The eighteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is צ (Tzadi or Tsadi) who’s numeric significance is 90 and its kabalistic significance is 18. There are many ways of representing this letter/sign, some of which were used in the ancient world, here are some examples:

The following information is from 3 books: The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah, Esoteric Course of Kabalah, and Manual of Practical Magic, all by Samael Aun Weor. Some of the information is repeated, but is presented here so that there is a single place to find all relevant material.


Arcanum № 18: The Kabalistic synthesis of Arcanum 18 is 1+8=9, the Ninth Sphere, Sex. If we add 9+9=18, in it there is a balance. One 9 is the positive aspect and the other is the negative aspect, but in itself 18 is negative, harmful, the Secret Enemies of the Arcanum of the Twilight.

In the work of the Ninth Sphere one must struggle a great deal, because one must learn to sublimate the Sexual Energy; here is the code, or key to all the Empires.

In Arcanum 18 we discover the dangers of Initiation, the Hidden and Secret Enemies who propose to damage the initiation. This is the subterranean struggle for the dominion of the Ninth Sphere.

In Arcanum 18 we have to fight bloody battles against the Tenebrous. The Black Lodge, the Abyss, Temptation, the Demons… who do not want the initiate to escape from their claws. This is the path of the Razor’s Edge. “This is the Path which is filled with dangers both within and without,” as the Venerable Master Sivananda says.

In the Internal Worlds the Tenebrous of Arcanum 18 violently assault the student. In the terrible Arcanum 18 we find the Witchcraft of Thessaly, here are found the potions of Canidia, erotic magical ceremonies, rites to make one fall in love, dangerous philtres, etc.

We must warn Gnostic Students that the most dangerous potion which the Tenebrous use to take the Student from the Path of the Razor’s edge is the Intellect.


HOUR: NINTH HOUR OF APOLLONIUS. “Here nothing has yet finished, the initiate augments their perception to even exceed the limits of the solar system, beyond the zodiac, they reach the threshold of the infinite, they reach the limits of the intelligible world, and the divine light is revealed and with it, appear new fears and dangers (study about the minor mysteries, the nine arcades through which the student must rise.)”


-From Ch.104 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



The Evil Eye

1. The “Evil Eye” in children is cured by reading to them a fragment of each of the four Gospels and making the sign of the Cross on their forehead, mouth and chest.

2. The Evil Eye is also cured by reciting the Conjuration of the Four and making passes over the head to take out the morbid fluid that can be burnt in fire.

3. The children who have the Evil Eye have big shadows under their eyes, fever in the head, vomiting and even diarrhea.

4. The Evil Eye is due to the hypnotic force of some evil persons who look at children.

5. Doctors do not know anything about these things and almost always confuse this illness with stomach infections.

6. The eyes are the windows of the Soul.

7. The man who lets himself be caught by the eyes of all women [and vice versa] will have to resign themselves to living in the abyss.

8. There are women who perform witchcraft on men [and vice versa].

9. These victims should defend themselves incessantly with the Conjurations of the Four and of the Seven.

10. To achieve INITIATION we have to steal fire from the devil.

11. To achieve INITIATION it is up to us to wage great battles against the Black Lodge.

12. We can defend ourselves from witchcraft, invoking our own Elemental Intercessor.

13. The Elemental Intercessor knows about herbs, he knows about illumination, he knows about stars, because he is an expert in the Elemental Magic of Nature.

14. He is called upon wholeheartedly when going to bed.

-Paraphrase from Ch.18 of Manual of Practical Magic by Samael Aun Weor,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work



When you trace the Magic Circle around yourself (whether it is with your sword or only with your Willpower and Imagination united in Vibrant harmony, or with both at the same time), you must pronounce the following Mantrams: “HELION, MELION, TETRAGRAMMATON”

The Magician defends themselves against attacks with the Magic Circle and the Esoteric Pentagram.

-Paraphrase from the section ‘Magic Circle’
in Occult Medicine and Practical Magic by Samael Aun Weor



The Eighteenth Arcanum: ARCANUM 18

Now, let us study the eighteenth ARCANUM of Kabalah. This is the Arcanum of twilight. It becomes necessary for our Gnostic disciples to profoundly reflect on the esoteric content of this Arcanum.

We have been strongly criticized for not continuing with the already known Hebraic monotony. Certainly, we do not want to follow that same monotony. We are only interested in what is called COMPREHENSION.

We want our students to COMPREHEND each Arcanum and thereafter develop it within themselves. First, we want our disciples to discover each Arcanum within themselves, then within all of Nature.

Arcanum 18 is Light and Shadow, WHITE MAGIC AND BLACK MAGIC. On the 18th Card appear a dog and a Wolf howling at the Moon. We can also see, in that illustration, two pyramids, one is white and the other is black. In this Arcanum the symbol of the CRAB [or Scorpion] is not missing. In Arcanum 18, the number nine is found two times, 9 plus 9 equals 18 [9 + 9 = 18].

In this arcanum, the NINTH SPHERE is repeated twice. We already know that the number 1 is positive and that the number 2 is negative. So, if we repeat the Ninth Sphere for the first time and for the second time, we will have the Sex in its two aspects: positive and negative. Now our Disciples will understand why Arcanum 18 is LIGHT AND DARKNESS, WHITE MAGIC AND BLACK MAGIC.

The secret enemies of Initiation are found in Arcanum 18. You must know, Beloved Disciples, that the Kundalini rises very slowly through the Medullar canal, the ascension of the Kundalini, from vertebra to vertebra, is performed very slowly according to the merits of the heart. Each vertebra represents certain virtues.

The ascension to a certain vertebra is never acquired without having achieved the conditions of SANCTITY that are required for such a vertebra which we long for. Those who believe that once the Kundalini is awakened, it instantaneously rises to the head in order to leave us totally illuminated, are really ignorant people.

In Arcanum 18 we have to endure bloody battles against the tenebrous ones.

“THE VALIANT HAVE TAKEN IT”. (see Matthew 11:12)

In the Internal Worlds, the tenebrous ones of Arcanum 18 violently assault the student. The Devotee must endure terrible battles against the Tenebrous. The conquest of each Vertebra in the Dorsal Spine signifies struggles to the death against the ADEPTS OF THE SHADOW. Fortunately, those who work with the Kundalini receive the FLAMING SWORD and they defend themselves with it.

Sometimes the Student, too weary, yet still holding the Sword in his hands, achieves the entrance into the Temple. Terrible are the efforts that the tenebrous ones exert in order to take the student from the PATH OF THE RAZOR’S EDGE. This Path is full of dangers from within and from without. Many are those who begin, yet few are those who finish. The great majority of aspirants are deviated by the Black Path. In Arcanum 18, there are very subtle dangers that the Student ignores.

The Tenebrous gather in their Temples in order to count the number of vertebrae conquered by the Student. Each Vertebra symbolizes a cup for them. On the altar they place the same number of cups as the number of Vertebrae the Student has conquered. They judge the Neophyte on this basis and consider him a thief.

The tenebrous ones’ thoughts may be formulated as follows:


The tenebrous never believe themselves to be bad. They believe themselves to be wells of SANCTITY. Therefore, when they attack the Student they do it with good faith. They believe that the Student is a Thief of Powers. That is all. Indeed, the Abyss is filled with sincerely mistaken people, and these are people with very good intentions.

The number “9” is positive and negative at the same time. Now we explain the mystery of Arcanum 18.

In this terrible Arcanum we find all the potions and all the witchcraft of Thessaly. Here is the kitchen of Conidia. We can read, in the epochs of Horaccio, how this horrible Witch of Rome made all of her potions. The books of Grimoires are full of tenebrous recipes which are obviously related to Arcanum 18. Erotic magical ceremonies, rites in order to be loved, dangerous potions, etc., etc., all of this is Arcanum 18.

We must warn the Gnostic Students that the most dangerous potion that the Tenebrous use in order to take the Student off of the PATH OF THE RAZOR’S EDGE is the Intellect. Bluntly we warn our disciples that out of two million people living in this World, only a small handful of souls (which we could count on our fingers) will be worthy of THE ANGELIC STATE! The rest, THE GREAT MAJORITY, are a lost harvest who will sink into the abyss forever.

To be an Angel is very difficult. Neither Time nor THE MECHANICAL EVOLUTION OF NATURE can ever convert a human being into an Angel. This is a Sexual problem.


It is first necessary for the BUDDHA to be born within us, then we can Incarnate the Christ. When Man has engendered all his internal vehicles, then he incarnates his Buddha and becomes a Buddha. We warn our students that the SOUL IS NOT CHRIST. Many BUDDHAS exist in Asia that still have not incarnated the Christ.

Remember, beloved disciples, that beyond the Buddha is the resplendent DRAGON OF WISDOM, the internal Christ of every Man who comes to this world. When the Resplendent Dragon of Wisdom enters into the Soul, then It is transformed into the Soul and the Soul is transformed into It. The outcome of this Divine and Human mixture is that which is called the ADAM CHRIST, THE SON OF MAN.


It is necessary that our Gnostic Disciples comprehend that the RESPLENDENT DRAGON OF WISDOM (THE INTERNAL CHRIST) of every man who comes to this world, has no Individuality. The latter is the product of the “I”, and the Christ is not any kind of “I”. Thus, it is absurd to talk about the Christ “I”, when indeed the INTERNAL CHRIST does not have any kind of “I”.

The Dragon of Wisdom transcends beyond any kind of “I” and beyond any Individuality. The Adorable one is absolutely INFINITE AND IMPERSONAL.


Really, Man still does not possess his internal bodies. The actual ASTRAL, MENTAL AND CAUSAL vehicles that human beings use are nothing more than mental forms that we need to Disintegrate. Those mental forms constitute the Human Specter within which the “I” lives.

It is Necessary for us to engender the internal vehicles in order to Incarnate the Buddha and thereafter, the Christ. This is an ABSOLUTELY SEXUAL problem.


The LIVING BUDDHAS are renowned incarnations. Those are the unique cases in which the Universal Spirit of Life incarnates and reincarnates. In other cases, only values Reincorporate, in other words the “I”, The Ego, Satan. Really, Satan (The Ego) only reincorporates in order to satisfy its desires, and that is all.

The only Reincarnations worthy of admiration are the LIVING REINCARNATIONS. The Ninth Sphere in its positive aspect brings Living Buddhas into the world, yet, in its negative aspect it only brings MEMORIES (EGOS), AND SPECTERS OF PERSONALITIES that were physically alive and died. This is the fatal wheel. Now, you will understand the whole drama of Arcanum 18. Positive Nine plus Negative Nine is equal to 18.


The soul’s embryo lives within the Specter and reincorporates with the Specter and with the “I”. It is necessary to comprehend that within every specter lives an “I” and an EMBRYO OF SOUL. We have spoken about this in former lessons, yet it seems that many students have not yet understood this.

Let’s clarify that the Embryo of the Soul which every human being has within, is not the Christ, because the Christ has not incarnated within the present Human Beings yet. Only those who have reached the Venustic Initiation incarnate the Christ. No one could reach such Initiation without previously having incarnated their Buddha of Perfection.

-From Ch.18 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


Description of the Card of the 18th Arcanum: “TWILIGHT”

In the Waters of Life there is a SCORPION within an inverted triangle, signifying that by spilling of the VESSEL OF HERMES, we, like a scorpion, kill the Divine Mother.

In the middle are two pyramids, one White and one Black, symbolizing THE POSITIVE AND THE NEGATIVE. Two dogs or wolves, one black and the other white, howl at the Moon; the White one is positive and symbolizes Friendship, while the Black is negative and symbolizes the PSYCHOLOGICAL “I”. They represent the terrible struggle between the Tenebrous Forces.

The Moon in itself represents Sex, we have to work with the Moon to convert it into Sun. The dog also represents the Sexual Instinct, and it is due to this that the dog takes us to the very doors of the Absolute.

-From Ch.18 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



It is necessary to study, analyze, and reflect profoundly on the esoteric content of this Arcanum. Arcanum № 18 is LIGHT AND SHADOW, WHITE MAGIC AND BLACK MAGIC, this is found represented by the Black Dog and the White Dog, as well as the Black Pyramid and the White Pyramid.

By adding kabalistically Arcanum 18 we find that 1 + 8 = 9, the Ninth Sphere, sex. We have already said that within our PLANETARY ORGANISM there are 9 interior strata; these are the 9 Vaults of Occult Masonry, the Ninth corresponds to the nucleus of the planetary organism, and there is the sepulcher of Hiram Abiff or CHIRAM OSIRIS who is the Intimate Christ of every one, of each person who comes to this world.

It is erroneous to consider or believe that the Christ is only JESHUA BEN PANDIRA; which is the name of Jesus the Christ who is, undeniably, the living incarnation of the Verb, the Logos. All of us need to resurrect that INTIMATE CHRIST and to achieve this it is obvious that we must descend to the Ninth Sphere, Sex. Due to this it is said that Hiram Abiff is in the Ninth Circle, in the Ninth Vault.

We are all children of sex, and for this reason in the Divine Comedy we see the condemned in the Ninth Sphere with water up to their generative organs and weeping with tears which congeal in their eyes, this is because it is a valley of tears and afflictions. That the waters reach their generative organs is due to the fact that they are spermatic Waters; we are all born and die weeping.

If we add 9 + 9 = 18. The number “9” is contained TWICE in Arcanum 18, between them there is a balance; one nine is the Positive Aspect and the other nine is the Negative Aspect, but (in itself) the 18 is negative, disastrous; it is the Secret Enemies of the Arcanum of Twilight.

In the work in the Ninth Sphere one has to struggle a lot because one has to learn to sublimate the Sexual Energy; this is the key or solution to all empires. In Arcanum 18 the Ninth Sphere is repeated twice. We already know that the number 1 is positive, and that the number 2 is Negative. In the same manner if we repeat the Ninth Sphere once, and for a second time, we will have Sex in its two aspects; Positive and Negative. Now you will understand why Arcanum 18 is Light and Darkness, White Magic and Black Magic.

In Arcanum 18 we find the Secret Enemies of Initiation.

Now we are going to study the symbolism of the dog. The dog participates in Magic. It is a generous animal which, in ancient times, was always consecrated to the God Mercury.

THE DOG OF MERCURY is strictly symbolic, as it clearly allegorizes the Sexual Power. The high honor which the Old Hierophants of ancient Egypt awarded to the Dog is quite obvious.

The “SEXUAL FIRE”, the Dog, the Erotic Instinct, is that extraordinary and marvelous agent which can radically transform us.

The DOG CERBERUS is in the Infernal Worlds, and we must extract him, steal him from the Infernos; this means to Liberate the Sexual Force. To take Cerberus from the Dwelling of Pluto is urgent. Cerberus, with his barking, his three enormous blunt heads and his collar entwined with serpents, is a prodigy of terror. He lives happily there, barking at the dead and filling them with terror.

The Dog and the Swan who flies above the Waters of Life, signify the same as the Dove, which is the same as the Egyptian Ibis: the Force of the Holy Spirit, the Sexual Force. In all, it is the Vessel of Hermes, which must be raised well on high.

In the Archaic Doctrine, in Occult Wisdom, the Guide Dog who leads the Knight to the Sanctum Regnum is spoken of. There are times when the Knight forgets the Dog and believes that he can continue on the path without him; and, yet, this is not so, sooner or later when the Knight feels stagnant, there remains no other remedy but to take hold of the Dog.

When we are at a standstill, it is the Dog who shows us the path. We must take him from the abyss. One must not forget that Three-headed Cerberus pulls at his master’s lead, taking him securely escape on the path which leads to FINAL LIBERATION.

HERCULES took him from the Abyss in order to serve as his guide and we do the same when we attain Chastity. By working in the Forge of Cyclops, practicing sexual magic, transmuting our Creative Energies, we advance upon the Path of the Razor’s Edge until we reach Liberation.

Woe to the Knight who abandons his Dog! He will lose his way and fall into the abyss of perdition. Unfortunately the Intellectual Animal mistakenly called man has not attained Chastity; that is to say, he has not taken Cerberus from the dominion of the infernos.

This will now explain to you the reason why the defunct suffer in the Plutonian Abysses when they hear Cerberus barking, the Hound with three hungry jaws. We must never forget that Cerberus, the guard dog of the Infernos, was affectionate to those who entered, and mercilessly devoured those who tried to leave. The lost obviously suffer the insatiable thirst of Lust in terrifying Tartarus.

In Arcanum 18 we have to unleash bloody battles against the Tenebrous.

“THE VALIANT HAVE TAKEN IT.” (see Matthew 11:12)

In the Internal Worlds the Tenebrous of Arcanum 18 violently attack the student. This path is filled with dangers both within and without. Many are those who begin, few are those who arrive. The majority stray onto the Black Path.

In Arcanum 18 there are very subtle dangers which the student ignores. Number 9 is Positive and Negative at the same time; this is the Mystery of Arcanum 18. In this terrible Arcanum we find all the potions and Witchcraft of Thessalia.

The books of Grimoires are full of tenebrous recipes very appropriate for Arcanum 18; erotic magical ceremonies, rites in order to be loved, dangerous potions, etc., etc., etc.; all this is Arcanum 18. We must warn students that the most dangerous potion which the tenebrous use to take the student from the Path of the Razor’s Edge is that of the Intellect. To invite us to ejaculate the Seminal Liquor; or to lead us astray by making us consider schools, theories, sects, etc., etc.

We must not forget that they who are misled adore the great Beast and say:

“There is nothing greater than the Beast. Who could be superior to the Beast?” (see Revelations 13:1-17).
“HERE IS WISDOM. Let him who hath understanding count the Number of the beast: for it is the Number of a man; and his number is Six-hundred threescore and six.” (Rev. 13:18).

The mark of the Beast is the two horns on the forehead. Millions and millions of human beings already have the mark of the Beast upon their brow and on their hands. Almost all of the human population of this valley of tears already have the mark of the Beast upon the forehead and upon the hands. All those Souls were lost, and since 1950 have been entering the abyss.

Human Evolution failed completely. The number of the Great Beast is “666”. This is the number of man because this number reduces kabalistically thus: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18. Adding the total together we have the following: 1 + 8 = 9, that is, Sex. Nine is man because Man is the son of Sex. In total, contained within 666 are Arcanum 18 and 9.

Arcanum 18 is the abyss, darkness, Sexual Temptations against which the initiate must fight. Arcanum 9 is the Ninth Sphere, Initiation. The Gods judged the Great whore whose number is 666. The sentence of the Gods was: To the Abyss! To the Abyss! To the Abyss!

-From Ch.18 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



Arcanum 18 added kabalistically is 1 + 8 = 9, THE NINTH SPHERE, Sex. Esoteric traditions affirm that the Earth has 9 strata or SUBTERRANEAN REGIONS; clearly in the Ninth Stratum is that which we could call the Planetary Nucleus, which is of an extraordinary density.

The kabalists say that the sign of the Infinite is in the center of the Earth; it is obvious that within the heart of the Earth its Vital Energies circulate. It is for this reason that the kabalists affirm that in the center of the Earth one finds the Brain, Heart And Sex of the Genie of the Earth, that is to say, the Planetary Genie. The organization of all creatures is constructed upon that model; that is to say, also within us. The struggle is terrible, brain against sex, sex against brain, and that which is worst of all, HEART AGAINST HEART.

The PENTAGRAM with the apex pointing upwards is Man; if Sex wins the battle, then the Pentagram is Inverted with the apex pointing downwards, bringing about the Fall of the Fulminated Tower from Arcanum 16. In Sex exists the greatest force which can LIBERATE OR ENSLAVE MAN.

The descent into the Ninth Sphere was, from ancient times, the GREATEST TEST OF THE SUPREME DIGNITY OF THE HIEROPHANT. All of the treatises speak of the descent of Aeneas into the Ninth Sphere, to the Tartarus of the Greeks (in the Aeneid Book VI).

The Sibyl of Cumae warned him about the descent into Avernus: “Sprung from the blood of Gods, the Trojan Anchises’ son, Easy is the road down to Avernus; day and night the door of this black Dite is open; but thy steps back to retrace the auras of the earth, this is the task. This is the difficult task; few have, and from the lineage of the Gods, few have favored and loved Jupiter, or borne by their own glowing virtue to the heavens, attained it”

The Kabalists speak of Adam Protoplasmos, who through the Transmutation of the Creative Energies, becomes something distinct, different. The kabalistic traditions tell us that Adam had two wives, Lilith and Nahemah; the first it is said, is the mother of abortions, homosexuality, of sexual degeneration; and the second is the mother of adultery, fornication, etc. LILITH AND NAHEMAH are the two aspects of INFRA-SEXUALITY, those two women correspond to the submerged, mineral, Infradimensional Spheres within the very interior of the planet Earth.

In any case, the Greek Tartarus, and the Avernus, are symbols for the submerged Mineral Kingdom. Life exists in everything; we live in the Element of Air and yet this element is invisible to us, just as for fish, water is invisible; I can assure you that there is life in the rock, that living beings exist there and that that element is invisible to them. They are not beings of flesh and blood, they are subtle, lost, degenerated elements who are in forms of involution.

Aeneas met his Father, and the beautiful Helen. Dante, in his “Divine Comedy”, met with multitudes of beings; the 9 Circles of Dante have a relationship with the Nine Spheres in the Submerged Mineral Element. It becomes necessary to descend to our own Atomic Infernos to work with the Fire and Water, the origin of worlds, beasts and men.

In all of the Pseudo-Occultist schools they talk of arising, ascending to the Superior Worlds, but it occurs to no-one to descend, and the serious thing is that for every exaltation there is a corresponding humiliation.

In the Submerged Sphere of Lilith we find those who prefer abortions, and people who use the contraceptive pill, who do not want to have children, and the result is obvious. In the Sphere of Nahemah we find those who are fascinated by Sex, men who are terrible fornicators, women who are given to adultery, pride, vanity, who divorce and marry again.

Kabalistic Traditions say that when a man abandons his wife to marry another, his forehead remains marked with a Luciferic Fire. The kabalists affirm that when a woman marries a man who does not belong to her, on the day of the wedding she appears “Bald-Headed”, and she unconsciously covers her head too much.


The Ninth Sphere is repeated twice in Arcanum 18, this leaves us with a lot to think about; the first nine is positive, and the second nine is negative; thus Arcanum 18 shows the fatal or negative aspect of the Ninth Sphere. This aspect is in the Spheres of Lilith and Nahemah. It is obvious that the Infernal Worlds are infrasexual, it is evident that infrasexuality reigns supreme amongst humanity; some being in the Sphere of Lilith and others in that of Nahemah.

When one intends to work in the Ninth Sphere one is immediately attacked by the Red Demons; they work to deviate us from the path of the Razor’s Edge. It is clear that within the Magisterium of Fire there exist many dangers, both within and without. When the IGNEOUS OR KUNDALINI Serpent ascends via the Spinal Column the advance is slow; it is realized very slowly, vertebra by vertebra.

Each vertebra represents determined Virtues corresponding to an esoteric Degree. One never achieves the ascent in a particular vertebra without having first fulfilled the conditions of Sanctity required for that vertebra. The 33 vertebras correspond to the 33 Degrees of Occult Magic, the 33 Degrees of the Master Mason, to the 33 years of Jesus and for each vertebra there is a corresponding ordeal, and the ascension is realized “in accordance with the merits of the heart”.

Those who believe that the Kundalini, once awakened, rises instantaneously to the head so that we remain totally illuminated are really ignorant people. The Sacred Fire has Seven Degrees of Power; these must be developed in order to be able to Self-Realize.

In this present reincarnation when I was struggling for the Fire’s Fourth Degree of Power, and had still not dissolved the Ego, I saw on the screen of a cinema the image of an erotic couple; that night in the world of the mind I was submitted to a test in which the couple upon the screen repeated the same scene, the aforementioned scene was reproduced by my Mind and seemed to have life, movement, then I exited from the test.

When I left the World of the Mind and passed to the Astral world I was harshly recriminated, and I was warned that if I returned to those places (the cinemas) I would lose the Sword; that it would be better if I were to study my past lives in the Akashic Records.

THE ATMOSPHERE IN THE CINEMAS IS TENEBRIOUS; THERE ARE MILLIONS OF LARVAE CREATED BY THE MINDS OF THOSE WHO GO THERE, and then later come the nocturnal pollutions. This is Arcanum “18”, it is Darkness.

The Divine Comedy speaks of the dog Cerberus, which is Sex and which must be taken from Tartarus to the “Sun”. This is the Ascension of the Sexual Forces in us, which one must cause to rise and use to eliminate the “I”. This is fundamental for the Intimate Self-Realization of the Being. This is the struggle between Light and Darkness depicted in Arcanum 18.

This terrible struggle is affirmed in the 3 Tantric schools which are dedicated to Sex.

1. WHITE TANTRISM: Connection of the Lingam-Yoni without ejaculation of the Ens Seminis. This brings about the ascent of the Kundalini in us and SELF-REALIZATION.
2. BLACK TANTRISM: During the Maithuna there is ejaculation of the Ens Seminis so as to develop the KUNDARTIGUADOR ORGAN.
3. GRAY TANTRISM: To work at times with ejaculation, and at other times without it, working solely for the enjoyment of sexual pleasure, but with the imminent danger of falling into BLACK TANTRISM.



-From Ch.40 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


SYNTHESIS of Arcanum 18:

WHOSOEVER DEFEATS SATAN IN SEX, DEFEATS HIM IN ALL ASPECTS. To liberate the Dog Cerberus means to liberate the Sexual Energy, to use it in a transcendental way.

The eyes are the windows of the Soul. The Man who allows himself to catch the eye of all the women will have to resign himself to living within the Abyss.

There are women who work witchcraft on men. Those victims should defend themselves incessantly with the conjurations of the Four and the Seven. We can defend ourselves from witchcraft by invoking our ELEMENTAL INTERCESSOR, whom we call upon with all our heart upon going to sleep.

-From Ch.40 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



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