Gnostic Psychology – part 9 (Comprehension and the Necessity to Liberate the Essence)


The Kalkian or False Personality

“We have to become more and more conscious each time of the work that we are carrying out upon ourselves. …we must get to know, to be able to comprehend, that the human being is divided into two consciousnesses: the true and the false.

When one comes to this world, one brings within the essence all the data (deposited therein by nature) that one needs for the inner Self-realization of the Being; but, what happens? One is put into schools where one receives a false education including lots of advice and rules which serve no purpose.

In the end, one creates a false consciousness, and the true consciousness, with the deposited data therein which one needs to follow step by step, in order to walk the path, in order to arrive at the Liberation of the Being, remains at the bottom, sadly categorized with the name of subconsciousness.

…We have to become sincere with ourselves, to recognize that our false consciousness is the one which they have formed for us; the one which was created with all their theories learned in Elementary or Primary and Secondary schools, in College, etc., and through so many other ways (such as with the examples of our elders and the prejudices of this society in which we live); therefore, it is not the true consciousness.

We must eliminate everything we have of false within us, that false consciousness which is the foundation that we have been given, in the rules from school, in the preparatory lessons, etc.

We must completely eliminate, definitely eradicate, that false consciousness (which is based on what we have been told) so that only the true consciousness, the Superlative Consciousness of the Being, remains within us; that is what matters.

…inner development is only achieved by endeavoring to throw the false conscience into the trash and pay attention to the true consciousness, the authentic consciousness.

What do we mean by false consciousness?

That which they have formed for us from the time we were born, that which was created: with examples, with the precepts of all of our relatives, that which they formed for us in Elementary or Primary school, in Secondary school, etc., that which was formed with all the social prejudices that exist and continue to exist.

We have to throw all of that into the bottom of the trash and cause the true consciousness to come to the surface in order for it to work.

This indicates that one must become a child in order to work, to become an infant, a baby, at the moment of working, stripped of theories and putting true Wisdom into play.

In this manner, …we recognize the situation we are in, so that we understand that we do not march on the path of all the “little schools”, sects and orders which form the kalkian or false personality; that we are different, and what this entails…”

-paraphrase from Chapter 1.37 (The Kalkian Personality) of The Revolution of the Dialectic


The Growth and Development of the Essence

“In all creatures, the normal growth of the Essence is insufficient…

The human body grows and develops in accordance with the biological laws of the species, but the possibilities for the growth and development of the Essence are extremely limited.

Unquestionably, without help, the Essence can only grow to a small degree…

The spontaneous and natural growth of the Essence is only possible during the first 3, 4 and 5 years of life, during the first phase of life.

People think that the growth and development of the Essence always occurs in a continuous way, according to the mechanics of evolution, but Universal Gnosticism teaches clearly that it does not occur in that way…

Something very special must happen, something new must be carried out, so that the Essence may grow more. This is the work upon oneself.

The development of the Essence is only possible on the basis of conscious works and voluntary sufferings…

It is necessary to comprehend that this work does not refer to professional issues such as banking, carpentry, masonry, railroad repairs or office matters… This work is for any person who has already developed their personality; it deals with something Psychological…

We all know that we have within ourselves that which is called EGO, “I”, ME, MYSELF, ONESELF… Unfortunately, the Essence is completely imprisoned or absorbed inside it.

To dissolve the psychological “I”, the Ego, to disintegrate one’s undesirable elements, is urgent, unavoidable and can not be postponed… this is the meaning of working upon oneself.

We would never be able to liberate the Essence without previously disintegrating the Psychological “I”…

Within the Essence is the BUDDHA, Wisdom, the particles of our Father who dwells in Heaven and it has all the information we need for the INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION OF OUR BEING.

No one would be able to annihilate the Psychological “I” without previously eliminating the inhuman elements which we carry within ourselves…

We need to reduce the monstrous cruelty of these times to ashes: the envy which has unfortunately become the secret trigger for so many actions; the unbearable covetousness that has made life so bitter; the disgusting slander; the defamation which gives rise to so many tragedies; the drunkenness; the filthy lust, etc.

Accordingly as all these abominations are being reduced to cosmic dust, the Essence (besides becoming emancipated) will grow and develop harmoniously. Unquestionably when our Ego, our Psychological “I”, has died, then the Essence shines within us…

The liberated Essence confers intimate beauty upon us; perfect happiness and true Love emanate from this beauty… The Essence possesses multiple senses of perfection and extraordinary natural powers… When “We Die within Ourselves”, when we dissolve the Psychological “I”, we can then enjoy the precious senses and powers of the Essence…

-paraphrase from Ch. 4 (The Essence) of Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology


The “I” or Loose Cathexis

“It is urgent to know that the “I” is a mass of psychic energies, it is the loose cathexis, which reproduce themselves in the lower animal depths of the human being. The beloved ego does not have any individuality, it is a sum of factors which are in disharmony, a sum of small loose cathexis that is: egotistical psychic energies.

Each small “I” (of those which constitute the legion called Ego), really has its own personal criteria, its own projects, its own ideas and its own rhetoric. Each loose cathexis is a small “I” which enjoys certain self-independence.

These “I’s”, these loose cathexis, struggle among themselves. “I should read the latest news”, says the intellectual “I”. “I will ride a bicycle”, argues the motor “I”. “I am hungry”, declares the “I” of digestion. “I am cold”, says the “I” of metabolism. “No one will impede me”, exclaims the passionate “I” in defense of any of these loose cathexis.

Conclusion: the “I” is a legion of loose cathexis.

They dwell in the lower animal depths of the human being; they eat, sleep, reproduce and live at the expense of our vital principles or free cathexis -muscular and nervous kinetic energy.

Each of the egos (which in their mass constitute the loose cathexis, the “I”), project themselves in the different levels of the mind, longing for the satisfaction of their desires.”

-paraphrase from Chapter 1.27 (Mystical Death) of The Revolution of the Dialectic


The “City” of 9 Gates

“The human being is the city of nine gates… Within this city live many citizens who do not even know each other. Each of these citizens, each of those small “I’s”, has its projects and its own mind; these are the merchants which Jesus had to cast out of the Temple with the whip of willpower. Those merchants should be eliminated.

As long as the loose cathexis exists, there can be no peace. Now we will understand the reason for so many internal contradictions in the individual.

The “I’s” are the cause of all the internal contradictions. The human being is an irresponsible being that does not have a permanent center of gravity. The human being is a being which is not yet attained!

Human beings are not yet true beings, they are merely intellectual animals. It is a great error to call the legion of “I” the ‘soul’. Really and truly, human beings have (within their Essence) the psychic material, the material for the soul, but they do not yet have a soul. The Gospels say: “Of what use is it to win the world if you are going to lose your soul?” ”

-paraphrase from Chapter 1.27 (Mystical Death) of The Revolution of the Dialectic


The Creation of the Soul with the ‘Psychic Material’

“Jesus said to Nicodemus that it was necessary to be born from water and the spirit in order to enjoy the attributes which correspond to a true soul.

It is impossible to create the soul if we do not undergo Mystical Death.

It is only through the death of the “I” that we can establish a permanent center of consciousness within our own interior Essence.

The permanent center of consciousness is the soul.

Only a human being with a soul can have true continuity of purpose. It is only in a human being with a soul that internal contradictions do not exist and there is true inner peace.

The “I” foolishly spends the psychic material, the cathexis, in explosions of anger, covetousness, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. It is logical that as long as the psychic material, the cathexis, does not accumulate, the soul cannot be created.

When the “I” begins to die, then the psychic material begins to accumulate. When the psychic material begins to accumulate, then the establishment of a permanent center of consciousness begins.

When the “I” has absolutely died, the permanent center of consciousness remains totally established. The capital of psychic material accumulates when the ego dies since the squanderer of energy is eliminated. In this manner, the permanent center of consciousness, the soul, is established.”

-paraphrase from Chapter 1.27 (Mystical Death) of The Revolution of the Dialectic

Note the 3 phases of the Work upon oneself: Discovery, Comprehension and Elimination.
(See “Observation, Judgment, Execution” in Ch. 32 ‘Prayer in the Work’ of Revolutionary Psychology)


Mystical Death and the Accumulation of the Psychic Material

“Mystical Death is an arduous and difficult area of the Gnostic Esoteric Work.

The loose cathexis is dissolved on the basis of rigorous comprehension.

Interaction with our fellow beings, dealing with people, is the mirror where we can see ourselves at full length. In dealing with people, our hidden defects leap forward, they flourish, and if we are truly vigilant, if we are observing ourselves, then we see them.

Every defect should first be intellectually analyzed and then studied with meditation. When a defect is totally comprehended in all the levels of the mind, its corresponding loose cathexis disintegrates, in other words, a small “I” dies.

It is urgent to die from instant to instant. The soul is born with the death of the “I”. We need the death of the “I” in a complete way in order for the plenitude of the bound cathexis, the Being, to express itself.”

-paraphrase from Chapter 1.27 (Mystical Death) of The Revolution of the Dialectic


Dissolving the Loose Cathexis

“It is only by minutely studying the loose cathexis, the “I”, the Ego, that we can totally dissolve it.

We should minutely observe: the thought processes, the different aspects of desire, the habits which form our personality, the sophisms of distraction, the fallacy of the ego and our sexual impulses.

We have to study how our egos react before the impacts of the exterior world and see how they associate with each other in our interior world.

By comprehending all the processes of the loose cathexis, of the Ego, of the pluralized “I”
we can dissolve it. Then, only the Divinity is manifested through us and within us.”

-paraphrase from Chapter 1.28 (Dissolving the Loose Cathexis) of The Revolution of the Dialectic



“In trying to comprehend any kind of psychological defect in depth, we have to be honest with ourselves… We should be sincere with our own selves and dissect the “I” with the tremendous scalpel of “self-criticism”.

Unfortunately, Pilate, the Demon of the Mind, always washes his hands, is never guilty, and never recognizes his errors… But to comprehend, we must recognize our own mistakes without self-justification, without excuses and without any kind of evasion…

Self exploration is essential for profound self-knowledge and so is starting from a foundation of radical zero. The interior pharisee is an obstacle to Comprehension.”

See Ch. 27 of Revolutionary Psychology, where it quotes Luke 18:10-14 and the Pharasee says “God, I thank thee that I am not as other people are…”

“To presume that we are virtuous is absurd.

To judge others and label them as evil is absurd because all human beings, as long as they have not dissolved the pluralized Ego, are more or less evil…

Intimate SELF-EXPLORATION is certainly something to be taken very seriously; the Ego is, in reality, a book of many volumes.

Full attention, natural and spontaneous, on whatever we are interested in; without artificialities, is truly perfect concentration.”

For more information about “Conscious Attention” (sometimes also translated as “cognizant attention”), see Ch. 4 of Fundamental Education.

“Any error is multi-faceted and inevitably operates in the subconscious.”

-paraphrase from Ch. 22 (Comprehension) of The Mystery of the Golden Blossom


Comprehending a Defect

“Any intimate defect has diverse links and roots which have to be studied judiciously.

SELF-REVELATION is possible when there is integral comprehension of the defect that we sincerely want to eliminate…

New SELF-DETERMINATIONS spring up from the Consciousness when comprehension is complete…

SUPERLATIVE ANALYSIS is useful if it is combined with deep meditation, then the flame of comprehension springs forth…

The dissolution of all those Psychic Aggregates which constitute the Ego is increased if we know how to take maximum advantage of the worst adversities. The difficult psychological gymnasiums: in the home, the street, or at work, always offer us the best opportunities.

To covet virtues is absurd; it is better to make radical changes. Control of intimate defects is superficial and condemned to failure. Deep change is fundamental and it is possible only by integrally comprehending every error.

By eliminating the Psychic Aggregates that constitute the Myself, the Oneself, we establish proper foundations for correct action in our Consciousness.

Superficial changes serve no purpose, we urgently need in depth change. Comprehension is the first step and elimination is the second…”

-paraphrase from Ch. 22 (Comprehension) of The Mystery of the Golden Blossom



“The “I” exerts control upon the five inferior centers of the human Machine; These five centers are the:
3. MOTOR ,

The “I” cannot control the two superior centers of the human being, which are:

If we want to dissolve the “I”, then we must Study it in the five inferior centers; we need comprehension. It is urgent to comprehend the actions and reactions of each one of the five inferior centers of the human machine.

The “I” exerts control over these inferior centers; therefore, we walk on the path of the dissolution of the “I” with in depth comprehension of the activity of each one of these inferior centers.

Two people react differently before any given representation; what is pleasant for one person could be unpleasant for another. The difference lies in the fact that one person judges and perceives the representation with the mind and the other is touched in their feelings. Therefore, we must learn how to differentiate the Mind from the Feelings.

The mind is one thing and the Feelings are another. Within the mind there exists an entire game of ACTIONS AND REACTIONS that must be carefully comprehended. Within our feelings there are affections that must be crucified, emotions that must be studied and an entire mechanism of actions and reactions that can easily be misplaced and confused with the activities of the Mind.

…We discover the entire process of the “I” by comprehending the inner activities of each one of the Five inferior Centers.”

-paraphrase from Ch. 15 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah

Comprehension is discovering the Truth in the subject, object, in whatever problem, defect, ego, etc., that we are working on.


EFFORT or EXERTION and Experiencing the Truth

“In order to experience the Truth, one does not need any effort whatsoever.

People are accustomed to exerting effort in everything and suppose that it is impossible to experience the Truth without any kind of effort.

We may need effort: to earn our daily bread, or to play a game of football or soccer, or to carry a very heavy load, but it is absurd to believe that effort is necessary in order to experience that which is the Truth.

Comprehension replaces effort when one tries to comprehend the truth intimately hidden in the secret depth of each problem.

We do not need any effort to comprehend each and all of the defects that we carry hidden in the different levels of the mind.

We do not need effort to comprehend that envy is one of the most powerful triggers of the social machinery.

There are persons who want to cease being covetous but who covet not being covetous, there you have a form of covetousness.

There are men who exert themselves in order to attain the virtue of chastity, but when they see a beautiful woman on the street, they pay her some beautiful compliments, and if the woman is a friend, then they can do nothing less than ply her with attention, tell her beautiful words, admire her, praise her beautiful qualities, etc. The secret intentions behind all that flirting is found in subconscious and submerged lust.

When we comprehend without any effort whatsoever all the tricks of lust, then the latter can be annihilated and in its place is born the immaculate flower of chastity.

It is not with any effort that we can acquire virtues. The “I” is fortified when it exerts itself
to acquire virtues. The “I” loves decorations, medals, titles, honors, virtues, beautiful qualities, etc. Humility is a very exotic flower, whoever boasts of humility is full of pride.”

-paraphrase from Chapter 1.28 (Dissolving the Loose Cathexis) of The Revolution of the Dialectic


Comprehension and the Truth

“In practical life we make many useless efforts whenever a new problem torments us. We appeal to efforts in order to solve it, we struggle and suffer, but then, the only thing that we obtain is the complication of our existence…

The disillusioned, the disenchanted, those who no longer even want to think those who were not able to solve a vital problem, find the solution when their mind is serene and tranquil, when they had no hope whatsoever.

No truth can be comprehended by means of effort. The truth comes like a thief in the night, when one least expects it.

Extrasensory perceptions during meditation, illumination, the solution to a problem, are only possible when no kind of conscious or subconscious effort exists, when the mind does not exert itself to be more than it is.

Pride also disguises itself as being sublime, the mind exerts itself to be something more than it is.

The mind, serene like a lake, can experience the Truth, but when the mind wants to be something more, it is in tension, it is in struggle and then, the experience of the Truth becomes impossible.

We should not mistake the Truth with opinions. Many think that the Truth is this or that, or that the Truth is this or that book, or this or that belief or idea, etc.

The one who wants to experience the Truth should not mistake beliefs, ideas, opinions and theories with that which is the Truth. We should experience the Truth in a direct, practical and real manner; this is only possible in the stillness and silence of the mind, and this is achieved by means of meditation.

To experience the Truth is fundamental.

It is not by means of effort that we can experience the Truth. The Truth is not the result, nor is the Truth the product of effort. The Truth comes to us by means of profound comprehension.

We need effort to work in the Great Work, effort to transmute our creative energies, effort to live, struggle and tread the path of the Integral Revolution, but we do not need effort to comprehend the Truth.”

-paraphrase from Chapter 1.28 (Dissolving the Loose Cathexis) of The Revolution of the Dialectic