In the previous class we studied Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition: the Three obligatory steps on the Path of Initiation (the Path to return to God). Since we need Intuition, it is recommended that we practice a Mantram for Intuition everyday, such as the vowel “O”.

Now we are going to introduce some ideas related with the study of Tarot & Kabalah in the Gnostic Tradition.

Part 1

The Divine Energies, the Language of Nature, the Word and the Sacred Hieroglyphic Writing

“Under the name of Language, let’s understand a manifestation of Power, and of energy, through which there manifests an interior force that irradiates towards the exterior.

We can say that Language, with its undeniable expression, is the revelation of determined internal forces.

In this sense, let’s observe that all of Nature’s affairs have their own peculiar language.

Within the forces of every Entity are bound the means of its expression and, among its strengths and its vehicle of expression, quantitatively as well as qualitatively, there is an exact relation, in such a way, that every Entity can express itself exactly according to its way of being.

We could say that it is the Force of Forces or that which GOD himself expresses, every day and ever hour, by means of his forces.

The crystallizing, living part of this expression, is the physical Word. The intangible and etheric, the eternal, is the physical alphabet.

Everything, comes into being like types or physical structures of an expression of divine energy.

Every affair in Nature, every form of expression, differentiates itself from the rest through its conditions. Among these same conditions, there exist a differentiation of Cause and Effect, of energies, of organs and of forms.

Every state is a Letter. Several Letters give a Syllable. The conjunction of these is a Word…

For those who have learned and sculpted this sacred writing in themselves, Nature is a living, eternal, indestructible writing, by means of which the TRUTH has been communicated since the first luminous day of creation forward.

Every corporeal and manifested entity is an accurate mirror of what is within it’s interior and the entire Universe, as a whole, is a bundle of diverse characters of the nature of things.

Relations, particularities, modes, applications, passions… unify all characteristics that are combined to form a conjunction.

All forms (from the crudest mineral, to the most scented flower, to the most brilliant and intelligent human being) are therefore living Letters of a great, universal alphabet, and all of Nature, elevated and glimmering, is an open book of the Truth and of divine Love.

All that exists, is a beautiful hieroglyphic…

Every body is the symbol of a subtle and invisible force, analogous to itself and living within itself, as salt lives diluted and imperceptible within the water that contains it.”

IN GENERAL in Logos Mantram Magic


Intuition, Kabalah and the Tarot

“There are two types of Kabalists, intellectual Kabalists and intuitive Kabalists. The intellectual Kabalists are black magicians and the intuitive Kabalists are white magicians.

Many times the Sidereal Gods answer our questions by showing us a Tarot card; then we must intuitively comprehend the answer given to us. Intuitive Kabalists comprehend what is reserved for them just by glancing at a Tarot card.

This is a book of Practical Christification. This is a book of transcendental esotericism and it is absolutely practical. We do not theorize here. This work is one hundred percent practical.

Many students long for their Christification but they do not know where to start. They do not know the clue, the secret. Here we give to the student the clue, the secret, the key. Here you have it, thirsty lovers of the truth. Now practice. You are not alone.

We love you profoundly, thus when you are treading the path of the razor’s edge, you will be internally assisted by us, the brethren of the temple. In this course we deliver the clue of resurrection.

We have ripped the veil of the Sanctuary. Here you have all the secrets; here are all the clues of Christification. Here is written the doctrine that the Adorable taught in secret to his humble disciples. The Adorable will remain with us until the end of times. This is his doctrine. Here you have it. Study it and practice it. Inverential Peace. Samael Aun Weor

-Paraphrase from the Author’s Preface to Esoteric Course of Kabalah


The Kabbalah, the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life and Kabbalistic Symbolism

“The origin of the Kabbalah is lost in the night of the centuries, there, where the Universe was formed in the womb of the Great Mother, Maha Kundalini. The Kabalah is the Science of Numbers.

The author of the Tarot was the Angel METRATON, who is the chief of the Wisdom of the Serpent and was the prophet ENOCH that the Bible tells us about. The Angel METRATON or Enoch left us the Tarot which was written in stone, and in which is contained all Divine Wisdom. He also left to us the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.

This great Master lives in the Superior Worlds, the World of Aziluth, in a world of inconceivable happiness, or in terms of the Kabalah, the Region of Kether, a very elevated Sephiroth.

All Kabalists base themselves upon the Tarot, and it is necessary to study and know it profoundly.

The Universe is formed with the Law of Number, Measure and Weight; Mathematics forms the Universe, and Numbers become living entities.

Whoever enters into CHESED, the pure and ineffable World of the Spirit, can verify that in this region everything reduces to numbers, it is a terribly real region. In that world, we do not see things as they are in our world, instead we see images of things.

In Chesed, one knows how many atoms there are in a table, how much KARMA the world owes, one knows how many molecules live in each body; it is a World of Mathematics, a World of Realism; one believes that one will be distanced from worldly reality in this world, and yet, one lives in Reality.

In a temple one knows the number of persons who are Self-Realized, and those who are not. If one enters a kitchen one knows the number of atoms contained in the food, which is to be eaten. It is a Terribly Real World. In the World of Chesed one is able to know who is a Man of truth.

One night, whilst in the World of Chesed, I entered a theatre where Karmas were balanced, and on a screen, the screen of creation, one could observe the activity of the Masters of Karma and upon a great scale was placed the Karma of the powers of the world, one on each side, and the scale inclined against the Colossus of the North, it owes a great Karma, it will decline, it will fall down devastated, because that which it owes must be paid in one way or another.


The Seven Planets of the Solar System are the Seven Sephiroth and the Triune Spiritual Sun is the Sephirothic Crown. These SEPHIROTH live and palpitate within our Consciousness and we have to learn how to manage and combine them in the marvelous laboratory of our Internal Universe.

Thanks to the Sephiroth, one can be transformed into a Man [a Self-Realized being]; there are also SEPHIRAHS in the same manner as there are Positive Ions and Negative Ions. WE NEED TO REALIZE THOSE TEN SEPHIROTH WITHIN BECAUSE THEY ARE HERE WITH US, HERE AND NOW. Those Ten Sephiroth, when realized in an individual, transform them into a Self-Realized being, resembling encrusted precious gems; it is something marvelous.

The SEPHIROTHIC Crown is formed by Kether, Chokmah and Binah; one must understand the foundation of these three Sephiroth.

[1] The Father, First Logos Kether Wisdom.
[2] The Son, Second Logos Chokmah Love.
[3] The Holy Spirit, Third Logos. Binah Power; the Holy Igneous, Flaming Principle.

KETHER: The Ancient of Days, the Hidden of the hidden , the Good of the good, he has thirty-one ringlets, and his beard has 13 curls, the 13 symbolizes the Verb, the Word. About him marvelous things have been spoken, by means of SHAMADHI (Ecstasy) one may meet with him in order to receive his orders. He is Infinite Mercy, Integral Wisdom.

CHOKMAH: The Christ, Love. The Christ awaits the day that the disciple will work in the Ninth Sphere, and prepares him with infinite love. The Instructor of the world is Love.

BINAH: The Holy Spirit, Igneous Power.

A Hierophant had to cure a demented woman, and achieved his cure; the Hierophant requested money from the family of the ill woman. Afterwards he questioned the Holy Spirit who took the form of a white dove, the Hierophant asked if he was doing well and the Holy Spirit replied that he was doing badly: “I AM THE ONE WHO CURES” he said, and in the face of this, the Master had to return the money. IF ONE HAS THE POWER TO CURE AND ONE CHARGES, ONE COMMITS A VERY SERIOUS OFFENCE.

In the Internal Worlds, much is said in Kabalah, one must know how to make additions with Kabalistic Numbers, if one asks a Master: “How long will I live?”, he would reply in numbers. The objective of studying the Kabalah is to enable us in the Superior Worlds. For example: on a certain occasion, an Initiate asked for Clairvoyance, and internally he received the reply: “you will be clairvoyant in 8 days.”

One who does not know would return to the physical body believing that in 8 days he would be clairvoyant, for example if today was Wednesday, then on the following Wednesday. In reality, “8” is the Number of Job, and was indicating the need for patience. He who does not know is confused in the Internal Worlds, the Kabalah is fundamental for understanding the language of those worlds.

It is obvious that Kabalistic study must be accompanied by work upon oneself, one must make oneself Conscious of the said study, because if it remains in the intellect, at death it will be lost, and if however, one has Consciousness of it, it will manifest from infancy.

On a certain occasion, an Initiate wanted to know how he was doing in terms of his esoteric studies, and his Guru spoke to him Kabalistically saying, “You need fifty eight minutes in order to finish the work, and you have to bring 36 Bolivars [these are Coins] of 32 Kg each and the initiations must be assessed.”

58 MINUTES [5 + 8] = 13 DEATH
36 LIBERATORS (Simón Bolívar is known as “The Liberator”) [3 + 6] = 9; THE NINTH SPHERE

If an Initiate lacks 58 minutes, this means that he has not even an hour in order to achieve liberation; 5 + 8 = 13; Death. If minutes are spoken about, it is because little time remains.

The 36 Bolivars, San Martines or Morelos [these are all the last names of Men who fought for Independence in South American and now their corresponding country has money named after them] are the liberators 3 + 6 = 9; the Ninth Sphere, Sex, the work with the Lance, which are thirty 36 fundamental works.


58 + 36 + 32 = 126 = 1 + 2 + 6 = 9

ALL THE WORK IS OF THE NINTH SPHERE, this is the Kabalistic Language which is used in the White Lodge.

Don’t forget that the additions in themselves are Kabalistic Additions, one must be one hundred percent practical.

When the meanings of the 22 Arcana are known, the practical aspect of PREDICTION will be studied so that it can be wisely used in cases of great importance. The 22 Arcana must be committed to memory, in order to really be complete Kabalists, one must study; one must engrave these teachings into the memory.

Samael Aun Weor”

-Paraphrase from the Prologue of Tarot & Kabalah


Part 2

A Brief Summary of each of the 22 Arcana of the Tarot

“The Great Work has transmutation as its objective, to transform the Moon into the Sun. The Moon is the Soul. The Sun is the Immolated Lamb. When the Lamb enters the Soul, He is transformed into Her. And She is transformed into Him. From this marvelous symbiosis comes that which our dearly beloved Jesus Christ so rightly called The Son of Man.

The “Magnum Opus” has twenty-two fundamental keys.

The sexual force comes from the Third Logos. The Third Logos is the Holy Spirit. The Animal-Man makes the energy of the Third Logos flow “downward” and “outward”. The Angel-Man, by means of the “Magnus Opus” makes the energy of the Third Logos return “inwards” and “upwards”. This is how the Angel-Man becomes a creator in other superior levels of consciousness.

First, he becomes a creator in the Astral Plane; then in the Mental Plane, and afterwards in the Higher Worlds of Pure Spirit. The laboratory of the Third Logos is: our sexual organs themselves. The ascending flow of the Sacred Fire is the result of Sexual transmutation. And this sexual transmutation has twenty-two Fundamental Arcana.

Here we have the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot:

Arcanum 1 – THE MAGICIAN: This Arcanum represents man. It is the masculine principle.

Arcanum 2 – THE PRIESTESS-WIFE: The Magician’s Wife.

Arcanum 3 – THE CELESTIAL MOTHER: The Empress. The Soul is Christified through the Arcanum A.Z.F.

Arcanum 4 – THE CROSS OF INITIATION: The Cross also reveals the “quadrature of the circle”. The key of perpetual motion. This perpetual motion is only possible by means of the Sexual Force of the Third Logos.

If the energy of the Third Logos were to cease flowing in the Universe, perpetual motion would end, and cosmic disturbance would result. The Third Logos organizes the fundamental vortex throughout the expanding Universe, and the infinitesimal vortex of the tiniest atom of any creation.

The insertion of the vertical Phallus inside of the FORMAL CTEIS, forms a cross. The cross of Initiation that we must take upon our shoulders.

Arcanum 5 – THE HIEROPHANT, RIGOR, THE LAW: This Arcanum represents the karma of the Initiate.

We must know that karma, in the final synthesis, serves us in order to live, in flesh and bone, all the drama of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We must pay our debts by working in the Great Work of the Father.

Arcanum 6 – THE LOVER: Man, between vice and virtue. This Arcanum is expressed by the Seal of Solomon. The six points of the Star of Solomon are masculine, and the six deep indentations (or angles) that exist between the points are feminine. So, this Star has twelve rays: six masculine and six feminine.

By means of the Magnum Opus, those twelve rays chrystallize in the twelve zodical constellations. In the Seal of Solomon is hidden the sexual genesis of the Zodiac. In the Seal of Solomon the intimate relationship existing between the Zodiac and the invisible Central Sun is found.

The Seal of Solomon is, really, the authentic Star of Christmas. Its two triangles, which unite and separate Love, are the shuttles with which the Loom of God is woven and unwoven.

Each time that the Initiate is going to receive a new Initiation, or a new Degree of Consciousness, the brilliant Star then shines.

In the Seal of Solomon are the Supreme Affirmation and the Supreme Negation. The terrible struggle between God and the Devil!

Arcanum 7 – THE CHARIOT OF WAR: One must work in the Arcanum A.Z.F. in order to obtain the Sword. The battle is terrible! The warrior can only liberate himself from the four Bodies of Sin by means of the Arcanum A.Z.F.!

Arcanum 8 – THE ARCANUM OF JOB: Tests and pain. The Ordeals of Initiation are extremely terrible! One needs great patience in order to not fall into the abyss… We are tested often!

Arcanum 9 – THE HERMIT: This Arcanum is the Ninth Sphere: Sex. And the descent to the Ninth Sphere was, in the Ancient Temples, the greatest ordeal for the supreme dignity of the HIEROPHANT.

HERMES, BUDDHA, JESUS CHRIST, ZOROASTER, DANTE, etc., and many other great Initiates, had to descend to the Ninth Sphere in order to work with the Fire and the Water, origin of Worlds, Beasts, Men and Gods.

All authentic White Initiation begins there…

In the ninth stratum of the Earth we find the sign of Infinity. This sign has the shape of an 8 (eight). In this sign are symbolized the brain and sex of the Genie of the Earth.

The struggle is terrible; Brain against Sex, Sex against Brain, and that which is most terrible: Heart against Heart!

Arcanum 10 – THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: This is the Wheel of “SAMSARA”, Rebirth!

The incessant transmutations of the Sexual forces produces the Anahata sound. With this sound we can go out in the astral body. When we want to listen to this mystical sound, we first vocalize the Mantram “LA”, alternating it with the Mantram “RA”, this is done mentally.

When the sound is intense we can tranquilly go out in our astral body. And with the Arcanum A.Z.F., we free ourselves from Evolution. For the man who has absolutely Chrsitified himself, evolution totally ceases to exist.

Arcanum 11 – THE TAMED LION: In ancient times, the Divine Kings sat on thrones, the armrests of which were of solid gold. Horus sat on such a throne.

The Gold [Spanish: Oro], Horus, Potable Gold, is the Sacred Fire of the Third Logos, symbolized by the Tamed Lion, and by the Golden Lions of the Divine Kings.

Man is a Unity; woman is another, this is the Number Eleven of the Tarot. It is only by working with the Woman in the Great Work that we can incarnate the Child of Gold, Horus, the Verb, the Great Word!

Thus, the Number Eleven is the most multipliable number!

Arcanum 12 – THE APOSTOLATE: On this Tarot plate we see a man hung by one foot. His legs are intercrossed, forming a Cross. His hands tied to his back form a triangle with the head.

Behold the linking of the Man-Cross with the Spirit-Triangle. Only by means of the Potable gold can we obtain the linking of the Cross with the Triangle. One must work with the Living Sulfur, with the Living and Philosophical Fire.

The “Ens Seminis” is the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy. Inside of the Entity of the Semen we find the Potable Gold: the Living Fire. One must fecundate the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy, so that this Mercury is converted into the Master and into the Regeneration of the Salt. The Living Sulfur, the Fire, fecundates the Mercury, and the fecundated Mercury regenerates Man, the Salt of the Earth.

Arcanum 13 – DEATH: There are various kinds of death: the ordinary death of the profane man, the death of the Initiates and the death of all those who have received the “ELIXIR OF LONG LIFE”.

We already know the profane death. Many authors, theosophical, rosicrucian, etc., have already written about this material. The death of the Initiate is deeper, more profound!

One must descend to the FIERY FORGE OF VULCAN (Sex), in order to cut off the head of Medusa with the Flaming Sword of Perseus! Medusa is the Ego, the “I”, the Myself. That “I” is triune. That “I” is composed of the atoms of the Secret Enemy. That triune malignant entity controls the Astral, Mental and Causal vehicles. These are the three traitors of Hiram Abiff, him being the very venerable and respectable Hiram, the Internal God of every man. One must decapitate and dissolve the three traitors! We must all live the legends of Hiram Abiff within the Internal Worlds.

Once the “I” is dead only the Son of Man reigns within us… Mars descends into the Forge of Vulcan in order to retemper his weapons and conquer the Heart of Venus… The Venustic Initiation… The Incarnation of the Word… The Incarnation of the Sun King, of the Sun-Man, within ourselves.

The star crucified upon the Cross represents Sun-Man incarnate!

Hermes descends to the Forge of Vulcan in order to clean the STABLES OF AUGEAS (the stables of the Soul) with the Sacred Fire. Persius descends to the Forge of Vulcan in order to cut off the head of MEDUSA (the “I”) with the Flaming Sword… This is INITIATIC DEATH!

There is another death. This third kind of death is for the Nirmanakayas, who have already received the Elixir of Long Life. In this case, the Angels of Death do not cut the Silver Cord.

On the third day, Jesus came in his Astral Body before the Holy Sepulcher. He then invoked his physical body, which was lying in the sepulcher. The Holy Women, the Angels of Death, the Lords of Movement, the Lords of Life, etc., accompanied him.

And this Body was treated by the Holy Women with medicines and aromatic essences. They came in their Astral Bodies. Obeying Supreme orders, the Body was submerged within the Astral Plane. The tomb remained empty…!

After all of this, the Body penetrated inside of the Master through the crown (of his astral brain), that is, through the pineal gland. And it was thus that the Master remained inside of his physical body!

Then, he appeared then to the disciples of Emmaus. He verified his Resurrection to them by having supper with them. He also appeared to the Eleven, and Thomas, the doubter , was able to introduce his finger into the wounds of the Lord!

At present, the Master lives in a secret Land, in Oriental Shamballah. That country is in the Jinn state. The Master lives there with his resurrected Physical Body.

The Nirmanakayas, who have already received the Elixir of Long Life, all go through this kind of Resurrection. Many are the Masters who are the Children of RESURRECTION!

PARACELSUS escaped from his tomb… and lives in Bohemia! ZANONI lived for thousands of years with the same physical body…, he made the mistake of falling in love with a young woman from Naples… and for this he fell! He lost his physical body in the guillotine, during the French Revolution.

A friend of ours, a tartarean Master, whose body dates back some thousands of years, told us the following:

“The True Master is only the one who was already swallowed earth! Before having swallowed earth, one believes they know a lot and one feels very powerful… However, really, one is but a miserable fool!”.

Arcanum 14 – TEMPERANCE: Here we see a woman mixing the two essences with which one makes the Elixir of Long Life. Those two essences are: the Red Elixir and the White Elixir. The Sexual Principles of man and woman.

Arcanum 14 teaches us to manage the “Jinn states”. A body in the Jinn state can adopt any shape. In this case, one operates in the Internal Worlds without losing one’s physiological characteristics…

It is necessary to sublimate our Sexual Energy to the heart. The communion of the Bread and the Wine has the power to sublimate the Sexual Energy to the Heart! We can put bread and a glass of wine beside our bed and, after working with the Arcanum A.Z.F., pray and bless the bread and wine. Then, eat the Bread and drink the Wine.

The Arcanum A.Z.F. transforms the Bread and Wine into the Flesh and Blood of the Christ, with this Arcanum, the Bread and Wine are charged with the Christic atoms that descend from the Central Sun.

[Note: Here ‘wine’ refers to unfermented grape juice, not wine with alcohol.]

Arcanum 15 – TYPHON BAPHOMET: At the door of Eden there is a terrible guardian. The Sphinx of Moses! The Assyrian Sphinx, the Sphinx with the head of a bull, who has in his hand the Flaming Sword to turn back those who are not ready.

This is the Arcanum 15 of the Tarot! This is the very “I” of every man! Really, this is the “PSYCHOLOGICAL “I”” of every man, the internal beast that closes us off from the passage of Eden.

Eden is Sex itself, and the Beast is at the doorway of Sex, in order to invite us to orgasm, or to divert us from this door, making us look at schools, theories, sects, etc., etc.

Arcanum 16 – THE FULMINATED TOWER: When the Lightening of Justice falls upon the Tower of Babel, the “I” dies. This death of the “I” is terribly painful! The “I” does not want to die, but the Lightening of Divine Justice falls upon it… fulminating it!

Arcanum 17 – THE STAR OF HOPE: On this Tarot card ones sees a young nude woman with two amphorae from which fire and water are emerging.

In the sky shines the eight-pointed Star, the Star of Venus, the Morning Star. One must work with the Fire and the Water, in order to receive the Venustic Initiation! The crucified Star on the Cross is the Christ of Abraxas, the Son of Man, the incarnated Verb.

Arcanum 18 – THE TWILIGHT OF THE MOON: Arcanum 9 is Initiation. Arcanum 18, two times nine, is the dangers of Initiation, the hidden and secret enemies who intend to spoil the Initiation: the Black Lodge, the Abyss, the Temptations, Demons… who do not want the Initiate to escape from their claws.

This is the Path of the Razor’s Edge! This is the Path that is full of dangers from within and from without, as the Venerable Master Sivananda states!

Arcanum 19 – THE CREATIVE FIRE: This is the “Magnum Opus”, the Great Work. In order to realize the work of the Great Work, we must work with the Philosopher’s Stone.

The ancients adored the Sun in the symbolic figure of a black stone. This black stone is the Elagabalus Stone. This is the Stone that we must place at the foundation of the Temple! This Stone is Sex!

Those who build upon the Living Stone will incarnate the Verb. Those who build upon the sand will fail, and their constructions will fall into the Abyss. These sands are the theories, the dead religions, etc., etc.

Arcanum 20 – THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD: Really, the Resurrection of the soul is only possible by means of Cosmic Initiation. Human beings are dead and can only resurrect by means of Initiation.

Arcanum 21 – THE LUNATIC, THE FOOL: the Human Being is a five-pointed Star. If we extend our arms and our legs to the right and left, we have the Pentagram.

The brain must control Sex. When the brain looses control over sex, when Sex manages to dominate the brain, then the Star of five points… FALLS HEADFIRST INTO THE ABYSS! This is the Inverted Pentagram: the Symbol of Black Magic.

Arcanum 22 – THE CROWN OF LIFE: If we add this Arcanum to itself, then we will have the following result: 2+2=4. MAN, WOMAN, FIRE AND WATER!… YOD HEH VAU HEH [ יהוה ]. MAN, WOMAN, PHALLUS, UTERUS. Behold the Holy and Mysterious TETRAGRAMMATON.

In Arcanum 22 there appears a Crown supported by four sacred animals. Upon this crown dances a young nude woman holding a “magic wand” in each hand. This young woman is Truth. The two wands correspond to Man and to Woman.

In the Temple of Solomon, Arcanum 22 was represented by the Ark of the Covenant, supported by a crown. In the four corners of the Ark, the four animals of Sexual Alchemy were seen.

The sphinxes of Ezekiel also have four faces, like the egyptian Sphinx. The fire is represented by the Lion. This is the Potable Gold. The Mercury of the Secret Philosophy is represented by the flying Eagle. The Salt is represented by the feet of the bull of the Sphinx. The Water is represented by the head of a man on the Sphinx.

The fundamental Key is the Arcanum A.Z.F. The important thing is to avoid the orgasm and the ejaculation of the seminal liquor. This is the fundamental Key of Initiation! This is the Arcanum A.Z.F.!


-Paraphrase from Ch.1 of Magnus Opus
available in Magic, Alchemy and the Great Work


The Tarot and the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life

“Children of man! Do you want to enter into the ineffable bliss of Nirvana? Do you want to become Gods? Do you want to convert yourselves into Christs? Do you want to liberate yourselves from the wheel of birth and death? Here we will give you the clue of sexual magic! What else do you want?

Let’s see the existing relationship between the Sephiroth with the first Tarot cards. The seven planets of the solar system are the seven Sephiroth and the Triune spiritual sun is the Sephirothic crown. These Sephiroth live and palpitate within our consciousness and we must learn to manipulate and combine them in the marvelous laboratory of our interior Universe.

These ten Sephiroth are:

KETHER – Equilibrated power. “The Magician” of the first Arcanum of the Tarot, whose primitive hieroglyphic is represented by a man.

CHOKMAH – Wisdom. The Popess of the Tarot. Occult wisdom, the priestess. The second card of the Tarot. The moon, primitive hieroglyphic is the mouth of man.

BINAH – Intelligence. The Planet Venus. Third card of the Tarot, the Empress. The primitive symbol is a hand in the attitude of grasping.

These three Sephiroth are the Sephirothic crown. The other seven inferior Sephiroth come in the following order:

CHESED – Jupiter. The Inner Being, Atman. Primitive hieroglyphic: a breast. The fourth card of the Tarot: Mercy. The plate of the Emperor.

GEBURAH – Rigor. The fifth card of man. The Pope or the Hierophant of the Tarot: Mars, the warrior of Aries.

TIPHERETH – Venus of Taurus, beauty, the love of the Holy Spirit, the buddhic body of man. The sixth card of the Tarot. The Lover.

NETZACH – Mercury of Gemini. The chariot of the Tarot. The seventh card and the eternity of everything.

HOD – The Arcanum of justice. The eighth card of the Tarot, Saturn: Victory.

JESOD – The Sun of Leo. The ninth card of the Tarot. The Hermit. The absolute.

MALKUTH – The entire universe, Mary or Virgo, Nature.

These ten Sephiroth live within our Being and are our inner solar system.

The Tarot is intimately related with esoteric Astrology and with initiation.

ARCANUM 10 – This is the first hour of Apollonius, the study of transcendental occultism

ARCANUM 11 – This is the second hour of Apollonius. Strength or Force. The abysses of fire. The astral virtues form a circle through the dragons and the fire (Study of occult forces).

ARCANUM 12 – Third hour of Apollonius. The serpents, the channels, and the fire. Sexual Alchemy. (The work with Kundalini) Sexual Magic.

ARCANUM 13 – Death. The fourth hour of Apollonius. The neophite will wonder at night among the sepulchers, and will experience the horror of visions, he will deliver himself to magic and to Goethia. (This means the disciple will be attacked by millions of black magicians in the astral plane; those tenebrous magicians will attempt to move the disciple away from the luminous path).

ARCANUM 14 – The two urns “divine magnetism and human magnetism”. The Superior waters of heaven. During this time the disciple learns to be pure and chaste, because he understands the value of his Sexual Energy.

ARCANUM 15 – (The electrical hurricane) Typhon Baphomet. The sixth hour of Apollonius. “Here it is necessary to stay quiet, still, because of fear” (This signifies the terrible trial of the Guardian of the Threshold, before which much valor is necessary in order to defeat it).

ARCANUM 16 – The fulminated tower. Seventh hour of Apollonius. The fire comforts the animated beings and if any priest, purified enough, steals it and then he projects it and if he mixes it with the holy oil and then consecrates it, he will achieve the curing of all diseases simply by applying it to the affected part. (The initiate can see here his material fortune threatened and his businesses fail).

ARCANUM 17 – The Star of hope. Eighth hour of Apollonius.

ARCANUM 18 – The Star of the magicians. Ninth hour of Apollonius. The astral virtues of the elements, of the seed of every sort. (Study of the Minor Mysteries, the nine arches which the student has to traverse).

ARCANUM 19 – The resplendent light. Tenth hour of Apollonius. “The doors of the Sky are opened and man leaves his lethargic state.” This is the number ten of the second great initiation of Major Mysteries that permits the Initiate to travel in the etheric body. This is the wisdom of John the Baptist.

ARCANUM 20 – “The awakening of the dead”. Eleventh hour of Apollonius. The angels, the cherubims, and the seraphims fly with whispering wings. There is rejoicing in the sky, awakening on the earth, and the sun that raises Adam. This process belongs to the great initiations of Major Mysteries where only the terror of the law reigns.

ARCANUM 21 – Twelfth hour of Apollonius. The towers of fire are uneasy.


The Crown of Life: If we add this Arcanum to itself, we will have the following result: 2+2=4. Behold the Holy and Mysterious TETRAGRAMMATON [ יהוה ].

This is the triumphant entrance into the limitless bliss of Nirvana, where either the Master dresses himself with the resplendent robe of Dharmasaya, or he renounces the bliss of nirvana for the love of humanity, and converts himself into a Bodhisattva of compassion, into a savior of the poor bereaved humanity, into another wedge of the guardian wall raised with the blood of the martyrs. Samyak Sambuddho, Master of perfection, renounced nirvana because of his love for humanity.

The perfect Buddhas dress with the glory of Dharmasaya, they are not able to help man nor humanity anymore, because Nirvana is to forget the world and men forever.

The Bodhisattvas: Kuan-Shiyin, Tashisni, Buddha, and the Christ irradiate their light over suffering humanity.


-Paraphrase from Introduction to Esoteric Course of Kabalah


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