In the previous class, we talking about how, through inter-relations or interactions with others we can discover our Egos (as long as we are Self-Observing). People want to develop themselves, but do not seem to find any importance in eliminating their defects…

Gnosis tells us that the Defects, the Egos, we carry within have certain distinct commitments related to (what is called) the Law of Recurrence. These Egoic commitments are beyond our cognitive zone, beyond our reasoning, and they are what bind us to the Wheel of Samsara. Therein, our Karma is found and is applied…

Thus, one of the benefits of eliminating the Egos is that we eliminate the Causes of our Karma… In this way, we can liberate ourselves from all these Egoic Commitments…

We also talked about Desire-Sensation and that: “We must not condemn Sensations, nor must we justify them. We need to profoundly COMPREHEND them.”

Comprehending Sensations means learning not to Translate into the language of Desire (which is what normally occurs). This is how we stop being the Lunatic or Fool of the Tarot and this comprehension is achieved through Meditation.

This, in turn, allows us to fulfill our Cosmic Duty, which includes becoming Conscious of all the activities of the different Centers of the Human Machine. We need to observe the 3 Brains in order to discover the Egos or Psychic Aggregates we carry within.


The Terrestrial Human Psyche is Imbalanced

The ‘inhuman psychic aggregates’, are firmly established in the five cylinders (the 5 inferior Centers) of the human machine.

As a result, the Consciousness, the Essence, the Buddhata, the most pure of what we have, was altered since it has been bottled up among the “undesirable elements” that we carry in our psyche.

Thus, an abnormal psychic state was established in us, because if the psychic material, that is to say, the Buddhata, the Essence, is trapped by the different inhuman psychic elements, then there could be no other outcome.

Obviously, the human psyche has been altered and the three-brained beings that live on the face of Earth, are ABNORMAL.

However, one does not realize that one is abnormal, that one is imbalanced, until one eliminates the Psychic Aggregates.

When one has attained the radical disintegration of the undesirable elements, then the Essence becomes normal within oneself, the psyche becomes normal, and once the normality is established, then obviously one perceives the abnormality of our fellow human beings.

This is difficult to understand.

Even if we accept this intellectually, it is very difficult to have consciousness of what we are hearing, because we do not even remotely know how the normal Consciousness works.

…When Samael Aun Weor attained the elimination of all of his Psychic Aggregates (“and not before”, he says) he could verify by himself and in a direct manner, the crude reality of the abnormality of his psyche prior.

Since then, he saw his fellow human beings as imbalanced people; and felt that he was sleeping in an insane asylum: the planet Earth.

-Paraphrase from Lecture #051 in El Quinto Evangelio entitled “The Seriousness in the Esoteric Work”


The Abnormality of our Terrestrial Human Psyche

Now we can understand better the origin of the wars, etc.

Many times, a cosmic catastrophe produces cosmic waves, and these are just enough to touch the brains of the organic machine called ‘human beings’ and the latter (being abnormal) go to war. If they were normal, then they would not do that, but, instead, they hoist different flags, justify their battles with various excuses…

A bad planetary conjunction is enough to provoke a war: millions of humanoid beings against millions of other humanoid beings.

Being in that abnormal condition, how can they love each other?

The existence of marriages that last until old age seems very difficult, when considered from this perspective…

Men are abnormal, women are abnormal, how can they coexist together? When they are happy, with harmony, peace and beauty, a word appears that the one of them misunderstands, that is interpreted in his or her own way, in negative form, and they get angry.

So, they say something that hurts the other person and finally they end up ‘breaking up’… However, why do couples have to ‘break up’?

Well, just abnormalities!

Friends feel affection, they appreciate each other, however, for any reason, they have an argument and the friendship ends… When we analyze what was the reason, we see that it was something unimportant, without value…

People that seem to be very respectable and serious, end up doing silly stupidities… all of this is the result of the abnormality of our terrestrial psyche…

-Paraphrase from Lecture #051 in El Quinto Evangelio entitled “The Seriousness in the Esoteric Work”


We Need the Elimination of the Ego

We do not know the psychic state we have; but when we destroy the Ego, when we reduce it to cosmic dust, then we will attain normality.

Only that day will we realize that we were abnormal; only on that day, beforehand it is impossible.

So my dear brethren, we invite you to re-attain the normality of the psyche, and to comprehend the necessity of passing through the Buddhist Annihilation. The Ego of each one of us in no way wants to die.

The patience of those who are able to listen to these lectures is surprising, because the Ego of each one of us has to see these ideas as terribly dangerous.

Clearly: To the ego, these ideas are death, and the Ego does not like that. Obviously you receive the words and say: “Well, this is not time to die; it will be another time. It is necessary to be patient. Maybe the Doctrine is right or maybe it is exaggerated…”

So, the Ego will try to find different excuses in order to avoid what is coming: Death… The death that the Ego does not like, because in no way it will accept its own death.

So my dear Gnostic Brethren, let us study. As IMITATUS, we are being trained, so we can work on ourselves.

We must have continuity of purpose, because the Ego does not want to die.

In this situation, how can a person want to die, if they are the Ego itself?

The only thing that can save us is the study and the practice of this doctrine…

-Paraphrase from Lecture #051 in El Quinto Evangelio entitled “The Seriousness in the Esoteric Work”


The Benefits of Awakening Consciousness

The ‘Experience of the Real’, is cardinal and definitive for Creative Comprehension. We need to understand (with complete clarity) that we certainly possess a definitive psychological factor, through which it is possible to verify what Gnosis teaches.

We refer to the very foundation of our psychic organization, to that element that has not yet been lost: the Essence. It is indubitable that in it, in the Consciousness, the Buddha, the Doctrine, Religion and Wisdom, are found.

In the Essence, in the Consciousness, is found deposited the indispensable data for Regeneration, Intimate Self-Realization and the complete way of living for everything that we have said in these talks.

The first thing that we need to do, in order to access this data stored inside the Essence, is to destroy, annihilate, that Second Nature of an infernal type within which the Essence is imprisoned. Upon freeing the Essence, upon its liberation, it awakens radically.

The advantages of this awakening … are multiple.

The first … is magnificent in itself, since it has the capacity to fundamentally orient us, directing our steps wisely on the Path of the Razor’s Edge which will lead us to Final Liberation.

The second of such advantages leads us onto the path of Direct Experiences, to the total verification of each and every one of the affirmations that we make in these talks.

Integral illumination, luminous living, practical confirmation is the Essence’s way of operating, once it has been unbottled, awakened, and is Self-Conscious.

Complete annihilation of all the Undesirable Elements that constitute the Myself, the Oneself, is (without a doubt) something that cannot be postponed, or delayed.

We need to learn to voluntarily direct all the functioning of our Psyche.

It is not good for us to continue converted into slaves; we should become masters and lords of ourselves.

As the Undesirable Elements are being eliminated, the Consciousness is awakening.

-Paraphrase from Ch 25 of Yes there is: Hell, a Devil, and Karma


The Need to Become Serious

However, we need to become serious, because (until now) we have not been serious people.

Without working on ourselves, each one of us actually is nothing more than a piece of driftwood on the swelling waves of the sea of existence.

This is why we need to become serious; and this implies frightful Self-Vigilance from instant to instant, from moment to moment.

Remember what we have already said in our previous talks: In relation with our fellow human beings, the defects that we carry hidden within, spontaneously burst forth and if we are alert & vigilant as a watchman in times of war, then we will discover them.

In every Self-Discovery there also exists Self-Revelation.

A discovered defect should be rigorously analyzed, studied in all the Levels of the Mind and integrally comprehended through the diverse processes of Profound Interior Meditation.

Later on, and with the defect that we have already analyzed and integrally understood, there come the supplications to Devi Kundalini, our Particular Divine Cosmic Mother with the purpose that she eliminate and disintegrate the defect in question.

The work is very deep, my esteemed brethren, it is frightfully serious, and extremely profound.

Only in this manner is it possible to eradicate from our psyche many undesirable, infrahuman, tenebrous Elements within which the Essence is imprisoned.

As the Consciousness continues awakening, the possibilities of Direct Experience become more lucid & continuous each time.

-Paraphrase from Ch 25 of Yes there is: Hell, a Devil, and Karma


Handling the Sparks of Awakened Consciousness

We need to learn to practically handle the diverse sparks of awakened Consciousness.

In practical life we can carefully observe the concrete fact that all people live with their Consciousness asleep.

As an example, Samael Aun Weor gave an experience he had:

Some years ago, finding myself in the market of the Federal suburb, with my Wife Litelantes, in those moments when we were picking up a watch (that had been repaired) when we were suddenly shaken by a violent explosion of dynamite.

Litelantes, horrified, asked that we immediately return home. However, I disagreed; in no way did I want to expose our lives to a second explosion that I knew would happen. In those moments there resounded the sirens and bells of the firemen. Those humble & martyr-servants of humanity hurried to the place of the explosions…

“Of all these firemen that have just arrived, none will be saved, they will die.” Such were my words. Litelantes, was horrified, and kept silent. Instants later, a second explosion made Mexico City tremble terribly… The result was the death of all those humble servants. They automatically disintegrated, nothing was found, not even the cadavers; only the boot of a sergeant was found somewhere nearby.

I was frankly astonished at the degree of Unconsciousness in which those firemen were. If they had been ‘awake’, in no way would they have perished.

I still remember the desperate crying of the women who fled that market and of the children who, horrified, clutched the skirts of their mothers. If I had not been ‘awake’, then obviously I too would have perished because in the place where I had to take the bus hundreds of persons died. I still cannot forget so many dead bodies that lay covered with newspapers, thrown by the explosion onto the sidewalk.

Unquestionably, these victims were due to curiosity… They were curious people, Unconscious, ‘asleep’ people, who (after the first explosion) had run to the location of the event to gaze at the spectacle. If such people had been ‘awake’, they would never have run (like curious people) to the site of the event. Unfortunately they slept profoundly; and in this same manner they found death.

When we returned home our neighbors were alarmed; they supposed that we had died. They were certainly astonished that, in spite of being so close to the site of the catastrophe, we were still able to return alive.

Therein lies the advantage of being ‘awake’.

-Paraphrase from Ch 25 of Yes there is: Hell, a Devil, and Karma


Using the Sparks of Awakened Consciousness with S.O.L.

We have to awaken, my friends, and learn to live alert from moment to moment, from instant to instant.

The action of always dividing the attention into three parts cannot be delayed:

1st – Subject,
2nd – Object,
3rd – Location.

SUBJECT: To not forget ourselves, to be Self-Vigilant of ourselves at each second, at each moment. This implies the state of Alertness in relation to our thoughts, gestures, actions, emotions, habits, words, etc., etc., etc.

OBJECT: Minute observation of all those objects or representations that reach the mind through the senses. Never become identified with things, because in this manner one falls into fascination and into the sleep of Consciousness.

LOCATION: Daily observation of our house, of our bedroom, as if it was something new; asking ourselves daily: Why have I arrived here, in this place? At this market? at this office? at this temple? etc.

These three aspects of the Division of Attention in no way constitute a chapter set apart, nor something different from the process of the dissolution of the “I”.

Undoubtedly we need to study ourselves, to observe ourselves from moment to moment, if we really want to discover our own psychological defects; since (as we have said) in relating with our fellow human beings, the hidden defects spontaneously, naturally ‘flower’ or ‘blossom’.

It is not a matter of merely Self-Observing the steps we take, nor the forms of the body, etc.

Vigilance of oneself implies the silent and serene study of all our Intimate Psychological Processes: Emotions, passions, thoughts, words, etc.

The observation of things, without identification, will permit us to know the processes of covetousness, attachments, ambition, etc.

It is irrefutable that, for a covetous person, it will entail a lot of work to not become identified with a diamond ring or with a few dollar bills from the bank, etc.

Observation of places (Location) will allow us to know how extensive our attachments and fascinations are in relation to different places.

This triple set of attention is then a complete exercise in order to Self-Discover Ourselves and to Awaken Consciousness…

-Paraphrase from Ch 25 of Yes there is: Hell, a Devil, and Karma


An Example of Using SOL

I was still very young, a young adolescent, when I practiced this marvelous exercise in an instinctive manner.

In these moments, when I converse with you on this subject, there come to mind two special cases that I will relate:

First, on one night of so many, I entered through the doors of a marvelous mansion; silently, I passed through the beautiful garden, until I arrived at an amazing living room.

Pushed by an inner impulse, I moved a little further on and daringly entered the office of an attorney.

Seated at the desk, I found a lady of medium height, with gray hair, a pale face, thin lips and a Roman nose. She was a lady of respectable appearance.

…With a sweet and quiet voice, the lady invited me to sit in front of the desk.

In those moments something unheard of happened; I saw on the desk two glass butterflies that had a life of their own, they moved their wings, breathed, saw, etc., etc., etc.

The situation, certainly, seemed to me too exotic and strange: Two glass butterflies and with life of their own?

Accustomed as I was to dividing my attention in three parts, firstly, I did not forget myself; secondly, I did not identify myself with those glass butterflies; thirdly, I carefully observed the place.

While contemplating such glass insects I told myself: “This cannot be a phenomenon of the Physical World, because in the Physical World I have never known of glass butterflies to have a life of their own. Unquestionably, this can be a phenomenon of the Astral World.”

I then looked around and asked myself the following questions: “Why am I in this place? Why have I come here? What am I doing here?”

Addressing the lady, said: “Ma’am, excuse me a moment while I go out to the garden and I will soon return”.

The lady agreed with a nod and I abandoned that office for an instant.

Once outside in the garden, I jumped with the intention of floating in the surrounding environment; great was my astonishment when I verified for myself that I was really outside of my Physical Body. Then I comprehended that I was in the Astral World.

In such moments, I remembered that it had been quite some time ago, several hours, since I had abandoned my Physical Body and that it, unquestionably, was now to be found resting in bed.

Once the remarkable proof was confirmed, I returned to the office where the lady awaited me. Then, I wanted to convince her that I was outside of the Physical Body.

“Ma’am”, I said, “you and I are outside of the Physical Body; I want you to remember that quite a few hours ago you lay down to sleep in your bed and now you find yourself here conversing with me, outside of the Physical Body; since it is known that when the body sleeps, the Consciousness, the Essence, unfortunately stuck within the Ego wanders outside of the Corporeal Vehicle”.

Once these words were uttered, the lady looked at me with the eyes of a sleepwalker, but she did not understand; I comprehended that this lady had the Consciousness asleep…

Not wanting to insist any more, I bade her farewell and abandoned the place.

Afterwards … I returned to my physical vehicle that lay sleeping on the bed.

-Paraphrase from Ch 25 of Yes there is: Hell, a Devil, and Karma


Direct Experience and the Awakened Consciousness

Let’s understand that Direct Experience is found associated with the percentage of awakened Consciousness.

Normally people only possess 3% of awakened Consciousness and 97% of Subconsciousness or sleeping Consciousness.

Unquestionably, when one manages to possess 4 or 5% of awakened Consciousness, then the first sparks of direct experience begin.

Let us distinguish between “sparks” and “complete plenitude” which are different.

Someone who possesses, for example, 10% of awakened Consciousness will therefore have a greater percentage of lucidity than those who possess 4 or 5%.

In any case, as the Essence is liberating itself, as the Ego begins to be dissolved, the capacity for direct investigation will also increase in a progressive and orderly manner.

The exercise of the Division of Attention into three parts …will allow us to completely verify the degree of Consciousness acquired.

So, here, we have taught the doctrine and procedures for Awakening Consciousness.

We have given the effective system in order to intelligently use the percentages of Consciousness acquired.

When the Ego has been radically annihilated, then the Consciousness becomes totally awakened; in these circumstances, we can descend at will into the Infernal Worlds, with the purpose of seeing, hearing, touching and palpating the crude reality of such submerged regions.

It is only possible to carry out these types of investigations, in a satisfactory manner, with an absolutely awakened Consciousness because these investigations are very advanced.

-Paraphrase from Ch 25 of Yes there is: Hell, a Devil, and Karma


Direct Experience means the “Experience of the Real”

1st Question: Can you explain what is the difference between what the Projections of the Mind are, and what Real Experiences are?

Answer: Mental Projections are of a completely subjective character, and very different from Real Experiences that are of an objective type.

In the first case, the mind projects what it has subconsciously elaborated and (identified with such projections) falls into fascination and into the dreams characteristic of Unconsciousness.

However, in a Real Experience, the mind has exhausted the thinking process; it does not project, it is open to the new, it receives those Real Experiences without identification and in absence of all fascination and of every dreamlike process.

2nd Question: How can the difference between what is Real and what is Unreal, from what is Illusory from what is True, the Objective from the Subjective, be made accessible to the comprehension of the profane?

Answer: Every organism is a machine susceptible to being controlled like any other. …Someone has to control the brain in order to carry out actions.

In the case of the humanoid machine, it is controlled by the Psychic Aggregates or can be controlled by the scientists through special electric systems.

In any case the investigations confirm what we are saying; the intellectual humanoid is an unconscious, automatic, subconscious machine.

How can an unconscious machine accept that it is asleep? How can such a machine affirm that the world is maya, illusion, etc.?

The humanoid machine denies that it dreams, it firmly believes that it is awake and it would never accept the thesis that it is asleep.

The automatic and mechanized humanoid is not capable of differentiating the objective from the subjective, because of the very fact of being mechanized and it takes as objective what is subjective (and vice-versa).

The sleeping machine, the humanoid automaton, is very far from being able to comprehend the difference between Objective Consciousness and Subjective Consciousness; the machine has its own thesis precisely based on the profound sleep of the Consciousness.

It is not possible to make a person with a sleeping Consciousness comprehend the difference between Consciousness and Subconsciousness, between Objectivity and Subjectivity, between Sleep and Vigil, etc., etc., etc.

Only by awakening Consciousness is it possible to accept such differences.

Unfortunately, the profane person believes themselves to be awakened and is even offended when someone tells them that their Consciousness is asleep.

…My friends, it is necessary to stop being machines. When someone accepts that they are a machine, then they begin to stop being one, later on the veil of illusions turns into pieces.

We need to transform ourselves into Human Beings and this is only possible by destroying, annihilating the Psychic Aggregates that alternate among themselves incessantly in order to control the Organic Machine.

It is indispensable to have a true reality, to stop being mere automatons moved by waves or by Aggregates (which are the same), and to transform ourselves into Responsible, Conscious, True Individuals.

3rd Question: What is the difference between the exercise of the Division of Attention into three parts and the Dissolution of the Ego in order to Awaken Consciousness?

Answer: Through the radical annihilation of the Inhumane Elements that we carry within, we can liberate the Essence, awakening it.

The Annihilation of the Myself and the marvelous exercise we have explained, go hand-in-hand.

The purpose of Dividing the Attention into three parts, is to use the diverse percentages of Awakened Consciousness that we are achieving through the Death of the Myself.

The practice of the Division of Attention will allow us to use the Consciousness that we will be increasing in a perfect, clear and precise manner.

In any case, it is necessary to truly transform ourselves into competent investigators of Esotericism and of Pure Occultism.

This is what we want…

-Paraphrase from Ch 25 of Yes there is: Hell, a Devil, and Karma



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