In the previous class, we talked about “the Hidden Side of our Psychological Moon” which refers to that aspect of ourselves that we normally do not see…

Through the Gnostic Esoteric practices, we can discover many things which have been previously hidden from us.

As you know, if you have been following these studies, Gnostic Psychology says that we do not have one Ego, but many Egos.

These are also called “I’s”, Psychic Aggregates, Defects, as well as things like “knots in the flow of existence”, etc.

The purpose of Gnostic Psychology is to assist us in removing these Defects from ourselves.

However, this is something that has to be voluntary.

We have to recognize an aspect of ourselves that we would like to eliminate.

If we do not see parts of ourselves we want to change, things in ourselves that are problematic, that we want to get rid of it, then why would we study Gnostic Psychology?

So this system is for those who want to change and become different…

And what we are going to study today, is something that is very useful, very practical for the Elimination of our Egos.


Practical Didactic for the Annihilation of the Ego

This information has been paraphrased from a booklet put out by the “Iglesia Gnóstica Cristiana Universal” (IGCU) or “Universal Gnostic Christian Church” who’s Abbot is Fernando Moya.

Fernando was made the Abbot of the IGCU Monastery in Mexico by Samael Aun Weor and is still in that position today.

Their Spanish language website is:

We were not able to find an English website for them.


1. Self-Observation for Self-Discovery
See the Prologue to the book Didactic for Self-Knowledge

Through this sense of our Being, in vigilant self-observation, from moment to moment, like a soldier in wartime, we will see our “I’s” emerge.

The self-discovery and capture of one of many psychic aggregates, will be sufficient reason in order to enter into meditation.

2. Asana – comfortable posture
See the book Christ Consciousness

Comfortable posture for the body, sitting or lying down.
Physical and mental relaxation.

3. Prayer to the Divine Mother and to the Being
See Ch. 12 of the book The Buddha’s Necklace and the Prologue to the book Didactic for Self-Knowledge

Totally delivering ourselves over to our Divine Mother and to the intimate Christ through interior dialogue, with all our heart and soul, in order to support us in this meditation on the death of the EGO.

4. Retrospection – Reconstruct the Scene without Identifying with it
See “Blue Time” in the book Revolution of the Dialectic and Ch. 6 of the book Lamasery Exercises

Reconstruct the last scene (only), the drama, comedy or tragedy, where the “I” acted, with the help of the Key of S.O.L. (SUBJECT, OBJECT AND LOCATION).

5. Center of Gravity – In which of the 5 centers of the human Machine does the Ego dwell?
See Ch.10 of the Christmas Message 1967-68

Through psychological analysis, inquiry, intuition, and with mathematical precision, we determine which of the five centers is the center of gravity (den or place) where the “I” dwells, and investigate with which centers or multifaceted levels [the “I”] has connections or links.

6. Possession – See if the Ego took possession of the Mind, the Verb, and the Actions
See Lecture #039 ‘Concrete Didactic for the Dissolution of the “I”’ in El Quinto Evangelio

When the defect takes control of our machine, brain, senses, etc., define through which of the vehicles of expression: thought, word and action the psychological element expresses itself.

Become conscious of when, how and why the “I” took possession of us.

7. External Causes – What external causes provoke the EGO to come out?
See Ch. 35 ‘The Machine-Man’ of the book Fundamental Education

Define, very precisely, what “I’s” of the spouse, children, family, friends, Gnostics brethren, or behavior of others, or situations, events, things, etc., work like a magnet to bring the EGO out from within ourselves; Be aware that these external causes are a wonderful mirror where we can see ourselves as we are.

[Remember what we mentioned in the previous class: “We Project onto Others what we carry in that Hidden Side of ourselves”]


8. Internal Causes – What internal causes provoke the EGO to come out?
See Ch. 35 ‘The Machine-Man’ of the book Fundamental Education

When the ego comes out from our depths or from our ‘psychological background’, when the feature/trait emerges, when the related “I’s”: effigies, representations, appetites, anxieties, desires, inhibitions, memories, etc., surge forth: what Causal “I’s” provoked them to manifest themselves?

9. Damage to the Exterior – What damage did we cause to the Exterior?
See “Blue Time” in the book Revolution of the Dialectic

What damage did the “I” cause by taking possession of our machine and by making us act like beasts, towards the spouse, children, family, society, institution, Gnostic brethren, things, animals, etc.

10. Damage to the Interior – What damage did we cause to the Interior, imprisoning our soul more?
See “Blue Time” in the book Revolution of the Dialectic

What damages did we cause to our soul, conditioned within the ego, to our unconditioned essence, and to our own being:
• Stagnation,
• decreasing our level of Being,
• impeding spiritual development,
• loss of work-memory,
• more Karma, pain, suffering, fortification of ego, etc.

*Reflect deeply on these points.

11. The Power of the Beast – Observe the Strength/Force of the Poisonioonoskirian Vibrations of the Ego
See Ch.10 of the Christmas Message 1967-68 and Ch. 54 in the Gnostic Bible Pistis Sophia Unveiled

First lets understand what Poisonio-ono-skirian Vibrations are:

Definition from “If the sexual energy is not used for reproduction of the race and it is not transmuted either, but there is only abstinence, a forced celibacy and nothing else, that sexual energy then will devolve, degenerate. Devolution of the sexual secretions produces malignant vibrations called Poisonioonoskirian Vibrations.”

This term is also used by Gurdjieff and is defined in Ch. 39 of Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson in the following way:

“These places of theirs for segregated communal existence are called ‘monasteries,’ and the beings belonging to these sects, ‘monks’ [and ‘nuns’].

At the present time, very many of these monasteries exist there, and the large number of monks who enter them do indeed strictly abstain from the ejection, in the habitual way, of the ‘being-exioëhary’, or ‘sperm’ [the Ens Semenis], formed in them, but of course this abstinence of theirs never gives any sensible result. And this is because the thought never enters the heads of these hapless contemporary ‘monks’ [and ‘nuns’] that, although it is indeed possible to perfect themselves by means of this substance, this can proceed only if the second and third being-foods are intentionally absorbed and consciously digested in one’s presence, which is possible only for one who has already accustomed all the parts of his presence to fulfill consciously both ‘sacred being-partkdolg-duties’, that is, ‘conscious labor’ and ‘intentional suffering’.

It is, however, unjust to say that no ‘sensible result’ at all is obtained by these monks [and ‘nuns’]. They have even obtained ‘sensible results’ of two independent kinds.

So that you may understand why the abstinence of these contemporary monks produces two different kinds of results, I must tell you once more that, in accordance with the fundamental, sacred cosmic law of Heptaparaparshinokh, if any formation, large or small, existing in our Megalocosmos fails to receive, in the process of its evolution, corresponding help from outside at the time of its passing through both mdnel-ins of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, it begins to involve back to the state from which it began its evolution.

It is the same, of course, for the definite cosmic substances formed in the presences of these terrestrial abstaining monks [and ‘nuns’].

And so, my boy, since these terrestrial monks [and ‘nuns’], particularly the contemporary ones, do not intentionally help the further evolution of this substance inevitably formed in them from the constant use of the first being-food—that is, they do not actualize being-partkdolg-duty in their common presences, intentionally or even automatically—and since at the same time this substance is not removed from themselves in the way animal do, [then] it begins to involve in them. And during this involution of ‘being-exioëhary’ or ‘sperm’ [or Ens Semenis], among the many transient substances formed in their common presences by this involutionary process, a definite substance is elaborated with the property of exerting two kinds of action on the general functioning of the planetary body of a being.

The first kind of action of this definite substance consists in promoting the deposit of superfluous ‘karatsiag’ or, as they call it there, ‘fat’ And the second promotes the arising and spreading in the whole planetary body of what are called ‘poisoninoskirian vibrations.’

In the first case, these terrestrial abstaining monks [and ‘nuns’] become so extraordinarily fat that indeed one sometimes meets specimens among them with such an abundant deposit of fat that they could give many points to that form of being your favorites expressly overfeed in order to increase this fat in their planetary bodies, and this form of being they call ‘pig.’

In the second case, on the contrary, these abstaining monks become, as is usually said there, ‘thin as a rail’, and the penetrating action of the ‘poisoninoskirian vibrations’ is evident chiefly in their general psyche, which becomes sharply dual, with manifestations of two diametrically opposite kinds—the outer and visible, for show, sensed by everyone around them, and the inner and hidden, which the ordinary beings there, especially the contemporary ones, are entirely incapable of perceiving or detecting. In other words, in their outer, visible manifestations, these ‘poisoninoskirian monks [and ‘nuns’]’ appear to be what your favorites would describe as ‘bigots of the highest degree’, and in their secret inner manifestations, hidden from others, what your favorites would call ‘expert cynics’, also of the highest rank.

As for why the involutionary process of the exioëhary [or Ens Semenis] among certain of the abstaining monks produces ‘poisoninoskirian vibrations’ instead of deposits of fat, there even exists a very detailed ‘theory’, worked out several centuries ago by a certain what is called ‘Catholic monk’, who proved conclusively that this happens because in the first years of their existence these ‘thin monks’ busy themselves very zealously with that occupation from which, as is known even to contemporary medicine, ‘pimples’ generally appear on the faces of young beings there.

So that you may represent to yourself and fully understand the significance of this sort of abstinence among these contemporary monks, it remains for me to add that during my last sojourn on the planet Earth I became convinced that, thanks only to the results of the involutionary process of the exioëhary [the Ens Semenis] in these unfortunate terrestrial abstaining monks, the crystallization of various consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer in their common presence has become greatly facilitated and has therefore increased.”

So, what are we looking to understand?

The Power of the Beast – Observe the Strength/Force of the Poisonioonoskirian Vibrations of the Ego

The Poisonio-ono-skirian Vibrations are the result of our untransmuted sexual energies this is also related with what we have referred to before as “the wrong working of the centers”.

Become aware through reconstruction of the drama, comedy or tragedy, of the intensity of the Poisonio-ono-skirian force, when the “beast” expresses itself.

See the shape, size, sense its danger, power, capacity for action, etc., analyze what laws and infernal circles it belongs, capturing your most intimate strength and Poisonioonoskirian energy, which conditions our fraction of soul, etc.

12. Physical, Moral and Spiritual State – How does the Ego leave us after acting?
See the Ch. 8 in the book Didactic for Self-Knowledge

Investigate the physical, emotional and spiritual state that we are left with after the ego acts: fatigue, nervousness, weakness, emotional upset, derangement, pain, regret, mental exhaustion, etc.

13. The Psychological Song – What is the Justifying song of the Ego?
See “Defeatism” in the book Revolution of the Dialectic


How long after the psychological defect manifested did it keep resonating, for how long did the scene remain in the memory?

Did the psychological song become obsessive or intermittent?

14. Effects and New Causes – More Complications and Problems
See the Ch. 16 in the book Esoteric Course of Kabalah

What effects and what specific new causes, were created to act in certain ways by this “I”?, what complications and what problems did the psychological defect create for us?

15. Comprehension of the Ego – Reflection in order to grasp its deeper significance
See the Ch. 12 in the book The Buddha’s Necklace


If we comprehend the psychological “I” that acted, which we are analyzing in this reflective meditation, then we must grab and capture its manifestations in other facets, manifestations and representations, etc., through the state of Reflection.

16. Self-Discovery of the Causal “I” – The Causal “I” is Ill-Will because of the Ego.
See the Ch. 27 in the book The Great Rebellion

The self-discovery of the specific causal “I” that originated the manifestation of the psychic aggregate.

The revelation of the causal “I” emerges from a previously done meticulous job: step by step, and by praying to the Divine Mother and to the Christ, so that they show it to us in this part of the work.

17. Repentance – So that the Interior KAOM emerges which is the Voice of the Conscience
See the Prologue to the book Didactic for Self-Knowledge

At this stage of the meditation the interior KAOM will emerge, the voice of the conscience that will make the spark of repentance sprout forth.

The sincere yearning to liberate ourselves, to emancipate ourselves from that useless vesture which conditions us will awaken the yearning to liberate our conditioned essence from within that psychological defect.

18. Negotiations with the Masters of the Law – Through the Intimate Christ and Our Divine Mother.
See the Ch. 27 in the book The Great Rebellion

a) Invoke our Mother Kundalini and our Lord the Intimate Christ with our essence.

b) To beg them through the police of Karma and the angel of our Father Jeu, “to capture, from the center that belongs to this essence embedded within this “I” and to take it out of the center [so that] we may then present [it] to Anubis and the 42 judges of Karma.”

c) THE TRIAL, with tears in the soul and in the eyes, we implore for forgiveness with infinite anxiety and distress, and [with a] repentant heart begging for mercy and forgiveness, for having created the demon that conditions us.

Let us also implore for forgiveness from the BEING.

Let us implore the Christ and our Mother Kundalini to perform the respective negotiations with the law for the wheel of destiny and the wheel of the Lion to rotate in our favor.

And that the radical annihilation of this unnecessary cold and phantasmal vestment, in which our fraction of light or our essence is found to be intermingled, and that this be decreed by the law of Anubis.

19. Imagination and Willpower for Annihilation – Bring the Image of the Red Demon into the Imagination
See Ch. 43 of the Gnostic Bible Pistis Sophia Unveiled

Let us intentionally bring the sinning red demon that we are going to annihilate, into the imagination, with great consciousness and willpower.

We identify the fraction of essence to be released from inside the unclean spirit, labeling it with its correct name, either pure love, chastity, etc.

Bring the image, form and shape of the unclean spirit that personifies us into our understanding.

Prayer: “Oh light of lights, in which I have had faith from the beginning,
my mother Kundalini, I Ask thee, in the name of Christ,
to release me from this unclean prison,
I as a sinner confess before Anubis and the lords of the law,
of having been the creator of this defect,
but now as a repentant, with my soul and my heart,
I implore for its annihilation.”

20. Buddhist Annihilation – Annihilation of the Ego with the Erotic Fire, Activated through the Divine Mother
See the Ch. 8 in the book Didactic for Self-Knowledge

Let us implore our Mother Kundalini, Eros and the Christ
to Decapitate for us,
to Burn for us,
to Dismember for us,
to Disintegrate for us
And to Reduce it to Cosmic Dust.

Following this, we sing the mantram “Krim” with great imagination, using its Sound, like a decapitating Sword, like a Spear that Transfers to our Heart, like an Incinerating Fire.

21. Annihilation of the Triple Power and Ill-Will – To Annihilate Sex, Desire, Mind and Ill-Will of the EGO
See the Ch. 30 in the Gnostic Bible Pistis Sophia Unveiled and Ch. 27 in the book The Great Rebellion

“By the Christ, Mother of mine, annihilate the sex of this Ego.”
And we sing the mantram “Krim”

“Mother Kundalini, Holy Christ reduce to cosmic dust the desire of this Ego”
And we sing the mantram “Krim”

“Blessed Mother with your flaming sword, Incinerate the Mind of this Ego.”
And we sing the mantram “Krim”

d) ANNIHILATION OF THE ILL-WILL which is the CAUSAL “I” OF THE EGO that we are Annihilating.
“Intimate Christ, Virgin of the Light, annihilate the Causal “I”, the Ill-Will this Ego with its triple power”
And we sing the mantram “Krim”

22. Annihilation: Of the Causal Germ – the Teleoghinooras Thought-Tapes, the Poisonioonoskirian Energy, and the Personality of the Ego
See Ch. 36 in the book The Three Mountains, Ch. 54 & 55 in the Gnostic Bible Pistis Sophia Unveiled, Ch. 20 of the Christmas Message 1967-68 and Stella “N” in the book The Mayan Mysteries

Let’s understand what these terms refer to.

• “The Causal Germ”: This refers to the Seed of the Ego, the Seed of the Causal “I”

• “The Teleghino-oras Thought-Tapes”: This is an interesting concept that deserves some explanation.

This term is also used by Gurdjieff and is defined in Ch. 23 of Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson in the following way:

“…I must first tell you that I learned about this history, thanks to what are called ‘Teleoghinooras’ which are at present in the atmosphere also of that planet Earth of yours. As you probably do not yet know exactly what a Teleoghinoora is, try to transubstantiate in the corresponding parts of your common presence the information concerning this cosmic actualization.

A Teleoghinoora is a materialized idea or thought which after its arising exists almost eternally in the atmosphere of that planet on which it arises.

Teleoghinooras can be formed from such a quality of being-contemplation as only those three-brained beings have and can actualize, who have coated their higher being bodies in their presences and who have brought the perfecting of the Reason of their higher being part up to the degree of the sacred ‘Martfotai’. And the sequential series of being-ideas, materialized in this way, concerning any given event, are called ‘Korkaptilnian thought tapes’.

…These ‘korkaptilnian thought-tapes’ are never destroyed as long as the given planet remains in the same ‘tempo of movement’ as at the moment of their arising, and they are subject to none of those transformations, whatever the cosmic cause, to which all other cosmic substances and crystallizations are periodically subject. And however long a time may have passed, every three-brained being who has acquired in his presence the ableness to enter into the being-state called ‘soorptakalknian contemplation’ can perceive these ‘korkaptilnian thought-tapes’ and become aware of their contents…”

• “The Poisonio-ono-skirian Energy”: We mentioned this concept in Step 11 (above). It refers to the Creative Energy when it is not Transmuted. When this happens, the Creative Energy Involutes inside of us and creates both physical and psychic problems for us

• “The Personality of the Ego”: This refers to the False Personality, the crystallization of the Ego into our False Concept of Self, of who and what we are, of what is important to us, etc. Those the False Personality, we act Mechanically and repeat many things that cause more suffering to ourselves and others.

Now, let’s look at the recommended prayers:

Continuing to pray: To the Christ and to my Divine Mother, Eros, Begging them to “eliminate the CAUSAL GERM with its Triple Power, AND ITS Seal and its Noose, which gave life to the Causal “I”.”
And we sing the Mantram “Krim”, with the intention of Self-annihilation.

Then we pray again: “Devi Kundalini, Eros, Intimate Christ, annihilate: All the Effigies, [and mental] representations of this “I” and all the Film lived through it, with its Teleoghinooras Tapes.”
Let us sing the mantram “Krim”, [while] burning them with the fire of the Christ and the Serpent.

We pray: “to the fire of the Christ and to the power of the Igneous Serpent and of her husband Eros, we will beg them to radically disintegrate the venomous Energy, the Poisonioonoskirian energy, that this Ego has injected, every time that [it has] conditioned our Soul.”
Let us sing the mantram “Krim”.

“Mother Kundalini of mine, with your son the Christ and [with] the power of Eros, the Holy Spirit, Annihilate the atoms of the Personality AND [THE ASPECT OF] THE PERSONALITY that personifies us in this Ego.”


The brethren must be aware of the fraction of Divine essence released during the Buddhist Annihilation. By the Law of Divine magnetization, through the great Reconciling, the Holy Spirit and the great whole, the Intimate Christ: Returning to Integrate with the percentage of unconditioned Soul, and thus in patience we will achieve, recuperate our Soul and have a powerful permanent Christic center of consciousness.

In this gradual way, with the Death of the “I”, we are going to recuperate Our Consciousness from within the bowels of the Abyss, from the Demonic and perverse “I’s” we carry within.

All the Priests and Isis, as well as the brotherhood of the Universal Christian Gnostic Church of Mexico and of the World, should learn this Solar Gnostic Technique of memory of the “MEDITATION FOR THE ANNIHILATION OF THE PLURALIZED “I”” and apply it daily for the Rest of their Existence and Being.

Thus the Missionaries may teach Gnostic Psychology, with knowledge of Cause.

The Missionaries may direct the Meditation of the Death of the “I”, in their sanctuaries, according to the Order established by the Universal Gnostic Christian Church.

This Gnostic Technique, in order to annihilate the cause of human bitterness and suffering, is sustained, by the Patriarch Samael within his fifth gospel or Gnostic Doctrine.”

[Practical Didactic for the Annihilation of the Ego
– The 22 Steps for the Annihilation of the Ego]

compiled together by the Abbot Fernando Moya.