APOLLONIUS”: “The superior waters of heaven (during this time the disciple learns to be pure and chaste because they are comprehending the value of the seminal fluid.)”


-From Ch.100 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



The Elixir of Long Life

1. When the Divine Soul [6] is united with the INTIMUS [7], a new Master of Major Mysteries is born in the Internal Worlds.

2. When, to this union of the INTIMUS [7] with the Divine Soul [6], the Human Soul [5] is added, then a MAHATMA is born.


4. These are the Souls of Diamond.

5. This realization is obtained at the age of five hundred esoteric years. (Fifth INITIATION of Major Mysteries).

6. The MASTER who renounces NIRVANA because of Love for Humanity is confirmed three times honored.

7. The Master who renounces NIRVANA to stay on the physical plane has to ask for the ELIXIR OF LONG LIFE.

8. The ELIXIR OF LONG LIFE is a gas and it is a liquid.

9. This electro-positive and electro-negative gas has an immaculate white color.

10. This gas remains deposited in our vital depth.

11. With this gas we can prolong our life and live with a body of flesh and bone during trillions of years.

12. The yellow liquid etherizes our physical body.

13. The physical body of the Master is absorbed little by little within the etheric body and in this way is made indestructible.

14. The Master ZANONI lived during millions of years with his physical body.

15. Count St. Germain actually lives with his same physical body that he used during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries in Europe.

16. We, the Gnostics, can live millions of years without death ever overcoming us.

17. With this Science we can become Omnipotent and powerful.

18. GNOSIS is for men and women who want to become divine.

-Paraphrase from Ch.14 of Manual of Practical Magic by Samael Aun Weor,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work


The Fourteenth Arcanum: ARCANUM 14

Very beloved Disciples, let us now study the fourteenth Arcanum of the Tarot. It is convenient to state that the profound wisdom of this Arcanum is classically divided into three parts:


We are going to study each one of these three parts separately.


In Card fourteen there appears an Angel who has the Sun on its forehead, if we observe the Angel, we will see that it has the square and the Triangle of Gnostic Esotericism on its vesture.

The Angel has a cup in each hand and it mixes the substances of both cups. In one is The White Elixir. In the other is the Red Elixir. The “Elixir of Long Life” is the outcome of the intelligent mixture of these two substances.

When the Septenary Man is sexually united with the Septenary Woman, the sum that results is Arcanum 14 of the Tarot. It is important to state that both the Man and the Woman have seven principles.

The most important and the fastest center of the Human being is the Sexual center. The process of creating a new being is realized within the laws of the musical octaves. The seven notes of the Musical Scale are the foundation of all creation.

If we transmute the creative energy, we initiate a new Octave in the Etheric World, whose result is the birth of the SOMA PUCHICON (THE WEDDING GARMENT OF THE SOUL). With this vehicle, we can consciously penetrate into all the Departments of the Kingdom.

The second Octave permits us to generate the true Astral Body, THE ASTRAL CHRIST. When we reach this level, the old Astral, the phantom, is reduced to an empty shell, which will disintegrate, little by little.

The third Octave permits us to engender the CHRIST MIND, this vehicle gives us true Wisdom and Unity of Thought. Only the one who engenders the Christ Mind has the right to say, “I HAVE A MENTAL BODY”. The actual mental body is only a phantom-shaped body . Really, this phantom converts itself into an empty shell when the true mind is born, then the old mental corpse is disintegrated and reduced to Cosmic Dust.

The fourth musical Octave engenders the true causal body; when we reach this level, we incarnate the Soul, then, we have a real existence. Prior to this instant, we do not have a real existence.


Immediately after finishing the daily Work with the Arcanum A.Z.F., the Alchemist should lie down in the dorsal decubitus position (Facing Up) and work with the Prostatic [and Uterine] Chakra. This chakra is a very important for high magic.

The Alchemist must inhale the vital air, then retain the breath and in those instants direct the nervous currents towards the Prostate [or Uterus] with the intension of closing the sphincters that exist between the seminal vesicles and the urethra. The effort of sending the electro-magnetic currents must be similar to the supreme effort that a woman does when giving birth. The woman moans in those moments and her larynx emits the moaning sound of the letter “M”.

Krumm Heller (Huiracocha) stated that Initiation must start with the letter “M” and “S”. If we want to be born in the Internal Worlds. Then we must also utter the sound of the letter “M” as when one moans. It is about being born and we must be Born.

Thereafter we slowly exhale, we wait for the breath to naturally return and we inhale, we mentally pump up the creative energy and make it rise through the two channels Ida and Pingala into the Chalice (the Brain). We repeat the effort and we continue.


Imagination is feminine and willpower is masculine. When we work with the prostatic [and uterine] chakra we must fuse these two Powers in an ALCHEMICAL wedding in order to promote the ascension of the Creative Energy.

First: through the sympathetic chords of the Physical body; second, through the sympathetic chords of the Etheric body; third, through the sympathetic chords of the body of desires; fourth, through the sympathetic chords of the mental body; fifth, through the sympathetic chords of the causal body.

Advanced Students must carry the creative energy even to the Ain Soph.


After a certain amount of practice, the student must learn how to direct the creative energy from the brain to the Heart (ARCANUM FOURTEEN IS THE ARCANUM OF TEMPERANCE).

TRANSFORMATION (Second aspect of the 14th Arcanum)

In “Jinn” State, a Body can shape-shift easily. Circe transformed Men into pigs. Legend says that Apuleius shape-shifted himself into a donkey. To manage transformation the following Latin Mantrams are used: “EST SIT, ESTO, FIAT”. Only in a Jinn State can we transform.


The devotee must sit at a table. Positioning themselves by crossing their arms, placing them on the table, while resting one’s head upon one’s arms, one must willingly fall asleep. The Student must relax their Mind. This is achieved by relaxing it, emptying it from any kinds of thoughts, until it is blank. Then, imagine the drowsy state, which precedes the dreaming state, identify with it and fall asleep.

When the student feels that they are in a state of sleep, they should get up from their chair [but keep the drowsy state] as if they were a somnambulist and attempt a long jump, as far as possible, with the intention of submerging their physical body within Hyperspace. Thereafter they must mark with a pencil, the exact spot on the floor where their foot landed.

The next day, they will repeat the experiment, marking with a pencil the place where they stepped. As the Student practices this exercise, they will notice that each time the length of the jump is longer and longer. Finally, the day will arrive in which one will perform a jump that is beyond normal. This will give the Student joy because it will indicate that their physical body is now penetrating into Hyperspace.

Finally, the triumph will grant constancy, patience, willpower and tenacity unto the student; thus, on any given day the Student will definitively sustain themselves with their physical body in Hyperspace. With one’s physical body one will penetrate into the internal worlds; one will be in “Jinn State”. Then within a few moments, one will be able to transport oneself to any place on Earth. The Student will become an investigator of the superior worlds.


Before initiating the former “Jinn” practice, the student must invoke the Genii of “Jinn”. The devotee will invoke the Master Owahra many times, as follows:

“I believe in God, I believe in Owahra and in all the Genii of the ‘Jinn’ Science, take me with my physical body to all the Temples of ‘Jinn’ Science. Owahra! Owahra! Owahra! Take me.” (This invocation must be repeated thousands of times before falling asleep).

TRANSUBSTANTIATION (Third part of the 14th Arcanum)

The last Supper of the Adorable Savior of the World comes from Archaic epochs. The great lord of Atlantis also practiced this ceremony, as Jesus Christ did. This is a blood ceremony, a pact of Blood. Each one of the Apostles brought their Blood in a cup and then they mixed their Blood with the Royal Blood of the ADORABLE ONE within the Chalice of the last Supper (The Holy Grail). Thus, this is how the Astral Bodies of the Apostles joined the Astral Body of the Christ, by means of this pact of Blood.

The Apostles drank the Blood contained within the Chalice, and Jesus also drank from it. The Holy Gnostic Unction is united to the Last Supper through this pact of Blood. When the Christic atoms descend into the bread and the wine, they are in fact converted into the flesh and blood of the Christ. This is the TRANSUBSTANTIATION.

-From Ch.14 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


Description of the Card of the 14th Arcanum: “TEMPERANCE”

In the Waters of Life we find three flowers; and in the middle one a Serpent rises, these three flowers represent SAT [7]: the Intimus, Atman; CHIT [6]: Buddhi, the Spiritual Soul; and ANANDA [5]: Manas, the Human Soul. The three flowers also represent:


In the middle, an Angel shows us the TRIAD by means of its vestments and the Quaternary (the 4 Bodies of Sin). On its forehead shines a Sun with 14 rays – 7 visible and 7 invisible. The visible rays represent the 7 Planets, and the Invisible rays represent the 7 Chakras.

The Angel has two vessels or urns with which they mix the two elixirs; one vessel is of Gold and contains the Red Elixir; the other, of Silver, containing the White Elixir. Together, they produce the Elixir of Long Life. Many Masters have attained immortality: Babaji, Sanat Kumara, Paracelsus, etc.

-From Ch.14 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



In Arcanum № 14 there is an Angel with a Sun at their forehead and a vessel in each hand, in the act of mixing the Red Elixir with the White Elixir, the Elixir of Long Life results from the mixture of these two, this Elixir is, indubitably, what the medieval alchemists yearned for so much.

The White Elixir is Woman and the Red Elixir is Man, without which it is impossible to produce the Elixir of Long Life. That of the woman emanates from the Moon and that of the man emanates from the Sun; this is indicated by the colors.

When the SEPTENARY MAN unites sexually with the SEPTENARY WOMAN an addition is made whose result is Arcanum 14 of the Tarot. It is valuable to mention in passing that Man has SEVEN PRINCIPLES, the same as Woman.

It is the Sexual center which is the most important and the fastest in the human being.

The process of creating a new being is realized within the Law of Musical Octaves. The 7 Notes of the musical scale form the basis of every creation.

IF WE TRANSMUTE THE CREATIVE ENERGY, we initiate a new Octave in the Etheric World, and the result of this is a vehicle with which we are able to consciously penetrate all the Departments of the Kingdom.

A Second Octave permits us to engender the true Astral, THE ASTRAL CHRIST. Upon reaching these levels the old Astral phantasm is reduced to an empty shell which disintegrates little by little.

A Third Octave permits us to engender the Christ Mind, and this vehicle gives us true wisdom and unity of thought. Only the one who engenders the Christ Mind has the right to say: “I HAVE A MENTAL BODY”. The current Mental Body is but a ghost of a facade. Really, this converts itself into a hollow shell when the true Mind is born; it disintegrates, and is reduced to cosmic dust.

The Fourth Musical Octave engenders the True Causal Body; upon attaining these levels we incarnate the Soul; we then have Real Existence. Before this moment we do not have Real Existence.

-From Ch.14 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



The profound wisdom of Arcanum 14 is, classically, divided into 3 parts:


We are going to study each one of these three parts separately.


The mixture of the elixirs of man and woman; the Red and White, give origin to the “Elixir of Long Life”. We have the concrete case of Nicholas Flammel and his wife who now live physically, in India; they have the “Elixir of Long Life”, Paracelsus today lives upon a mountain in Bohemia in a Jinn Temple, those who possess the “Elixir of Long Life” know how to live as vagabonds.

The Great Master SANAT KUMMARA, founder of the College of Initiates of the White Lodge, lives in an oasis of the Gobi desert, his body is not of the Earth; he came in a cosmic ship in the epoch of Lemuria, he came from Venus, he is one of the four Shaddai, one of the four Thrones of the Kummaras. He is working, helping all of those who are on the path, he assists them intensely, he lives with a Lemurian Guru. Very ancient writings mention him. They call him the “GREAT IMMOLATED ONE”, now he is Immortal.

This Elixir of Long Life is a metaphysical, electrical substance, when one receives it, it is deposited in the Vital Body. Whosoever receives this elixir has the right to live for 1,000 years but can extend this time. Thus, Sanat Kummara has already lived three million years. The transmutation of the Sacred Fire is necessary for this Elixir.


The second part of this Arcanum 14 refers to the TRANSFORMATION OF THE ENERGIES. One energy may be transformed into another; for example, Hatred into Love. Many forms of the transformation of Energy exist. In Esoteric Wisdom it is known that the Initiate must transform themselves into a bird, into a human-headed sparrowhawk, when the “I” is Dissolved.

With the Consciousness free, transformed into birds, we penetrate into the WORLD OF THE LIVING DEAD, we can fly over the seas, and cross mountains.

We need to transform ourselves into SERPENTS OF WISDOM, or into a “Naga”. It is necessary to Transform ourselves into Crocodiles; if we wish to ascend we must first “submerge ourselves in the depths of the Abyss”, this is the Law. The Twice Born must transform themselves into true Esoteric Defunct Ones of Mystical Death. This is transcendental; one may be an adept, but one will previously have had to descend and destroy the Ego, in any other manner one becomes a HANASMUSSEN with a double center of gravity.

A Hanasmussen is someone who has created the Solar Bodies, but has not passed through the PHILOSOPHICAL DEATH OF THE MASTERS, thus being polarized into an individual with a Double Center of Gravity, the result is two personalities; one Angelic and the other Demonic. This is called a miscarriage of the Cosmic Mother, a failed project.

After having lived the whole drama of the Crucifixion, the Adept has to pass through the Ascension, just as Jesus did, this must be done through the Nine Worlds:

4. SUN

After having lived the Drama of the Dissolution of the Ego, one must pass through the planets. One is transformed into the Crocodile Sebek for the purification and elimination of the different Egos, because in order to ascend to the respective Heavens one must descend to the ATOMIC INFERNOS of each planet. The last two do not have Infernos.

The Body of Desire, the [Lunar] Astral, is left in the Inferno of the Moon.

In Mercury, Cain, the Mind [or Lunar Mental], is left, and one ascends to the Heaven, and so on successively, one must become a 7-fold Crocodile in order to descend seven times, and ascend to the Heavens.

This whole process is to free one from the Laws of the Solar System, later one must liberate oneself from the laws of the Galaxy, after that from the Laws of the Universes and be transformed into the very pure Lotus Flower; becoming a Cosmocreator, that is to say, a Creator-Lord of Universes and finally to submerge oneself and be absorbed into the bosom of the Absolute.

There exist transformations of an inferior nature. Circe transformed men into pigs. The legend tells that Apuleius became a donkey. If one places one’s Physical Body in the Fourth Dimension utilizing the “Jinn States”, one can assume any form, becoming a bird, a fish, or whatever one wishes. The physical body in the fourth dimension is elastic, and may be transformed into an animal. The Latin mantra for transformation are these: “EST SIT, ESTO, FIAT”, it is only in THE STATES OF JINAS THAT WE ARE ABLE TO TRANSFORM OURSELVES.


The Last Supper of the adorable Savior of the World dates from ancient times. The Great Lord of Atlantis practiced it also, as did Jesus Christ. This is a ceremony of blood; a blood pact. Each one of the Apostles carried some of his blood in a vessel and then mixed it with the Royal Blood of the Adorable in the Chalice of the Last Supper (the Holy Grail). In this way the Astral Bodies of the Apostles are united with the Astral of Christ through the pact of Blood. The Apostles drank of the Blood contained in the chalice, Jesus also drank. THE HOLY GNOSTIC UNCTION is united with the Last Supper by the blood pact.

When the Christic Atoms descend to the Bread and Wine, this becomes in fact, the Flesh and Blood of Christ, this is the Mystery of the Transubstantiation. The Bread and Wine, the Seed of the Wheat and the fruit of the Vine must be royally transformed into the Flesh and the Blood of the Intimate Christ.

THE SOLAR LOGOS, with its active and vigorous life, causes the seed to germinate so that the ear of wheat may grow millimeter by millimeter, the Solar Logos is enclosed within the dark hardness of the grain as though within a precious coffer.

The enchanting germ of the sacred ear of wheat has its intimate exponent in the human seed. The solar rays solemnly penetrating the stocks of life, develop and unfold quietly until reaching maturity in the sacred-holy fruit of the vine, which is really an emblem of life which manifests with all its splendor in substance. The Gnostic Priest in a state of ecstasy, perceives that Cosmic substance of the Sun-Christ in the Bread and the Wine and acts in order to free it from its physical elements, so that the “Christic Atoms” may victoriously penetrate into the human organisms.

When Jesus established the Gnostic School he broke the Bread and said to all: “TAKE AND EAT, FOR THIS IS MY BODY”; he distributed the Wine and said: “TAKE AND DRINK FOR THIS IS MY BLOOD”; “He who eats of my Body and drinks of my Blood dwells in me and I in him”. During the Gnostic Ritual we communicate with the world of the Solar Logos, with the Egyptian “Ra”, with TUM; this word is very important, it has three aspects representing the Three Primary Forces:


This is a powerful Mantram, it attracts the forces of the Logos towards us; in the instant in which the Bread and the Wine are consecrated, the “Christic Atoms” descend and are transformed in fact into the Flesh and Blood of Christ. This is achieved by means of a channel which is opened, and one communicates directly with the Logos through the Mantram.

While in ecstasy with the TRANSUBSTANTIATION, the “Christic Atoms” of the highest voltage descend, giving us Light within the Darkness. These Christonic Atoms assist us in the struggle against the Demons of Set.

In this manner we make Light in the Darkness; we are profound darkness.

It is written that “The Light comes from the Darkness”. The Gods arise from the Abyss and are later lost in the Absolute. The Abyss is then, indispensable for there to be Gods. The Gods must know Good and Evil. The Abyss is a Cosmic Amphitheatre where Gods forge themselves. It is for this reason that one must Descend in order to be able to Ascend.

THE SOLAR CHRISTIC ATOMS, those Igneous Lives, those Secret Agents of the Adorable work silently within the Heart-Temple; inviting us time and time again to tread the path which must lead us to Nirvana. In any case, the mysterious aid of the Christic Atoms is manifestly clear. And the Light shines in the Darkness and upon the Altar appear the Twelve Loaves of the Proposal, a clear allusion to the Zodiacal Signs or different modalities of Cosmic Substance.

This reminds us of Arcanum 12; the Magnus Opus, the union of the Cross with the Triangle.

With respect to the Wine which derives from the mature fruit of the vine, it is the marvelous symbol of Fire, of the blood of life which manifests in Substance. Although the words Wine, Life, and Vine [Spanish: Vino, Vida, Vid ] have different origins, it is unquestionable that they retain certain symbolic affinities.

Thus Wine [Vino ] relates to Vis “Strength and Virtue”, “Moral Strength”, so also with Virgo, “Virgin”, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers. THE SAHAJA MAITHUNA (Sexual Magic) between Man and Woman, Adam-Eve, in the delicious bed of Authentic Love, contains in truth, sublime rhythmic concordances with the mystic agape of the great Kabir Jesus. Transforming the Bread (the Seed), into Solar Flesh and the delicious Wine into Christic Blood and Holy Fire, is the very extraordinary miracle of Sex-Yoga.

The BODY OF GOLD IS THE SOLAR MAN, it is the famous “To Soma Heliakon ” (the complete synthesis of the Christic Vehicles); it is flesh, blood and life of the Creative Logos or Demiurge. The secret living crystallization of the Sexual Energy into the resplendent form of that Glorious Body is only possible with Amorous Magic.

Einstein, a great genius of the intellect, wrote a wise postulate which says: “Mass is transformed into energy. Energy is transformed into mass.” It is ostensible that through the Sahaja Maithuna we can and must transform the Ens Seminis into Energy. To transform the Bread into Flesh and the Wine into real Blood, into Living and Philosophical Fire, is to realize the miracle of the Transubstantiation. We must sublimate our Sexual Energy to the Heart.


[NOTE: Remember that the Wine is “from the mature fruit of the vine” (mentioned earlier in this chapter), meaning grape juice, not fermented wine or wine with alcohol in it. Also see Ch. 13 of The Mystery of the Golden Blossom, where it says “pure unfermented wine is used with success”.]

Arcanum 14 converts the Bread and Wine into the Flesh and Blood of Christ, with this Arcanum the Bread and Wine are charged with the Christic Atoms which descend from the Central Sun.

-From Ch.36 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


SYNTHESIS of Arcanum 14:

The Master who renounces Nirvana out of love for humanity is confirmed as three times Honorable.

The Master who renounces Nirvana so as to remain in the Physical World must ask for the ELIXIR OF LONG LIFE.

-From Ch.36 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



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