In the previous class we talked about lots of tips that will help us to have Astral Experiences that we can remember, and now we want to talk more about what happens once we are able remember them.

Some of the tips that I just want to highlight again are:
      • clean bedroom, sheets and pajamas
      • use incense to cleanse the atmosphere
      • praying to our Divine Mother to ask for help
      • praying to Morpheus
      • when you wake up, don’t move and begin doing the retrospective exercise to your remember dreams
      • and using the Mantram “Raom-Gaom” to aide the memory.

But even if we cannot remember every single detail of every dream, we can still extract useful information for our Esoteric Work.


The Ray of Creation and the Three Primary Forces

We also recommended decorating the bedroom with the 3 Primary colors:

“The three primary colors constantly correspond to the three primary forces of nature (the holy TRIAMANZIKAMNO). Holy affirming, holy denying and holy reconciling.

Let us remember that the three original forces of this Great Creation always crystallize in the positive, negative and neutral (or reconciling) forms.

The “causa causorum” of the Holy TRIAMANZIKAMNO is found hidden in the active element OKIDANOK; the active element OKIDANOK (in and of itself) is only the emanation of the sacred solar absolute.

Obviously, if we reject the three primary colors then we become, by simple logical deduction, foolish.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 17 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac


Different Types of Dreams and the Different Psychic Centers

Now that we can remember our dreams, we can begin to analyze them and get the information which is coming to us from the superior worlds.

“Dreams have a diverse and specific quality, for they are closely related to each of the psychic centers of the human body.

Most dreams are linked to the motor-instinctive center. That is, they are the echoes of everything we see during the day: simple sensations and movements, a mere astral repetition of our daily life.

Some experiences of an emotional type such as fear — which harms humanity so much — usually fit in those chaotic dreams of the motor-instinctive centers as well.

Thus, there are then: emotional, sexual, intellectual, motor and instinctive dreams

The more important dreams, the inner experiences of the Being, are associated with the two centers: the Superior Emotional and the Superior Intellectual.

Dreams which are related with the two superior centers are certainly interesting. Their main feature is what we could call a dramatic array.

Now then, if we think of the Ray of Creation, and the Superior and Inferior centers, and the influences descending throughout the cited cosmic ray, then we must admit that some luminous vibrations appear. These intend: to heal us, to inform us about the state in which we are, and more.

It becomes useful to receive messages, and to be in contact with the Aztec, Mayan, Toltec, Egyptian, and Greek adepts. It is marvelous, as well, to have intimate dialogue with the highest, diverse parts of our Being.

The superior centers are fully developed in us, and they send us messages, which we must learn to consciously grasp.

Those select people who have had a moment of self-remembrance (in which they saw a common thing or person in a totally different way) will not be surprised if we tell them that such moments have the same quality as one of those rare and strange dreams related to the two Superior centers.

The meaning of such transcendental dreams matches the same level of the realization within oneself, of the Ray of Creation, and, in particular, the lateral octave of the sun.

The beginning of our realization of the deep significance of this specific type of dream, is the signal that some forces struggle to awaken, heal or cure us.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 16 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac


Gnostic Dream Analysis and Interpretation

“Of particular interest are those dreams which seem to come from past centuries, or that unfold in environments totally unrelated to the vigil existence of the dreamer.

One must be in a ‘watchful perceptive’ state or a state of ‘alert novelty’, and pay attention to the study of details which include specific matters, conversations, meetings, temples, or unusual activities which relate to other people, etc.

Once the total development of the dream memory is achieved, and any possibility of lack of memory is eliminated, then the process of symbolism will open the way to revelation.

We must seek the basic science of the interpretation of dreams in the Law of Philosophical Analogies, the Law of the Opposite Analogies and the Law of Correspondence and of Numerology.

The astral images reflected in the magical mirror of the imagination can never be translated literally, for these are only the symbolic representation of archetypal ideas and they must be utilized in the same way as a mathematician uses algebraic symbols.

Furthermore, we can say that such ideas come down from the world of the pure Spirit.

Obviously, the archetypal ideas descending from the Being become marvelous, for they inform us either about the psychological status of any center of the human machine, about esoteric or intimate matters, or about possible successes or dangers, etc., and these are always wrapped in the marvelous cover of symbolism.

It is possible to unveil any of the astral symbols, scenes, or figures (with the goal of taking out their essential ideas) only by means of the ‘correlative and logical meditation of the Being’.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 18 of The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac


Dreams and Ordeals or Internal Tests

Something you may start to notice once you have been analyzing your dreams is that periodically you will have Internal Experiences where you have things happen that could be categorized as a test related with an ego.

Now, as we have said, we need to study Gnostic Psychology in order to really be able to analyze these things, but right now: let’s say that we can recognize the Experience as a test related with an ego.

In relation to this, I want to read to you a passage from Samael Aun Weor that helps explain this:

“It is necessary to know that Initiates are placed, in the internal worlds, in other times, places, situations, and various sub-human or infra-human states of consciousness, where they don’t even remember their studies, the path, etc.”

–Paraphrase from Ch.6 of The Buddha’s Necklace
also called Light from Darkness
in English

So we can see here that part of being on the path is that we will have Dreams or Astral Experiences where we don’t remember the Gnostic Esoteric Work at all.

And we could say that the purpose of these Experiences is to see where we are truly are Psychologically.


The Ordeals of the Four Elements in the Internal Worlds

In the Ancient Mysteries class, we talked about the ordeals of the 4 Elements.

“The Neophytes are submitted to the 4 Initiatic Ordeals which are verified in the Internal Worlds.

Man is still not king of Nature, but he is called to be so after the order of Melchizedek.

The disciple must be tested in the 4 Elements, in order to examine him he is submitted to ordeals in the 49 Regions of Thought.

These ordeals are for all men and women.”

–Paraphrase from Ch.26 of Tarot & Kabbalah

When we receive these ordeals or tests or trials in the Internal Worlds, they have the following Psychological Associations:

      Fire: Proof of serenity & sweetness (the angry & violent fail)
      Air: Test of fear & attachment, we must be willing to lose what we most love the most
      Water: Proof of adaptability, we must be able to adapt to the various social conditions of life.
      Earth: Test of Adversities, we must learn to smile before all adversities and convert them into the best opportunities.

For more information about these, see Ch. 19 of The Perfect Matrimony.

In addition to these four elements, there are more tests related to the Minor Mysteries.


The Minor Mysteries and our Occult Memory

“The disciple can ascend the nine arcades, passing through all the nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries without having worked in the Arcanum A.Z.F. (Sexual Magic).”

So these tests can be passed by ALL PERSONS, whether married or single, etc. Anyone who is serious about the path can take them in order to progress in their internal work, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to pass…

“The first trial that the candidate has to face is the trial of the Guardian of the Threshold.

This is the reflection of the “I”, the intimate depths of the “I”. Many are they who fail this terrible trial.

In the internal worlds the candidate has to invoke the Guardian of the Threshold. A terrifying electrical hurricane precedes the terrible apparition.

The larva of the Threshold is armed with a terrible hypnotic power. In fact this monster has all the horrible ugliness of our own sins. It is the living mirror of our own evils.

The struggle is terrible; face to face, hand to hand combat.

If the Guardian wins, the candidate be comes enslaved by the horrible monster. If the candidate is victorious, then the Monster of the Threshold flees terrified. Then a metallic sound shakes the Universe and the candidate is received in the Chamber of the Children.

This reminds us of that phrase of the Hierophant Jesus the Christ: “except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

In the Chamber of the Children, the candidate is welcomed by the Holy Masters. The happiness is immense because a human being has entered the Path of Initiation. The entire College of Initiates (children) congratulates the candidate.

The candidate has defeated the first Guardian. This trial takes place in the astral world.”

There are additional tests for the Guardian of the Threshold which are related with the Mental and Causal Worlds.

“Each of the nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries are received in the intimate consciousness.

If the student has a good memory, they can bring the memory of those initiations back into the physical brain.

When the candidates memory is not good, the poor neophyte is unaware in the physical world of all that they learn and receive in the superior worlds.

Those who wish to be aware in the physical world of all that happens to them during initiation have to develop the memory.

It is urgent that the candidate develop the memory, learn to leave consciously in the astral body, and awaken the consciousness.”

-Paraphrased from Ch 19 of The Perfect Matrimony

This practice brings us to another section which we would like to go over: Conscious Astral Projection.


Methods for Conscious Astral Unfolding or Projection

[1] One technique, which is sort of like the ‘Return Practice’ we mentioned in the previous class, is to fall asleep while concentrating on a particular place:

“There is a key for getting out in Astral which is quick:

“upon awakening from normal sleep, one closes the eyes without moving, and with the eyes closed one vividly imagines any place (but do not imagine that you are imagining).

This must be translated into facts, feel completely sure of that you are in the imagined place, unite the Willpower with the Imagination and it is logical that if this union is achieved then the result is triumph.

Put the Imagination into play, take a walk in the place that you are imagining with Faith.”

If one does this practice and achieves the interplay of the Willpower and the Imagination (which is feminine), without moving in bed, maintaining the sleepy state and imagining the place, putting the Willpower into play, and with the firm decision to get up and walk with, one will then be able to go wherever one wishes.”

–Paraphrase from Ch.2 of Tarot & Kabbalah

[2] Another technique is the standard method of taking advantage of the transition between the 2nd and 1st states of Consciousness. This is the primary technique, that all others build upon.

“The clue to come out in the Astral Body is the following:

The disciple should lull themselves to sleep in his bed.

When the disciple finds themselves in that state of transition, which exists between vigil and sleep, they should rise from their bed exactly the way a sleepwalker does.

Before leaving the room, the disciple will jump with the intention of floating in the atmosphere.

If the disciple does not float, then they get into bed again and repeat the experiment.

However, if upon jumping, the disciple floats in the air, then they should leave the room and fly towards the GNOSTIC CHURCH. This is not a mental exercise.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.3 of Manual of Practical Magic by Samael Aun Weor,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work

[3] Furthur, this practice can be augmented with a Mantram:

“The disciple will be able to lull themselves to sleep by vocalizing the Mantram FA-RA-ON like this:


Concentrate your whole mind on the Pyramids of Egypt.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.3 of Manual of Practical Magic,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work

[4] Another Mantram to get out in Astral is: “RUS-TI.

The disciple will vocalize this Mantram mentally and when he is falling asleep he should rise from his bed and leave his room en route to the GNOSTIC CHURCH.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.3 of Manual of Practical Magic,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work

[5] “The Mantram TAI RE RE RE, also serves to come out in the Astral Body. However, do not roll the ‘R’.

The disciple lulls themselves to sleep singing this Mantram with the mind (that is, mentally).

When the disciple is already falling asleep, they will rise from their bed and will come out of their room en route to the GNOSTIC CHURCH.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.3 of Manual of Practical Magic,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work

[6] Another very simple clue to come out in the Astral Body is the following:

“The disciple should lull himself to sleep mentally pronouncing the syllable ‘LA‘ and the syllable ‘RA‘.

When the disciple then feels a sweet and peaceful whistling within their brain (something similar to the brakes of compressed air or the singing of bugs, something like the sound of little flutes or flutes), then the disciple should get up from their bed and head towards the GNOSTIC CHURCH.”

“Many disciples succeed immediately others take months and years to learn how to get out in the Astral Body.

The Astral Body is connected with the Liver. By awakening this Chakra of the Liver, everyone can enter and leave the physical body at will.

The important thing is for disciples to abandon laziness. Those who have not learned how to get out in the Astral Body, it is because they are very lazy. The atoms of laziness are a serious obstacle for the progress towards the superior worlds.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.3 of Manual of Practical Magic,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work

The posture we must adopt for falling asleep is to lay on the back with the heels together.

This may be uncomfortable at first, but we should persist.

[7] “The power to go out in the Astral Body is acquired by vocalizing for one hour daily, the sacred Mantram: ‘EGIPTO‘.

The vowel ‘E’ makes the Thyroid gland vibrate and confers upon man the power of Occult Hearing.

The letter ‘G’ [pronounced like an ‘H’ in English] awakens the Chakra of the Liver and when this Chakra has reached its full development, then a man may then enter and leave the Body whenever he wishes.

The Vowel ‘I’ combined with the letter ‘P’, develops Clairvoyance in man and the power which enables man to project the Astral Body through the window of Brahma, which is the Pineal Gland.

The letter ‘T’ strikes upon the vowel ‘O’, which is intimately related with the Chakra of the Heart, and thus man is able to acquire the power to detach himself from this plexus and Leave in the Astral Body.

The correct pronunciation of the mantram is:


Those who have not yet been able to project the Astral Body with the keys we have given, are unable to do so because they do not have that power and so, they must firstly acquire it by vocalizing the Mantram ‘EGIPTO’ for one hour daily.

This Mantram totally develops the chakras related with the projection of the Astral Body, and the disciple thus acquires the power of Astral Unfolding, the disciple will be able to enter and leave the Physical Body at will.

The disciples who do not have the power to project the Astral Body must first acquire it by vocalizing the Mantram ‘Egipto’ for an hour daily, as we have already said.”

-From Ch.63 of Tarot and Kabalah


Asking for Help getting out in Astral

Another thing we can do is to ask for help from our Divine Mother or from Angels, etc.

“Your Divine Mother can confer upon you the Occult powers you long for.

Pray to your Divine Mother; practice your esoteric exercises; you can ask your adorable Mother for Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Clairaudience, the faculties for astral projection, etc.

You can be sure that your Divine Mother will listen to your petitions.

You must meditate profoundly everyday upon your Divine Mother, praying, supplicating, etc.”

-From Ch.2 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah

We can also ask our Guardian Angel for help:

“Every disciple is assisted by a Guru, by the Guardian Angel.

Before trying the exercise to leave in the Astral, invoke the help of the Master or Guardian Angel.

First, pray to the Internal God so that He may call the Guru in Sacred Language.

Undoubtedly, that Master finds it feasible to take the disciple out, consciously, in the Astral Body.”

-From Ch.8 of Logos Mantram Magic

The Angel that governs the Astral Light is ANAEL, the Angel of Love. So we can call upon him for help.

The Angel that governs the Moon is GABRIEL and the Moon is the planet that corresponds to Hod (on the Tree of Life), the Astral World. So we can also ask Gabriel for help.

“Very ancient scriptures of Tibetan Tantrism speak about a universal secret order from the Astral World, which can initiate any aspirant during the normal, common and current dream state, while out of the physical body.

It is emphatically stated that the powerful channels of force/strength, which emanate from the transcendental consciousness of the Adepts of the order of the ‘EPOPTAE’, can be perceived in any part of the world. The aspirant meets the Adepts of such an order during the sleep of his physical body.

You must concentrate daily on the MASTER TAHUIL, Adept of the ORDER OF EPOPTAE and you will be assisted. Go to sleep with your head towards the North. Relax your body, invoke TAHUIL and call upon the Adepts of the ORDER OF EPOPTAE with the following prayer:

“OM, I call, I invoke the Master TAHUIL and the Adepts of the ORDER OF EPOPTAE, so that they can take me out from my physical body and awake me in the ASTRAL.”

The ADEPTS from the Order of EPOPTAE will educate you in the Astral World during the normal dream state.

When you awake from the dream state, then practice a retrospective exercise in order to remember your astral experiences.”

-Paraphrased from ‘The Secret Order of Epoptae’ in Occult Medicine and Practical Magic


Another Tip for Getting out in Astral

In the book Occult Medicine and Practical Magic there are a lot of secrets. We should study that book carefully.

One of the things it gives, related to Astral Projection, is how to work with the “Angel Trumpet” or “Datura” plant. If you are interested in this: Look it up. (Note: you do not ingest the plant.)

Another technique, which is given in Samael Aun Weor’s Zodiacal Course , is to use egg shells:

“The egg is truly a marvelous substance.

Esoteric experiments, highly scientific, in relation to the unfolding of the human personality, prove that the shell of the egg has certain occult powers that facilitates astral projection.

The key consists in reducing an eggshell to powder. The disciple will apply these powders over the chest and armpits; he will then lie down on his bed, and cover himself properly with his blankets. The student will then lull themselves to sleep, pronouncing the mantra FARAON, like this: Faaaaaaaaa Raaaaaaaaaa Onnnnnnnnnn

This can be pronounced mentally, and when the student feels that they have become numb, then they should rise from their bed and head towards the Gnostic Church.”

-Paraphrased from Ch.9 on ‘Capricorn’ in Zodiacal Course


Other Factors to Consider for Astral Projection

“The ideal time for GETTING OUT IN ASTRAL is at Dawn, the Hour of Venus, but if one is not at a very pure level, the Luciferic Currents pull.

Remember Venus-Lucifer which has two aspects, just as there is the Sacred Fire which rises (Kundalini), and there is the fire which descends (Kundartiguador)…”

–Paraphrase from Ch.39 of Tarot & Kabbalah

“The Astral is governed by the Moon; it is due to this that Astral Projection is made easier with the Waxing Moon, and a little more difficult with the Waning Moon.”

–Paraphrase from Ch.63 of Tarot & Kabbalah


What to do once we are out in Astral

Once we are outside the physical body in the Astral Body, we can take advantage to do a number of things:

      • Visit friends or relatives and loved-ones
      • Investigate something or a phenomenon (including going to our place of work or any other place where we spend a lot of time in order to see what is happening there in Astral)
      • Investigate another country or far-off place
      • Invoke an Angel or Master to ask for guidance
      • Invoke any aspect of our Inner Being
      • Go to a Gnostic School or Temple in order to receive instruction.

“In the Astral Body we have to learn to transport ourselves to the temple of the planetary gods.

Being outside the body the Magician walks in circles from right to left, placing the imagination and willpower on the Planetary Temple he desires to visit.

Then the Magician will follow a straight line walking in the direction of the Temple.

-Paraphrase from Ch.17 of Manual of Practical Magic,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work



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