Summary of the previous class: the 4 States of Consciousness and we gave 3 Practices. Today we want to remember the 3 brains and the 7 centers before we begin.


The Dream Yoga Discipline and Preparing Ourselves for Bed

“Those aspirants who sincerely long for a direct mystical, experience must unquestionably begin with the Dream Yoga discipline.

The Gnostic must be very demanding with him or her self, and learn to create favorable conditions in order to
      1. remember and
      2. comprehend
all those intimate experiences that always occur during sleep.

Before retiring to your bed at the end of your daily routine, it is advisable to pay attention to the state you are in.

Devotees whose circumstances make them lead a sedentary life will gain a lot if, before going to bed, they have a short, but very lively walk outdoors. A walk will relax the muscles.

Let us clarify, however, that we must never abuse physical exercises; we need to live in harmony.

[1st Tip: Healthy exercise and relaxing the body]

Dinner, or the final meal of the day, must be light and free of heavy or stimulating foods.

Foods that keep us awake or alter our sleep should be avoided.

[2nd Tip: Do not eat heavy or difficult to digest foods before bed]

The highest form of thinking is not thinking.

When the mind is quiet and silent — free of daily routine and mundane anxiety — it is then in a state that is one hundred percent favorable for the Dream Yoga practice.

[3rd Tip: Take note of your psychological state before bed and throughout the day]

When the Superior Emotional center is actually working, the thinking process stops, at least for a brief moment.

The Superior Emotional center is activated with Dionysian intoxication.

Such rapture is possible when listening with infinite devotion to the delightful symphonies of Wagner, Mozart, Chopin, and others.

[4th Tip: Activate the Consciousness and the Superior Emotional Center with Classical Music]

Music comes from the Higher Worlds. Music has the power to awake the consciousness in the Higher Worlds. Music is the verb of GOD.

It is better to cultivate the art of music than to waste time among the battling of reason. Music is the word of GOD.

The true music is classical music. Let us always listen to Beethoven, Liszt, Schubert, Haydn, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Haendel, etc., with devotion.

Beethoven’s music is especially extraordinary because it makes the Superior Emotional center vibrate intensely.

The sincere Gnostic finds in it a vast field for mystical exploration, since it is not music of the form, but of archetypal, ineffable ideas. Every note has a meaning; every pause is a superior emotion.

Beethoven — when feeling the cruel rigors and trials of the “spiritual Night” — instead of failing (as many candidates did), he opened the eyes of his intuition to the mysterious supernatural, the spiritual side of Nature, to that region where angelic kings of these Great Universal Creations live.

Observe the musician-philosopher all along his exemplary existence. On top of his table, he always had in plain view, his Divine Mother Kundalini, the ineffable NEITH, TONANTZÍN of ANAHUAC, or the supreme Egyptian Isis.

It is said that the great master had an inscription at the base of that adorable sculpture, written with his own hand, that mysteriously asserted: “I am she who has been, is and will be; no mortal has lifted my veil.”

The revolutionary and inner progress becomes impossible without the immediate aid of our Divine Mother Tonantzin.

[5th Tip: Working with our Divine Mother]

Grateful children must love their mothers; Beethoven loved his greatly.

Outside the physical body, during the hours of sleep, the soul can talk to her Divine Mother.

We must, however, begin with the Dream Yoga Discipline.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 17 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac
and from Ch. 5 of Christ Consciousness


The Dream Yoga Discipline and Preparing the Bedroom

“We need to take care of the bedroom where we sleep; it must be pleasantly decorated.

The colors best suited for the goal we seek — in spite of what other authors recommend — are the three primary hues: blue, yellow and red.

[6th Tip: Using the Three Primary Colors in the Bedroom]

The three primary colors constantly correspond to the three primary forces of nature (the holy TRIAMANZIKAMNO). Holy affirming, holy denying and holy reconciling.

Dream Yoga is extraordinary, marvelous, and formidable; nonetheless it is very demanding.

The bedroom has to be perfumed and ventilated, but not pervaded with the cold night temperature.

After undergoing detailed and careful preparation for oneself for bed, and for the room where one will sleep, the gnostic must then take care of their bed.

If we observe any compass, we can see that the needle always points to the north.

It is then possible to consciously take advantage of the planet’s magnetic current, which always flows from south to north.

A bed should be placed in such a way that the head is facing north.

[7th Tip: Pointing our bed to the North (or the East)]

In this way, we can intelligently use the magnetic current indicated by the needle.

The mattress should be neither too hard nor too soft. This means that its texture must in no way affect the psychic processes of the sleeping person.

Squeaking bed springs or a base that cracks with every small movement of the body, can be serious obstacles for these practices.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 17 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac


The Dream Yoga Discipline and its Practice (Invoking Morpheus)

“A pad or notebook and a pen or pencil should be placed under the pillow so that they can easily be found, even in the dark.

[8th Tip: Use clean Pajamas and Sheets]

Bedclothes must be fresh and clean; the pillowcase must be scented with our favorite perfume.

[9th Tip: Perfume the Bedroom: Camphor, Copal, Benzoin, etc.]

After having met these requirements, the ascetic Gnostic will be ready for the second stage of this esoteric discipline.

One gets into bed, after having turned off all the lights, and will lay on one’s back with the eyes closed and place both hands on the solar plexus.

One will be totally quiet for some time, and, once one is completely relaxed (physically as well as mentally) one will concentrate on Morpheus, the God of sleep.

[10th Tip: Call on Morpheus to teach us about the Mysteries of Sleep]

Unquestionably, each part of our Real Being has specific tasks.

It is precisely Morpheus (not to be confused with Orpheus) who is that part of our Being who is in charge of training us in the mysteries of sleep.

All the spiritual, isolated parts of the Being want to achieve absolute perfection in their tasks. Morpheus enjoys this unique opportunity that we give him when we concentrate on him.

We must know how to supplicate and have faith. We have to ask Morpheus to teach us and to awaken us in the supra-sensitive worlds.

By this time, the Gnostic Esotericist feels a very special somnolence, and he then adopts the ‘lion posture’.

Lying on one’s right side, with the head pointing north, one moves the legs slowly so that the knees are bent.

In this posture, the left leg rests on top of the right one. Then one places the right cheek on the right palm, and lets the left arm rest on the left leg.”

[11th Tip: Adopt a specific posture while the physical body falls asleep, etc.]

-Paraphrased from Ch 17 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac


The Dream Yoga Discipline and What to do upon Waking (Retrospective)

“When one wakes up from normal sleep, as we have mentioned one should not move, because any movement shakes up our ‘values’, and then the memory of our astral experiences is lost.

[12th Tip: Upon waking, do not move, but retrospect or remember the dream(s)]

A retrospective exercise is needed in those moments when we want to remember our dreams.

The Gnostic has to take very careful note of the details of the dream or dreams in the notebook or pad, which has been placed under the pillow.

[13th Tip: Take careful note of the details of the dream]

In this way, one will be able to have a detailed record of one’s inner progress in Dream Yoga.

Even if there are only vague fragments of the dream or dreams in our memory, these must be thoroughly recorded.

When nothing is left in the memory, then the retrospective exercise must be based on the first thought we had at the moment we awakened. That thought, obviously, relates to the last dream.

[14th Tip: If we cannot remember anything, then consider the first thought we had upon waking]

We must point out that the retrospective exercise should start before completely coming back to the vigil state, when we are still drowsy, to try to follow the dream sequence.

The practice of that exercise always starts with the last image that we had moments before coming back to the vigil state.

… it is not possible to go beyond this stage of the Dream Yoga discipline unless we have obtained the perfect memory of our dream experiences.”

We also get a tip for breakfast in Ch. 18 of The Perfect Matrimony for developing memory:

“You need memory to remember your internal experiences…

Prepare your breakfast with acid fruits, and ground almonds with honey from the bee.

In this way you provide the brain with the necessary atoms for the memory.”

[15th Tip: Eat a breakfast with acid fruits, ground almonds and honey for memory]

The other method to develop our memory is to work with the Pulmonary Chakras which correspond to the Vowel “A”, and with mantrams such as “RAOM-GAOM”, “CHAS”, “ANRA”, etc.

-Paraphrased from Ch 17 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac
and from Ch. 18 of The Perfect Matrimony


Remembering Dreams: Additional Information (asking for an occult operation in the Superior Worlds and working with the Beloved Maiden of our Memories)

“It is urgent to review our pad or notebook monthly in order to verify for ourselves the gradual progression of our dream memory.

Any possibility of forgetting a dream must be eliminated. We cannot continue further with practices unless we have achieved perfect memory.”

[16th Tip: Periodically review the dream journal to find any reoccurrences]

“The disciples who cannot remember their astral experiences must submit their ethereal body to a surgical operation which the Nirmanakayas perform in the first hall of Nirvana (the first sub-plane of Nirvana referred to in Theosophy).

[17th Tip: If you are not able to remember Dreams, ask for help in doing so through an operation in the Superior planes]

After this operation, the disciple can take into their astral travels the ethers which they need in order to bring back their memories.

The ethereal body is composed of four ethers:
      1. Chemical ether,
      2. ether of life,
      3. luminous ether
      4. and reflecting ether.”

“The chemical ether is related with all the processes of organic assimilation and nourishment as well as the foundation for all biochemical processes.

The ether of life serves as an agency for the forces that work with the reproductive processes of the races.

The luminous ether is related with the processes of sensory and extrasensory perceptions.

The reflecting ether is intimately related with the faculties of memory, imagination, willpower, etc.”

The first two, “The chemical ether and ether of life serve as a medium for the manifestation of the forces that work in the biochemical and physiological processes, and of all that is related to the reproduction of the human race.

Light, heat, color and sound identify themselves with the second two, the luminous and reflective ethers.

The wise Soul expresses herself in these two ethers. She is the beloved Maiden of our memories.

When seen clairvoyantly, this Maiden looks like a beautiful lady within the ethereal body.

It is necessary for the disciple to learn how to take the beloved Maiden of our memories in their astral travels, in order to bring the memory of all that they see and hear within the internal worlds.

She serves as a mediator between the senses of the physical brain and the ultra-sensible senses of the Astral body.

She is like the storage of memory (if ‘storage’ as a concept fits here).

[18th Tip: Work with the Beloved Maiden of our Memories for help remembering Dreams]

Invoke your Intimate or Inner Being while in your bed, at the time of sleep, like this:

“Father of mine, Thou who art my real being, I beseech thee with all of my heart and with all of my soul to take the beloved Maiden of my memories out from my etheric body, with the goal of not forgetting anything when returning into my physical body.”

If it is in accordance with the law and your will, Father.

Then, pronounce the mantras: “LAAAA RAAAA SSSSSSS” while becoming sleepy.

The letter ‘S’ must have a high pitched and sharp sound, similar to that which is produced by air brakes.

When the disciple finds themselves between vigil and dream, then they have to get up from their bed and leave their room and travel towards the Gnostic Church.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 18 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac
and from Ch. 11 (‘The Vital Depth’) of Endocrinology & Criminology
and Ch. 14 (‘The Second Initiation of Fire’) of The Three Mountains


Asking our Divine Mother (Tonantzin) for Help and the Initiator Element

“Upon reaching this stage of the dream yoga discipline, it is indispensable to approach the Tantric aspect…

Ancient wisdom teaches that Tonantzin, (Devi Kundalini) our Divine Cosmic individual Mother (each of us has our own), can take any form, for She is the origin of all forms.

Therefore, the Gnostic should meditate upon Her before falling asleep.

[19th Tip: Praying to Tonantzin for help]

The candidate will start their sleeping process by repeating, daily, with great faith, the following prayer: “TONANTZÍN, TETEOINAN, Oh! My Mother, come to me, come to me!”

According to Tantric science, if the Gnostic persists with this practice, sooner or later an ‘initiator element’ will come forth from the changing and formless expressions of their dreams.

As long as this initiator element has not been totally identified, it is indispensable to continue recording dreams in the dream journal.

[20th Tip (part 1): Work and Pray in order to Discover your Initiator Element]

The study and profound analysis of every recorded dream becomes indispensable in the esoteric discipline of the Tantric dream.

The sincere Gnostic who reaches this stage of Tantric discipline is, for this reason, ready for the next step, which is the Return Practice.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 18 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac
and from Ch. 5 of Christ Consciousness


The Return Practice

“When the beginner has successfully performed all Gnostic exercises related to the Tantric Dream, they are ostensibly ready for the ‘Return Practice’.

Then the Initiator Element comes forth as if by magic from within the changing and formless expressions of dreams.

Some people, who are highly psychic, refined or susceptible to impressions, have always possessed in themselves the Initiator Element.

These people are characterized by the continuous repetition of the same dream. These psychics periodically re-live various scenes, or constantly see in their dream experiences a creature or a symbol….

Every time the candidate wakes up from ordinary sleep, and remembers the Initiator Element, (be it a symbol, a sound, a color, a person, etc.) they keep their eyes closed, and goes on with the visualization of that familiar image. They will then try to go back to sleep in order to continue the same dream.

In other words, the aspirant tries to be conscious of their own dream; that is why they intentionally go along on with it, but … in full lucidity and self-control.

[20th Tip (part 2): Imagine or Visualize the Initiator Element and then Fall Sleep]

Hence, one becomes a spectator and an actor of a dream with the advantage of being able to abandon the scene at will in order to move freely in the Astral World.

Then the aspirant, free of the limitations of the flesh, outside the physical body, will have discarded their old familiar environment and will have penetrated into a universe ruled by different laws.

The discipline of the dream state of Tantric Buddhists will methodically lead us to the awakening of our Consciousness.

Gnostics can awaken to the real state of Illumination only through the comprehension and elimination of dreams.

Sacred scriptures from Hindustan solemnly assert that the whole world is Brahma’s dream.

Starting with this Hindu postulate, we can affirm that: “When Brahma awakens, the dream ends.”

As long as the aspirant does not achieve the radical dissolution, not only of dreams, but of their psychological generators as well, absolute awakening is impossible.

The definite awakening of the consciousness is possible only by means of a radical transformation.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 19 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac


Using the Initiator Element and the Return Practice

“When the Gnostic has kept a record of their dreams, they unquestionably discover a dream that recurs; This alone justifies writing all dreams in the journal.

That dream experience which is always recurring is the Initiator Element that, wisely used, leads us to the awakening of the Consciousness.

Every time the mystic lies on their bed, goes to sleep and meditates at will on the Initiator Element, the result is immediate.

[21st Tip (part 1): Use the Return Practice with the Initiator Element to enter the Astral World]

Usually, the anchorite re-lives such dreams consciously, and is able to leave the scene at will, in order to travel in the supra-sensible worlds.

Any dream can be used for such purposes when we actually know the technique.

Whosoever awakens from a dream can continue with it intentionally, if desiring to do so.

In this case, they must go back to sleep and re-live that dream experience with the imagination.

We must not imagine that we are imagining. Fundamentally, we should re-live the dream in its full and crude reality.

[21st Tip (part 2): Using the Return Practice to enter the Astral World]

Repeating the dream intentionally is the first step towards the awakening of the Consciousness.

The voluntary separation from the dream, in plain action, is the second step.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 20 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac


Meditation before Bed and Beseeching our Divine Mother

“Some aspirants take the first step, but they lack the strength to take the second one.

Such people can and should help themselves by means of the technique of meditation.

By making serious decisions, those devotees will practice meditation before going to sleep.

[22nd Tip: Practice Meditation before going to sleep]
Internal meditation produces changes in our internal bodies. Through it, the awakening of the consciousness arrives.

All human beings live within the supra-sensible worlds with the consciousness asleep. Meditation provokes the solemn awakening of the consciousness.

This awakening is like lightning in the night. This awakening of the consciousness occurs during the normal sleep of our physical body. We move ourselves in our internal vehicles when this body sleeps.

The soul travels throughout the superior worlds when the body sleeps. We stop dreaming when the consciousness awakes.

Then we live in the internal worlds in a state of intensified awareness. This is what is called “continuous consciousness”.

Whosoever has awakened the consciousness lives awake in the Superior Worlds.

The motive of concentration and reflection in the practitioner’s inner and deep meditation will be, in this case, their inner situation….

In this practice, the mystic in sorrow, feeling sincere emotion, will invoke their Divine Mother Tonantzin (Devi Kundalini).

Shedding tears of pain, the ascetic Gnostic will lament their state of unconsciousness, and will implore for help, beseeching their Divine Mother for strength in order to detach themselves at will from any dream.

-Paraphrased from Ch 20 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac
and Ch 5 of The Message of Aquarius


The Final Dream: Death and the Superior Worlds

“…the Tantric Dream discipline is in fact an esoteric preparation for that final dream that we call death.

Having “died” many times at night, the anchorite Gnostic who has consciously apprehended the Four Blessings, which present themselves in the dreaming experience, passes to the post mortem state when they die, with the same ease that they willingly get into the World of Dreams.

Outside their physical body, the Gnostic can consciously verify by themselves, the fate reserved for the souls beyond death.

If, every night, by means of the Tantric Dream discipline, the esotericist can consciously “die” and penetrate into the World of the Dead, then they will also be able to “study the ritual of Life and Death while the officiant arrives….”

After he visited the infernos, where he saw in horror the fate of the lost souls, Hermes became acquainted with unknown facts….

“Watch on that side” (Osiris tells Hermes).

“Do you see that hive of souls who try to climb up to the Lunar region?

Some are rushed down to the ground, just like flocks of birds under the blows of a storm.

The other ones, with the strokes of their wings, reach the superior sphere, which pulls them into its rotation.

Once they reach there, they recover the sight of divine things.

-Paraphrased from Ch 20 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac


Summary and Conclusion

The purpose of “Dream Yoga” is two-fold:
1. To help us receive information from the Superior worlds
2. To help us awaken our Consciousness in order to participate in the Superior worlds.

Understanding the 4 states of Consciousness allows us to see that we need to move from the first 2 states into the 3rd before reaching the 4th.

Through the analysis of our dreams, we can discover things about ourselves that are hindering our spiritual progress (by seeing which Center/Brain our dreams correspond to, we can see where we are most often identified and then work on it)

There were 22 tips that Samael Aun Weor gave, which are on the handout.

It is important to awaken our consciousness, not only for investigating in the Astral, but also so that when we die, we do not continue dreaming…



Next class we are going to go into more detail about
      • Astral Project itself (versus waking up in dreams),
      • Initiations in the Astral world
      • Protecting ourselves before we go to bed
      • and other related subjects.



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