In the second half of the previous series (Intermediate Gnostic Psychology), we talked about the 3 Brains and how they work, their mechanisms, etc.

Then, in the last class of that series (the class just before this one), we discussed the Wrong Working of the Centers and how this is related to the Misuse of the Sex Center’s Energy.

Now we want to look further at the Human Machine as a 3-Brained or 5/7-Centered Organism, and
[1] observe how the egos are being created & strengthened in us,
[2] what role Sensations play in that process,
[3] and that we may have ego that we don’t even remotely suspect, but that they will reemerge in our lives related with the Law of Recurrence…


The Gnostic Esoteric Work and Self-Observation

“It is urgent to study Gnosis and to utilize the practical ideas which are given in order to work seriously upon ourselves.

Nonetheless, we cannot work upon ourselves with the intention of dissolving this or that “I” without having previously observed it.

The observation of oneself permits a beam of light to penetrate within our interior.

Each “I” manifests itself one way through the head, another way through the heart, and in another way through the sexual center.

We need to observe the “I” which we have captured at a given moment; it is urgent to see it in each of these Three Brains of our organism.

If we are alert and vigilant (like a watchman in times of war) while relating with other people, then we can discover ourselves.

Do you recall at what time your vanity was hurt by someone? Your pride? What was it that upset you most during the day? Why did you have that vexation? What was its secret cause?

Study it; observe your head, heart and sexual center…

Practical life is a marvelous school. Through interrelations or our interactions with others we can discover those “I’s” that we carry within our interior.

Any incident, any annoyance can lead us (through inner self-observation) to the discovery of an “I” or ego, whether it is of self-esteem, envy, jealousy, anger, covetousness, suspicion, slander, lust, etc.

We need to know ourselves before being capable of knowing others.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 31 of Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology


Conscious Willpower and Self-Observation

“Many people studying Gnosis often complain of not possessing illumination. They ask for powers, they demand clues that will convert them into Magicians, etc.; but they never become interested in observing and knowing themselves, or in disintegrating those psychic aggregates, those “I’s” within which the willpower, the Essence, is absorbed.

Persons like that are obviously condemned to failure. They are people who covet the faculties of the Saints but who have (in no way) decided to die in themselves.

The elimination of errors is something magical and marvelous in itself, which implies rigorous psychological self-observation.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 28 of Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology


Understanding the “I’s” or Psychological Aggregates

“…each psychological aggregate is like a person inside of us.

There is no doubt that those aggregates possess the THREE BRAINS: … that is to say, each “I” or aggregate (what is the ‘myself’ in parenthesis), is a complete person.

Each “I”, each aggregate, has its own individual criteria; it has its ideas, concepts, desires; it performs determined actions, etc.; each Aggregate enjoys a certain autonomy.

Looking at these matters from this angle, and studying them in depth, we arrive at the logical … conclusion that many persons reside within our own person. What is most serious is that all of them quarrel amongst themselves, they fight for supremacy; each one of them wants to be the boss, the lord.

…One of them says: “I want to eat, I am hungry”, a second one enters into conflict and says: “To hell with food, I want to read about current events”. Further, a third one emerges in conflict and … says: “Ask me if I care about food or about reading, I want to go to my friend so-and-so’s house”.

Thus, by uttering these words, the human Personality (moved by those intimate springs), abandons their home in order to stroll somewhere along the streets…

If we could see ourselves completely (just as we are psychologically) in front of a mirror, you can be sure that we would go perfectly mad.

We are all FILLED WITH HORRIBLE CONTRADICTIONS, and this is disastrous for us all; because we, truly, do not have a real existence.”

-paraphrase of “Didáctica para la Aniquilación Budista”
translated as “Didactic for the Buddhist Annihilation”
Lecture 039


When we are Born, our Essence is Self-Conscious

“All of us are beautiful when we are born. Why? Because all of us carry 3% of FREE ESSENCE… The rest, the 97%, is bottled up within that multiplicity of the Ego.

The part of us that is the free element, impregnates the fecundated egg, and surges into existence, reincorporating anew.

So, the newly born child possesses precisely: 3% of free Consciousness that is not engulfed within any Ego.

The percentage of Essence manifesting within the child is SELF-CONSCIOUS.

How would a newly born child see the adults: their parents, their siblings and their relatives?

The child would see them in the same way as we see a “pothead” or drug addict, and not in another way.

But behold how the adults feel themselves to be awake, they even believe they have the authority to educate the child…

The child, in their turn, feels bad, completely awful, feeling like they are a victim of those “potheads” or drug addicts who want to teach them.

The child sees the parents from their own angle: The child is awakened, perceiving the psychological aggregates of their relatives, siblings, etc.;

They also perceive their own psychological aggregates which enter and leave the precinct and that go around their cradle, etc… Sometimes their visions are so terrifying that the child can do nothing else but cry, terrorized; but their parents do not understand these “occurrences” of the infant.

…This is the bizarre state in which this sleeping humanity lives!

In any case, the unfortunate infant is a victim of all of the madness of adults.

They have to tolerate (with patience) the whip of their executioners. This is the crude reality of facts!”

-paraphrase of “Didáctica para la Aniquilación Budista”
translated as “Didactic for the Buddhist Annihilation”
Lecture 039


When we grow up, our Essence is put back to sleep

“Later, when the human Personality is already formed, all the inhuman psychological aggregates that belong to them begin to enter (into the child’s body).

Then changes are noticed in the creature: the child becomes annoyed, jealous, angry, etc., and many other things.

…In the end, when the one who was a child becomes an adult, things change: The adult is no longer the self-conscious playful child of other times; no, now he/she is the scoundrel from the tavern, the merchant, the lustful man or woman, the jealous one, etc., and in the end, they have converted themselves into what they had previously seen with horror.

It is clear that the child who was horrified when seeing the adults, is now an adult and what is worse: their CONSCIOUSNESS HAS BEEN PUT TO SLEEP, and they are no longer capable of looking at themselves with horror…”

-paraphrase of “Didáctica para la Aniquilación Budista”
translated as “Didactic for the Buddhist Annihilation”
Lecture 039


Egoic Commitments and the Law of Recurrence

…each one of the psychological aggregates that emerge from within ourselves, have determined commitments.

Therefore, we can state … that the thief (for example) carries within himself a den of thieves, and each one of them has different commitments on distinct days, hours and places, etc.; that the unredeemed fornicator carries within his or her interior (to make matters worse) a whore house; the murderer, obviously, carries within his psyche a “club of assassins” (clearly, in their depth, each one of them carries their own commitments); likewise, the merchant, carries in his interior a market place; and so on successively.

So, how is our own destiny woven and unwoven? The living mechanism of the Law of Recurrence is very important…

Subject X, for example, who (in a past existence) was, let’s say, an adulterer (who had left his spouse for another lady), it is clear that when he is reborn into a new body, he will bring into his psyche the “I” of adultery, the same “I” that committed such a crime.

Such an “I” could not express itself in the first years of his infancy… Supposing that the event happened when he was, for example, 30 years old; undoubtedly, the “I” of adultery will wait within the depth of his psyche (within his infrahuman fields, his Subjective Spheres), until the same … age arrives.

When such an age arrives, that “I” will emerge with great force (from the depths) and will take over the Intellect, the Emotional and the Motor-Instinctive-Sexual Centers of his human Machine in order to go in search of the “lady of his dreams”…

Beforehand, it would have been in telepathic communication with the Ego of such a lady; possibly even having a blind date in some place of the city (maybe in a park or at a party).

And, obviously, this is how afterwards the stunning re-encounter happens.

What is interesting is to see how this submerged Ego can pull the Intellect, move the Emotional and Motor Centers of the human Machine, and take that human machine to the specific place where he has to encounter the “lady of his dreams”.

But inevitably, the same process has to be performed within her, and this is how the scene will repeat again just as it happened in the past.”

-paraphrase of “Didáctica para la Aniquilación Budista”
translated as “Didactic for the Buddhist Annihilation”
Lecture 039


Another Example of the Ego’s Commitments and the Law of Recurrence

“Now let us suppose that a gentleman quarreled with another person, in a tavern, in his past existence because of this or that motive, possibly trivial.

Do you believe that just because the physical body of both ceased to exist, that such an “I” is going to disappear?

No! it will simply continue to exist within the Unknown Dimension.

However, when the Ego returns, when it takes a new physical body, the moment in which such an “I” will enter into activity will arrive, and it will wait until the same age that such an event happened in the previous existence.

If such an event happened at the age of 25, then it will wait until the said 25 years; such an “I” will remain within the depth of his psyche until the moment arrives; obviously, that “I” will then take over the Centers of the human Machine in order to repeat the “performance”…

Beforehand, it would have been in telepathic communication with the other subject who participated in the fight, and they may have even had a sort of a “blind date” in another tavern.

Then, upon seeing each other, they will recognize one another and will mutually hurt each other with their words again, thus, the event will be repeated.

Behold how, beneath our cognitive zone and our reasoning capacity, distinct commitments are realized. Thus, this is how the Law of Recurrence works, this is the mechanism of such a Law.

It is clear that by looking at these things in this way, in this manner, we do not have, in truth, what we could call “COMPLETE LIBERTY” or “FREE WILL”, (the margin that we have of “free will” is very small).

Thus, we are trapped within the mechanism of the Law of Recurrence and this is certainly unfortunate…

A person is what their life is; and if a person does not work on their own life, then that person is wasting their time miserably.

-paraphrase of “Didáctica para la Aniquilación Budista”
translated as “Didactic for the Buddhist Annihilation”
Lecture 039


Working on our Lives to Liberate Ourselves from these Commitments

“In what way can we LIBERATE OURSELVES from the Law of Recurrence? Well, we can do it only by WORKING ON OUR OWN LIFE.

Unquestionably, our own life is composed of comedies, dramas and tragedies.

The comedy is for the clowns, the dramas are for normal, common and ordinary people and the tragedies are for the perverse ones…

In the Mysteries of bygone times, no tragic ones were accepted.

It was known that those were the ones being punished by the Gods, and obviously the Guardian of the temple rejected them with the tip of his sword…

We need to DISSOLVE THE “I’s”, this is logical! They are the “actors” of the comedies, dramas and tragedies.

Could perhaps a comedy exists without comedians? Could a drama exist without actors? Do you believe that any tragedy could be developed (in any scenario of the world) without tragic-actors? Obviously, it could not! right?

Therefore, if we want to change our own life, then what must we do?

We have no other choice but to dissolve the “actors” of those comedies, dramas and tragedies.

But, who are those “actors”? where do they live and why? …those “actors” … come from ancient times.

If we state that “the ‘I’ is a book of many volumes”, then we are confirming a great truth; if we affirm that “the Ego comes from many yesterdays”, this is certain.

Therefore, THE EGO IS TIME, the “I’s” personify time: They are our own defects, our own errors contained within the clock of time; they are the dust of the centuries within the very depth of our psyche.”

-paraphrase of “Didáctica para la Aniquilación Budista”
translated as “Didactic for the Buddhist Annihilation”

This is why we must observe ourselves without prejudice, without preconception, because we may discover very old “I’s” that we do not even remotely suspect we have.

We must look upon ourselves like a strange creature and be open to the possibility that there are many aspects of ourselves that we are completely unaware of…

Then we can discover the causes of our suffering in the desires which these egos use to enjoy themselves, and whereby we waste our lives…


Desire-Sensation and Awakening Consciousness

One of the biggest problems we have is that we easily become identified with “the Flesh”, our Material Life and Sensations.

We become intoxicated with what can be called “Desire-Sensation”, and this is what leads us to suffer.

“…THE ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL I’ is always lying in wait to devour the one who allows themselves to fall…”

“It is necessary to annihilate desire if we wish to avoid the danger of falling.

Whosoever wants to annihilate desire must discover its causes.

The causes of desire are found in SENSATIONS.

We live in a world of Sensations and we need to comprehend them, there are five types of Sensations:

5. Fifth TACTITLE SENSATIONS, related with the sense of touch.

The five special types of sensations transform themselves into Desire.

This is how the causes of Desire are found within Sensations.

We must not condemn Sensations, nor must we justify them. We need to profoundly COMPREHEND them.

A pornographic image strikes the senses and then passes into the mind, and the outcome of this perception is a SEXUAL SENSATION which is soon transformed into Animal Desire.

After passing through the sense of hearing and through the cerebral center of sensations, a vulgar morbid type of song is converted into SEXUAL DESIRE.

We see a luxurious car, we sense it and thereafter we desire it.

We taste a delicious cup of alcohol, we perceive its odor with our sense of smell and feel its delicious sensations and thereafter we desire to drink more & more until we become inebriated, therefore smell and taste turn us into gluttons and drunkards.

The sense of touch places itself under the service of all of our desires and then the “I” receives pleasure from the vices and wanders like the LUNATIC OR FOOL OF THE TAROT from life to life with his bag (within which he carries all of his vices and absurdities) on his shoulders.

-Paraphrase from Ch 21 of Esoteric Course of Kabbalah


Annihilating Desire by Comprehending Sensations through Meditation

Whosoever wants to annihilate Desire, must first intellectually Analyze the SENSATIONS and then PROFOUNDLY COMPREHEND THEM.

It is impossible to profoundly comprehend the Contextual Concept within a Sensation with the mere Intellect, since the intellect is just a small fraction of the mind.

If we want to PROFOUNDLY COMPREHEND ALL THE SUBSTANTIAL CONTEXT of a certain sensation of any kind then we indispensably need the technique of internal meditation, it is urgent to PROFOUNDLY COMPREHEND in all the levels of the mind.

The mind has many subconscious and unconscious levels and depths which are normally unknown to people.

Many individuals, who have achieved ABSOLUTE CHASTITY here in the physical world, become terrible fornicators in other levels and profundities of the mind when they are submitted to difficult ordeals in the internal worlds.

Great anchorites and Holy hermits discovered with horror that the LUNATIC OR FOOL OF THE TAROT continues living in other more profound levels of their understanding.”

“Really, only by comprehending the sensations in all the wrinkles of the Mind can we annihilate desire and kill the LUNATIC OR FOOL OF THE TAROT who hides among all of the wrinkles of the Mind.

It is necessary for the Student to learn how to see and hear without TRANSLATING.

When a man perceives the beautiful figure of a woman and commits the error of translating that perception into the language of his sexual desires, then the outcome is SEXUAL DESIRE, this type of desire (even when it is forgotten) continues living internally in other unconscious levels of the Mind.

This is how the “I” incessantly fornicates in the internal worlds.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to see without translating, to see without judging.

It is indispensable to see, hear, taste, smell and touch with CREATIVE COMPREHENSION, only in this way, are we able to annihilate the causes of Desire.

Really, the tree of desire has roots that we must study and PROFOUNDLY COMPREHEND.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 21 of Esoteric Course of Kabbalah


Upright Perception and Awakening Consciousness

“Upright perception and creative comprehension allow us to annihilate the causes of desire, when the mind escapes from the bottle of desire it elevates itself to the superior worlds, then the awakening of the CONCIOUSNESS arrives.

Normally, the MIND is found bottled up within the bottle of desire; thus, it is indispensable to take the mind out of this bottle if indeed what we want is the awakening of the Consciousness.

It is impossible to awaken consciousness without taking the mind out of the bottle.

When we constantly complaint and then we study our lives, we discover the Lunatic or Fool of the Tarot within ourselves, we are full of desires.

Only by comprehending sensation, can we kill desire.

Only by annihilating desire do we liberate the mind which is normally found bottled within the bottle of Desire.

By liberating the mind, the awakening of the consciousness is produced.

The LUNATIC OR FOOL OF THE TAROT is the Psychological “I”, the “Myself”, the Reincarnating (recurring) Ego.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 21 of Esoteric Course of Kabbalah



If we indeed want to finish with all the causes of Desire, then we need to live in a state of constant vigilance.

It is urgent to live in a state of alert perception, alert novelty.

The “I” is the great Book, a book of many volumes.

Only by means of the technique of Internal Meditation will we be able to study that book.

When we discover and profoundly comprehend a defect in all of the levels of the mind, then that defect can be disintegrated; each time a defect is disintegrated, something new occupies its place: a password, a Mantram, Some Cosmic Initiation, an esoteric degree, a secret power, etc.

This is how we fill ourselves, little by little, with true Wisdom.”

This is how we are able to fulfill our Cosmic Duty.

-Paraphrase from Ch 21 of Esoteric Course of Kabbalah


Our Cosmic Duty

“What is our cosmic duty? [well, it has multiple aspects:]

First: The intellect.
Not to allow intellectual concepts to pass through our minds in a mechanical manner; in other words, to become conscious of all the intellectual data that comes to the mind. How do we become conscious of this data? By means of meditation. When we read a book, we should meditate on it and try to comprehend it.

Second: The emotions.
We should become conscious of all the activities of the emotional center. It is deplorable how people act under the impulse of emotions, in a completely mechanical manner, without any control whatsoever. We should become conscious of all our emotions.

Third: The habits and customs of the motor center. We should become conscious of all activities, of all movements, of all our habits. Do nothing mechanically.

Fourth: Instincts.
We should take possession of all of our instincts and subdue them. We should comprehend them in depth.

Fifth: Transmute the sexual energy.
By means of the Sahaja Maithuna and Pranayama, we will unceasingly transmute our sexual energies.”

“Thus, in fulfilling our cosmic duty, it is obvious that our life will develop harmoniously.

The Superior Existential Bodies of our Being will be formed (built in us), and thus, we will be in harmony with the Infinite, attuned with the Great Law.

We will be able to arrive at an old age full of ecstasy and conquer Mastery and Perfection.

When one fulfills one’s cosmic duty, life prolongs itself.

Unfortunately, the intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being became totally degenerated when the abominable ‘Kundartiguador’ or ‘Kundabuffer’ organ was developed in their inner constitution.

It is obvious that after having lost that organ, the consequences remained within us: the ego, the “I”, the myself.

As a result, we became perverse, no longer wanting to carry out our cosmic duty and life became miserably shortened.

In other times, when humanity was not yet degenerated, when it still fulfilled its cosmic duty, it was clear that existence could be prolonged.

Any human being could reach an average of a thousand years of age.”

This may explain why we have stories in Religious texts describing people living 500+ years

“The results were that the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being were formed in each creature, and it was during this era that many Solar Men and Women, many Devas, many Divine Persons appeared upon the face of the Earth.

Today one hardly sees these beings, because people do not fulfill their cosmic duty.”

It is therefore necessary to live attuned with the Infinite, to fulfill our cosmic duty, to become conscious of ourselves, and not to waste our sexual energies.

We must teach our children to transmute the Ens Semenis into energy, warn them that it is a disgrace, a monstrosity to copulate before the age of 21.

Let adolescents know that they have not yet completed their process of development and that it is monstrous for a seed to be copulating.

Seeds are seeds and they should develop.

Therefore, meditate on all this, utilize Sexual Alchemy in yourselves so that you can accomplish these transmutations … within yourself.”

-paraphrase of “Mutaciones Planetarias del Mercurio Secreto”
translated as “The Seven Planets of Alchemy”
Lecture 130


The Retrospective Exercise and Comprehension through Analysis

“…if we truly want a definite change, then it is necessary to take note daily of our psychological states.

Before going to bed, it is wise to examine the events that occurred during the day…

It is possible that we may have hurt someone with a laugh, or that we caused someone to fall ill with a smile or with a look that was out of place.

Let us remember that in pure esotericism good is all that is in its place; bad is all that is out of its place.

For instance: water is good in its place, but if the water is out of place, if it floods the house, then it would cause damage; it would be bad and harmful.

Likewise, fire in the kitchen, when in its place, besides being useful, is good.

Yet, the fire out of its place, burning the furniture of the living room, would be bad and harmful.

Thus, any virtue, no matter how holy it might be, is good in its place; yet, it is bad and harmful out of its place.

We can harm others with our virtues. Therefore, it is indispensable to put virtues in their corresponding place.

What would you say about a priest who preaches the Word of the Lord inside a brothel?

What would you say about a meek and tolerant male who blesses a gang of assailants attempting to rape his wife and daughters?

What would you say about that type of tolerance taken to such an extreme?

What would you say about the charitable attitude of a man who, instead of taking food home, shares his money among beggars who have a vice?

What would be your opinion of a helpful man who in a given moment lends a dagger to a murderer?

Remember, that crime also hides within the rhythm of poetry.

There is much virtue in the perverse one and as much evil in the virtuous one.

Even though it may appear incredible, crime also hides in the very perfume of prayer.

Crime disguises itself as a saint. It uses the best virtues; it presents itself as a martyr and even officiates in the sacred temples.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 29 of Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology



Self-Observation and the Personified ‘Figure’ of a Defect

“The sense of intimate self-observation is atrophied in every human being. Yet, such a sense will develop in a progressive manner by working seriously, by observing oneself from moment to moment.

Thus, as the sense of self-observation gradually develops through its continuous use, we shall become more capable each time of directly perceiving those “I’s” whose existence we previously never had the least bit of information about.

Indeed, when seen by our sense of inner self-observation, each of those “I’s” (which inhabit our interior) assume this or that figure.

This figure is secretly related to the defect that is personified within it.

Undoubtedly, the image of each of those “I’s” has a certain unmistakable psychological flavor.

Through this image, we instinctively apprehend, capture, trap its inner nature, and the defect which characterizes it.

In the beginning, the esotericist does not know where to start. They feel the necessity of working upon themselves but are completely disoriented.

Yet, if we take advantage of the critical moments, of the more unpleasant situations, of the most adverse instances, we shall then discover (if we are alert) the outstanding defects, the “I’s” that we must urgently disintegrate.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 29 of Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology


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