Now that we have studied our habits, emotions, thoughts, etc., and have discovered some defects, we must comprehend them and eliminate them. Lets study that process:

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The Need for Comprehension

“In trying to comprehend any kind of psychological defect in depth, we have to be honest with ourselves… Unfortunately, Pilate, the Demon of the Mind, always washes his hands, is never guilty, [and] never recognizes his errors… But to comprehend, we must recognize our own mistakes without self-justification, without excuses and without any kind of evasion…

Self exploration is essential for profound self-knowledge and so is starting from a foundation of radical zero. The interior pharisee is an obstacle to Comprehension. To presume that we are virtuous is absurd. To judge others and label them as evil is absurd because all human beings, as long as they have not dissolved the pluralized Ego, are more or less evil…

Intimate SELF-EXPLORATION is certainly something to be taken very seriously; the Ego is, in reality, a book of many volumes. Full attention, natural and spontaneous, in whatever we are interested in; without artificialities, is truly perfect concentration. Any error is multi-faceted and inevitably operates in the subconscious.”

– Paraphrase from Ch.22 of The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

Interrelations: the Psychological Gymnasium

“We need a psychological gymnasium if we want to discover all the different defects within ourselves. The path of family life with its infinite, sometimes painful details, is the best psychological gymnasium. The productive and creative job through which we earn our daily bread is another chamber of marvels.

Many aspirants to the superior life wish to escape their workplace; not to walk around the streets of their hometown; to take refuge in the forest with the intention of seeking Final Liberation… Those poor people are like silly children who skip school, and think that they are still going to pass to the next grade.

To live from instant to instant in a state of alert perception, alert novelty, like the lookout in times of war, is both essential and imperative if we really want to dissolve the Pluralized “I”. In human interrelations, in the co-existence with our fellow human beings, there are infinite possibilities of self-discovery. It is well known that in these interrelations, the multiple defects we carry hidden in the unknown depths of the unconscious always emerge naturally and spontaneously and, if we are vigilant, we see and discover them. However, it is obvious that this self-vigilance, this conscious attention must always exist from moment to moment.

A discovered psychological defect must be completely understood in the levels of the mind. In depth comprehension is impossible without the practice of meditation.”

– Paraphrase from Ch.22 of The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

“Meditation is a scientific system to receive internal information.”

– Paraphrase from Ch.21 of Manual of Practical Magic

Comprehending a Defect

Any intimate defect is multi-faceted and has diverse links and roots which have to be studied judiciously. SELF-REVELATION is possible when there is integral comprehension of the defect that we sincerely want to eliminate… New SELF-DETERMINATIONS spring up from the Consciousness when comprehension is complete…

SUPERLATIVE ANALYSIS is useful if it is combined with deep meditation, then the flame of comprehension springs forth… The dissolution of all those Psychic Aggregates which constitute the Ego is increased if we know how to take maximum advantage of the worst adversities. The difficult psychological gymnasiums – in the home, the street or at work – always offer us the best opportunities.

To covet virtues is absurd; it is better to make radical changes. Control of intimate defects is superficial and condemned to failure. Deep change is fundamental and it is possible only by integrally comprehending every error.

By eliminating the Psychic Aggregates that constitute the Myself, the Oneself, we establish proper foundations for correct action in our Consciousness. Superficial changes serve no purpose, we urgently need in depth change. Comprehension is the first step and elimination is the second…”

– Paraphrase from Ch.22 of The Mystery of the Golden Blossom


“At that marvelous instant in the garden of delights, at the exquisite moment when the male organ enters deep into the woman’s vagina, a very exceptional kind of electric induction takes place. In these moments our organism is undergoing electric impulses, and this offers us surprising possibilities…

In depth psychological change can emerge in the profundity of the Consciousness if we know how to intelligently make use of the cosmic opportunity we have in those moments… But we lose this marvelous opportunity when we intend to simply gratify our senses… Miserable is the Samson of the Kabalah who allows Delilah to put him to sleep… To fall like a beast into lustful temptation is equivalent to throwing away the best opportunity.

Instead of the fatal incontinence of the sexual libido it is better to pray. In the Ancient Mysteries it was taught (in secret) that sex is a form of prayer. The gnostic patriarch, Saint Augustine, said:

“Why are we not to believe that humans, before the fall into sin, could dominate the sexual organs in the same way as they do the other parts of the body?””

– Paraphrase from Ch.23 of The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

The only “sin” associated with sex is the waste of that tremendous creative energy through orgasm and by being identified with purely sensual pleasure…

The Secret of Happiness

“The secret of happiness of the Intimate God of each creature consists in the relationship that It has with itself… The proper divine state is that of supreme happiness, sexual enjoyment comes from the relationship of the Divinity with itself… The seven cosmos, which shine gloriously in infinite space, sexually entwine… Why should the Microcosmic human being be an exception?

Man and Woman always adore each other… Sexual joy then, is a legitimate right of the human being and comes from the relationship of divinity with itself. In other words, sexual joy is terribly divine. Saint Albert said that

“the spiritual man must direct carnal intercourse towards a moral objective, and that a sexual function based only on the pleasure of the senses leads us to the most infamous of vices”.

If we valiantly grasp the sexual spear of Love with the sincere purpose of reducing to cosmic dust (in successive order), each one of the various subjective elements we carry within, then Light is brought forth within us. Inside each one of the varied and argumentative, loud-mouthed “I’s” which personify our psychological errors, exists substance, psychic Essence… Just as when the atom is split it liberates energy, so the total disintegration of any of the various infernal “I’s” liberates Essence, Light… We should therefore make light, create light…

Comprehension is basic in transcendental psychology but it is obviously not everything, we also need to eliminate. In Devi Kundalini, the Igneous Serpent of our Magic Powers, is the key. It is impossible to eliminate the Devil-“I’s” (psychological defects) without the help of our own particular Divine Mother, Devi Kundalini…

In the supreme moment of sexual surrender, at the height of sex, meditate and pray so as not to fall into temptation… In these moments of happiness, plead with all the force of your Soul, beg your Divine Mother Kundalini to eliminate the Devil-“I” from your interior, this refers to the psychological defect which you have comprehended through profound meditation. This is how we die from instant to instant. Only with death can the new arrive.”

– Paraphrase from Ch.23 of The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

Conscious Attention and Psychological Death

“To be SELF-CONSCIOUS is something very difficult but it is possible to reach this state by learning to live alert and vigilant from MOMENT to MOMENT. If we want to achieve SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS, then we need to know ourselves INTEGRALLY. Each of us has the “I”, the MYSELF, the EGO, which we need to explore in order to know ourselves and to become SELF-CONSCIOUS.

It is URGENT TO SELF-OBSERVE, ANALYZE and COMPREHEND each of our defects. It is necessary to study ourselves in the field of the mind, emotions, habits, instincts and sex. The mind has many SUBCONSCIOUS LEVELS, regions or departments that we should know thoroughly by means of OBSERVATION, ANALYSIS, IN-DEPTH MEDITATION and PROFOUND INTIMATE COMPREHENSION. Any defect can disappear from the intellectual region and continue existing in other unconscious levels of the mind.

The first thing we need is TO AWKAKEN in order to comprehend our own MISERY, NOTHINGNESS and PAIN. Afterwards, the “I” begins to DIE from moment to moment. The DEATH OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL “I” IS URGENT. Only by dying can the truly CONSCIOUS BEING be born within us.

AWAKENING, DYING, AND BEING BORN are the three psychological phases that lead us to TRUE CONSCIOUS EXISTENCE. We must awaken in order to DIE, and we must die in order to be BORN. Whoever dies without having AWAKENED becomes a STUPID SAINT. Whoever is BORN without having died becomes an INDIVIDUAL with a DOUBLE PERSONALITY, one very JUST and the other very perverse.”

– Paraphrase from Ch.3 of Fundamental Gnostic Education

There is a saying in Spanish “the Devil is not smart because he is the Devil, he is smart because he is old.” Our ego is very smart because it is old, it has been with us for many lifetimes and it knows
• how to manipulate us,
• how to convince us to do something ‘just this one time’,
• how to justify itself, etc.,
and if we are not strong in our determination to fight it, then we will fall back under its spell sooner or later. Which is why we are going to have a lot of difficulty if we do not can ask for help from our own inner Divinity.

Prayer in Gnostic Psychology

“Prayer in the psychological work is fundamental for the dissolution of the “I”. We need a power superior to the mind if really we want to disintegrate this or that “I”, because the mind by itself can never disintegrate any “I”. To pray is to talk with God. We must appeal to God the Mother in the depths of our heart if we truly want to disintegrate our “I’s”, otherwise we will fail in the work upon ourselves.

Each one of us has our own particular, individual Divine Mother. All ancient civilizations adored “God the Mother”. The feminine principle of the Eternal One is Isis, Mary, Tonantzin, Cybele, Rhea, Adonia, Insoberta, etc. God the Mother within our own intimacy is the feminine aspect of our Father who dwells in secret. He and She are certainly the two superior parts of our inner Being.

Undoubtedly, He and She are our true Being which is beyond the “I”. He unfolds into Her. He commands, directs, and instructs. She eliminates the undesirable elements which we carry in our interior with the condition that we continuously work on ourselves. Thus, when we have died radically, when all the undesirable elements have been eliminated, after many conscious works and voluntary sufferings, then we will fuse and integrate ourselves with our “Father-Mother.” Then, we shall be terribly divine Gods, beyond good and evil.

Any of those “I’s” that have been previously observed and judged can be reduced to cosmic dust by means of the fiery powers of our own individual, particular Divine Mother. A specific formula in order to pray to our Inner Divine Mother is not necessary. We must be very natural and simple when we address Her. The child who addresses his/her mother never has special formula. The child utters what comes from their heart and that is all.”

– Paraphrase from Ch.32 of Revolutionary Psychology

Dissolution: the Elimination of Defects

“Observation, Judgment and Execution are the three basic factors of dissolution.

First: one observes.
Second: one judges.
Third: one executes.

In war, spies are first observed; secondly, they are judged; and finally, they are shot. Self-discovery and self-revelation exist in our inter relationships. So anyone who renounces living together with their fellow human beings also renounces self-discovery. Any incident in life, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, undoubtedly has as its cause, an intimate actor within us, a psychic aggregate, an “I”. Self-discovery is possible when we are in a state of alert perception, alert novelty.

Any “I” discovered must be carefully observed in our mind, heart, and sexual center. Any “I” of lust could manifest itself in the heart as love and in the mind as an ideal. Yet, as we pay attention to the sexual center, we may feel a certain morbid, unmistakable excitement.

The judgment of any “I” must be definitive. We need to sit it down in the defendant’s chair and judge it mercilessly. Evasion, justification, and consideration must be eliminated if in reality we want to be conscious of the “I” that we are struggling to eliminate from our psyche. It would not be possible to execute any “I” without previously observing it and judging it.”

– Paraphrase from Ch.32 of Revolutionary Psychology

Praying to our Divine Mother to Execute or Eliminate a Defect

“Remember that no “I” is instantaneously dissolved. Our Divine Mother must work and even suffer very much before achieving the annihilation of any “I’s”. Make yourselves introspective; direct your prayer within, seeking your Divine Mother within your interior.

Then, with sincere supplications, you will be able to talk to Her. Beg her to disintegrate the “I” that you have previously observed and judged. As the sense of self-observation develops, it will permit you to verify the progressive advancement of your work. Comprehension and discernment are fundamental. But elimination is necessary if what we want is to disintegrate the “myself”.

The mind can give itself the luxury of labeling any defect, passing it from one department of the mind to the other, exhibiting it, hiding it, etc. However, the mind can never fundamentally alter the defect. A special power superior to the mind is necessary, a fiery power that is capable of reducing any defect to ashes. STELLA MARIS, our Divine Mother has that power. She is able to pulverize any psychological defect.

Our Divine Mother lives in our intimacy, beyond the body, affections and the mind. She is, by Herself, an igneous power superior to the mind. Our own particular, individual Cosmic Mother possesses wisdom, love and power. Absolute perfection exists within Her.

It serves no purpose to repeat: “I will not be lustful,” because within the very depth of our psyche, the “I” of lust will continue to exist anyway. It is useless to repeat daily: “I will not have anger,” because within our psychological depths the “I’s” of anger will continue to exist. It would be useless to repeat daily: “I will no longer be covetous,” because within the different depths of our psyche, the “I’s” of covetousness will continue to exist.”

– Paraphrase from Ch.32 of Revolutionary Psychology

We must observe, comprehend and eliminate the defects with the help of our Divine Mother in the garden of delights.

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