The ninteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ק (Koph, Qoph or Qof) who’s numeric significance is 100 and its kabalistic significance is 19. There are many ways of representing this letter/sign, some of which were used in the ancient world, here are some examples:

The following information is from 3 books: The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah, Esoteric Course of Kabalah, and Manual of Practical Magic, all by Samael Aun Weor. Some of the information is repeated, but is presented here so that there is a single place to find all relevant material.


Arcanum № 19: In the Kabalah of prediction promises Total Victory, be it through one’s own efforts or with the help of other persons. Arcanum 19 is the Arcanum of Victory, or of Success. This Victory is related with all the aspects of life, economic, social, political, moral, etc.

The kabalistic synthesis of Arcanum 19 is 1+9=10, the 10 is a profoundly sexual number, here we have the circle and the line, the mysteries of the Lingam-Yoni. It is not possible to attain Self-Realization except by means of the Transmutation of the Sexual Energy.

In Arcanum 19 a Great Alliance is established between two Souls. Man And Woman must kill Desire to achieve the Great Alliance, in order to realize the Great Work.


HOUR: “TENTH HOUR OF APOLLONIUS”. “the doors of the heavens open and man comes out of his lethargy. (This is the number 10 of the 2nd great initiation of Major Mysteries which permits the initiate to travel with the etheric body or in the Jinn state, this is the wisdom of John the baptist: decapitation)”.


-From Ch.105 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



The Philosophical Stone

1. The Philosophical Stone is the SEMINAL ENERGY.

2. Whosoever practices Sexual Magic every day is working with the Philosophical Stone.

3. Whosoever raises their Seven Snakes upon the staff acquires the following powers:

4. The power to never die and to remain in the physical body until the consummation of the centuries.

The power to govern all the elements of Nature.

5. The power to make oneself immune against all types of firearms.

The power to make oneself the master of all of creation.

6. The power to see and hear everything.

The Power to be Wise.

The power to govern the Celestial Militias, etc.

7. All that is necessary in order to work with the Philosophical Stone is to have a good woman [or spouse].

8. The only thing that we need is the woman [or a spouse] in order to transform ourselves into gods.

-Paraphrase from Ch.19 of Manual of Practical Magic by Samael Aun Weor,

available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work


The Ninteenth Arcanum: ARCANUM 19

Let us now study ARCANUM NINETEEN OF THE TAROT. The Hieroglyphic is a radiant Sun and two wholesome children holding hands.

In the EGYPTIAN TAROT, the Hieroglyphic is of a man and a woman, who hold in their hands the symbolic EGYPTIAN TAU CROSS. This type of Cross is Phallic.

Arcanum 19 is the Arcanum of the Alliance.

In lesson three of this course, we broadly spoke about THE SALT, THE SULFUR, AND THE MERCURY. Really, these are the passive instruments of the Great Work. The positive Principle is the Interior Magnes of Paracelsus.

We need to Transmute and thereafter Sublimate the Sexual energy to the Heart. It is impossible to progress in the Great Work without the force of Love.

The PSYCHOLOGICAL “I” does not know how to love. The “I” is desire. It is easy to confuse desire with that which is called Love. Desire is a substance that decomposes into thoughts, volitions, feelings, romances, poetries, tenderness, sweetness, anger, hatred, violence, etc., people are always tricked by the poison of desire.

Lovers always swear that they are in love, when in reality they are only desiring. The human being does not know that which is called Love; however, we have in the very depths of our Being a principle that loves. Unfortunately, we do not have this principle Incarnated. This principle is the Soul (THE INNER MAGNES OF PARACELSUS).

If people had INCARNATED that Soul-principle, then they could love; only from heart to heart, from Soul to Soul is it possible to Love. Unfortunately, people only have Satan Incarnated. Satan does not know what Love is. Satan only knows about desire. That is all.

Everyday we see many lovers that swear eternal love to each other. Yet, after they satisfy their desire (THAT DESIRE THAT THEY BELIEVED TO BE LOVE) then disillusion comes along, disenchantment and then total disappointment arrives. Desire is the great trickster.

Whosoever wants to work in the GREAT WORK has to annihilate Desire. It is necessary to know how to Love. Love has its peculiar happiness and its infinite beauty. People do not know That which is called Love.

Love is similar to the feelings shown by a new born baby. Love forgives everything, gives everything, it does not demand anything, it does not ask for anything, it only wants the best for the one that loves. That is All. The true feeling of LOVE IS PERFECT, Satan knows nothing about Perfection, because SATAN IS DESIRE.

If you want to love, be prudent ; do not confuse Love with Desire. Do not let yourself be cheated by the Great Trickster. Within yourself is an Embryo of Soul that is able to love. Really your Love is Embryonary because it is an Embryo, but if you annihilate desire you will feel that spark of Love.

When you learn how to feel that Spark, then that Spark will become a Flame and you will experience That which is called Love. Strengthen your Embryo of Soul with the blessed flame of Love, and then you will achieve the miracle of your Incarnation. It is necessary for you to be integral and that is only possible by LOVING.

In Arcanum 19, a Great Alliance is established between two Souls. Man and woman must kill desire in order to achieve the Great Alliance. If you want to Incarnate your Soul, you must then celebrate the Great Alliance of Arcanum 19.

Reflect a bit, up until now you are just a living specter, a sleeping specter. You wretched specter, you sleep during the slumber of your physical body and after your death. You escape from the Graveyard or cemetery dreaming… Miserable specter! …Wretched soulless creature! …Reflect and meditate.

You must celebrate the Great Alliance of Arcanum 19 so that you can INCARNATE YOUR SOUL and come to truly Be. You, Poor Creature! You are not yet a Being. You are in dreams, you die without knowing how and are born without knowing how.

Only the blessed flame of Love can make you Truly Exist because you do not yet have a REAL EXISTENCE. Only with the Arcanum A.Z.F. can you engender your Christic vehicles. With those vehicles you will be dressed first with your INNER BUDDHA and then with your INTERNAL CHRIST. This is how you will become integral. You need to Be Integral.

Remember good disciple that now you are nothing but a SLEEPING SPECTER and that your present internal vehicles are only mental forms that you must disintegrate and reduce to cosmic dust. Be patient in the Great Work. If you want to incarnate your Internal Christ, then you must be sour like the Lemon. Kill not only Desire, but even the very shadow of desire. Be perfect in your thoughts, words and works. Be Pure… Pure… Pure..!


Sex is represented by the PHILOSOPHER’S STONE. This is the Heliogabalus Stone. The Elixir of Long Life cannot be acquired without this stone. The two columns of the Temple, Jachin and Boaz, are the Man and the Woman who are in alliance in order to work with the Philosophical Stone. Whosoever finds the Philosophical Stone is transformed into a GOD.


The PSYCHOLOGICAL “I” is the GREAT TEMPTER. The “I” hates Sexual Magic. The “I” wants the complete satisfaction of Desire. The “I” is the one who thinks and searches. The Being does not need to think. The Being does not need to search. When we are working in the Great Work, the “I” does not feel secure; thus, it searches for that which is called Security.

The Students of the luminous path always fall into the Abyss of perdition when searching for Security. Do not allow yourself to be seduced by the Great Tempter. While the mind is searching for something, while the mind is searching for security, while the mind is searching around for results, it is because we are not ready for the Great Work.

Satan always wants Security, Satan always wants results. Satan is always searching for something. Do not allow your mind to be poisoned by Satan. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MENTAL ENERGY TORPIDLY . With the battling of reasoning, we waste our Mental Energy.

Let’s remember that it is the “I” who reasons. Your Soul does not need to reason. It is painful to see the specters of death reasoning about problems that do not exist. Those sleeping specters are worthy of pity. Really, the “I” is the GREAT REASONER.


When the mind does not search anymore, when it does not seek refuge, when it does not seek for security, when it does not covet more books or knowledge, when it ignores the memories of desire, then only Love will remain within us. That is what is called Love. How great it is to Love! ONLY THE GREAT SOULS CAN KNOW HOW TO LOVE.

-From Ch.19 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


Description of the Card of the 19th Arcanum: “INSPIRATION”

In the Waters of Life are three flowers which represent the THREE PRIMARY FORCES.

In the middle is a couple holding hands, forming the Tao Key.

In the upper part a radiant Sun is above their heads with 7 Rays, reminding us of the FIRE’S SEVEN DEGREES OF THE POWER.

This Arcanum teaches us that through transmutation we attain Final Liberation.

-From Ch.19 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



This Arcanum № 19 is the Arcanum of Alliance. It represents the “CREATIVE FIRE”, and the Philosophical Stone. In order to realize the work which is the Great work, we have to work with the Philosophical Stone.

The ancients worshipped the Sun in the symbolic form of a BLACK STONE. THIS IS THE HELIOGABALUS STONE! This is the Stone with which we must make the foundation of the Temple. That Stone is Sex, represented by the Philosophical Stone, the Heliogabalus Stone. Without that stone we cannot attain the ELIXIR OF LONG LIFE.

The two columns of the Temple, Jakin and Boaz, are the Man and the Woman, united in order to work with the Philosophical Stone. He who finds the Philosophical Stone transforms himself into a God. Those who build upon the living Stone will incarnate the Verb. Those who build upon the sands will fail, and their structures will tumble into the Abyss. Those Sands are Theories, Dead Religions, etc., etc.

Arcanum 19 is the Arcanum of the “WORK OF THE SUN”. The Man and the Woman holding hands, and the Sun shining upon them indicates that this Arcanum is related with the Mystery of Fire.

The Sexual aspect of this Arcanum we find in the Kabalistic addition: 1 + 9 = 10; this is a number which is profoundly sexual: we have here the Circle and the Line, the mysteries of the Lingam-Yoni; it is only possible to attain Self-Realization by means of Sexual Transmutation, this is the sacred alliance between Man and Woman in order to achieve the Magnum Opus.

In meditating upon the Saints of Medieval Times, I was able to discover that although these saints were celibate, they had worked in the Ninth Sphere in other lives, and that they had developed the Sacred Fire with the Sahaja Maithuna.

If we analyze the life of Saint Phillip, we find that feeling love for the Divine, he fell to the ground, and upon raising himself, felt with his hand, a thoracic protrusion. He examined it and discovered that he had formed a protrusion upon the heart, and felt that the Sacred Fire of the Holy Spirit consumed him. After his death it was discovered that the artery between the heart and lungs was very thickened. He had however, lived to old age and had been able to say at which hour he was going to disincarnate. There is no doubt that he had the Sacred Fire due to the practice of the Maithuna in previous lives.

Catherine de Borbon was an extraordinary mystic, this was demonstrated in her life. When she died she was buried without a coffin, but on passing her tomb many persons noticed that a strong fragrance was emitted, and many sick persons were cured. After several months the priests removed her body in order to give her a good burial, it was undecayed, and gave off a fragrance, it was placed on exhibition, the cadaver had a nasal hemorrhage, perspired, and emitted perfume, it was seated in a chair in a chapel in Italy, the eyes opened, and it remained undecayed.

One of the signs that someone has attained the INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION of the Being, says the Tao, is that of the body being conserved without decay, and emitting perfume. When the Akash, the causa causorum of Ether, and the basic principle of the Tattwas is concentrated in the sexual organs, it is then the psychic basis of the blood, and pure Akash becomes the nutriment of these Mystics. They carry this substance to the blood and can live without eating.

There are initiates who can live without clothes in the snow without eating, and in order to attain this, extraordinary concentration is needed. Catherine of Siena said that she felt herself in Christ, being nourished by his blood. The relationship of the Akash with the Blood, and of the Blood with the Akash is tremendous. The Mystics concentrated on the blood of Christ and attracted only pure Akash, for this, tremendous concentration is needed and the energies have to have been transformed.

In the age of gallantry, in the Renaissance, in those times of wigs, petticoats, purple cassocks, beautiful dances, fine carriages, man knew how to appreciate woman and made sacrifices for her. Man was capable of making any sacrifice for a lady; knew how to appreciate her, did not shirk even at giving his own life. There were undoubtedly abuses of this, but man in this period knew how to see in woman all his ideals. In the 20th century man has forgotten the Sexual Mysteries, the male has lost the sense of Moral Valor; humanity is in decadence.

The Animic Essence is separated by all the entities of the “Ego”, but when one is dissolving it, one is forming the Seminal Pearl. When the Ego is destroyed, the Golden Embryo is formed and the Immortal Principles then enter the man, but this is a Sexual question. In other times much was intuitively understood about that which is the Creative Energy.

The Human Being today is nothing more than a Legion of Devils, filled with intimate contradictions. The only value we have is the Essence, which is broken up amongst the “I’s”.

-From Ch.19 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



This is the ARCANUM OF ALLIANCE or of Victory. In previous lessons we have already spoken about the Salt of Alchemy which is the Physical Body, the Mercury which is the Ens Seminis (within which is the Ens Virtutis ) and the Sulphur which is the Fire, the Fohat, the Kundalini; the Mercury must be transformed into Sulphur, the Serpentine Fire which is a result of Transmutation, these 3 are the passive instruments of the Great Work [or Magna Obra ].

We have to seek the Positive Principle, the INTERIOR MAGNUS OF PARACELSUS, the Magical Principle. When the 3 elements, Salt, Mercury, and Sulphur are found without having done the work, they are negative elements; but by working in the Great Work, they become positive, this is the MAGIC PRINCIPLE OR INTERIOR MAGNUS.

Arcanum 19 obviously establishes a great Alliance between man and woman, an Alliance so as to realize the Great Work. This Great Alliance has many aspects. The Gospel speaks of the need to have Wedding Garments. We must not forget the wedding at which someone did not wear their wedding garments, and they bound him and the Lord ordered that he be cast into the darkness where only the gnashing of teeth is heard. (Matthew 22: 1-14).

This famous clothing is the Egyptian Sahu, or the To Soma Heliakon in latin, that is to say, the Body of Gold of the Solar-Man, the Wedding Garment with which to attend the Banquet of the Easter Lamb. So it is necessary to comprehend that in order to have that body, the Great Alliance is needed, the work in the Ninth Sphere between Man and Woman.

Just as below we must have a Great Alliance in order to attain Illumination, above, another Great Alliance is needed.

Divine Spirit, ATMAN.
Human Soul, MANAS.
Spiritual Soul, BUDDHI.

The two Souls must be fused; the Masculine Human Soul with the Feminine Spiritual Soul. This is not achieved without having eliminated the “I” and with out having eliminated the Body of Desires. The two Souls must be one.

This is the Great Alliance between the Medieval Knight and the Lady; we find this in the books of Chivalry, “El Romancero”, Ballads, Count Roland, the Wandering Troubadours. The Knight who fights for his Lady is the Human Soul, the Lady is the Spiritual Soul. The Knight must fight for his Lady, if he does not do so he remains without her. In order to attain total illumination, the Knight must totally integrate with his Lady and fight for her in every moment until THE LOTUS OF 1,000 Petals is developed.

In the Great Matrimony or Alchemical Wedding of Manas-Buddhi, the Buddhi gives the Illumination, without which one cannot have the complete development of the 1,000 petalled Sahasrara Chakra. With matrimony a spark is produced, and illumination follows, this is the result of the Great Alliance.

That divine spark in the Pineal Gland gives Illuminated Intuition along with Polyvision. This is the total triumph. Illuminated Intuition is superior to Clairvoyance. The Spiritual Sun is what counts. The Midnight Sun guides and orients us.

“One must await for everything from the West, await nothing from the East.”

The Sun Sirius is the Central Sun, the gravitational point of the Milky Way. The goal of our studies is to enter the Absolute. In order to attain this we must free ourselves from all of the Laws of the Seven Cosmos which rule us. With the Alliance we are liberated from:

[RE] The 96 Laws of the Abyss (TRITOCOSMOS) [zeta]
[MI] The 48 Laws of Man (MICROCOSMOS) [stau]
[FA] The 24 Laws of the Earth (MESOCOSMOS) [epsilon]
[SOL] The 12 Laws of the Solar System (DEUTEROCOSMOS) [delta]
[LA] The 6 Laws of the Galaxy (MACROCOSMOS) [gamma]
[SI] The 3 Laws of the Firmament (AYOCOSMOS) [beta]
[DO] The 1 Law of the Solar Absolute (PROTOCOSMOS) [alpha]

And then we enter the Absolute. The arrival at the Absolute is sown with renunciations and death. One must renounce Omnipotence and even the Omniscience in order to enter into the Absolute.

-From Ch.41 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


SYNTHESIS of Arcanum 19:


-From Ch.41 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor



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