Huiracocha, the Light and Initiation

The Spiritual Light, Initiation and the Angelic Hierarchies

If someone asks: “Do you see the Light?”, then we respond affirmatively, but what is most certain is that WE DO NOT SEE THE LIGHT. No one has seen the Light, except the Initiates, and for this reason ‘seeing the Light’ plays an important role within Masonry. What the whole world sees is not the Light, but rather the fire that produces it… And so the questions remain: “What is the Light?” and “Where did it come from?”

The first idea would be to assume that a Central Sun is charging at us, charging towards our system, with that Living Fire that is peculiar to it. If we were to affirm this, then (through this theory) there would be many adherents, since it is very rational and soundly logical and has often been sustained by Theosophists. But… it is an error, a complete error. The Light does not come from any Sun… just as our thoughts do not come from the material brain. The brain is an instrument of the mind, just as the Sun is an instrument of the Light.

Again: The Light does not come from any Sun. The truth is quite different, and it is far from any hypothesis or theory. Enclosed within it is one of the Great Initiatic Secrets, rarely published, because it is very difficult to comprehend and accept if it is not for someone who has received true Initiation. Initiation consists precisely of this secret: in receiving the Light, and only upon receiving it, is it comprehended.

The Light, therefore, does not come from any Planet, nor does it spring from any celestial body. It is, simply, the emanation of the zodiacal signs, but we are not saying that it is the light of the constellations, instead it is the environment where certain Beings live. These Beings are called ‘Elementaries’, and they populate the whole of space. They are the Superior Angels and they are the ones that must be communicated with, and the ones that communicate with us, in order to verify our Initiation. These Beings populate the vast interplanetary space and the Light flows from them, of which humans only see its effects.

So why should Man aspire to see the Light? Because Man is a potential Angel, and (despite having a temporarily carnal cover) is the beginning of the Hierarchy of Angels. Below him are the Elementals, that is to say: the Gnomes of the Earth, the Sylphs of the Air, the Undines of the Water, and the Salamanders of Fire, but these four spiritual legions (which are lower than Man) have their corresponding doubles in the superior planes (among the Angelic Hierarchies) just like the Salamanders (who act in the fire) have their correspondences in the Angels of the Light (who are the Light Itself).

These resplendent bodies and the Light that dwells within us, are spoken of in the Gospel of Luke Ch. 11, note what verse 36 says “If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light”. Jesus himself said: “I am the Light of the World”, because he too belongs to those Luminous Entities who do not incarnate, although (as an exception) he did incarnate in order to save Humanity.

-Paraphrase from the writings of Huiracocha and Samael Aun Weor


The Science of the Future, the Astral Light and Magical Exercises

We hope that the science of the future will learn what the Light is. It can not be measured nor weighed, but it is lived in the interior of one’s Divine Being. The Prophets, Kabbalists, Mystics, and Seers from all time, have referred to this Magical Light and have affirmed that it is something inexplicable through human language, but they also say that what they are dealing with is a sublime thing that penetrates their whole Being… This Light radiates its powerful phosphorescence and is the reason why we see some Initiate Saints and Fathers surrounded by a magnificent aura of white, powerful and divine Light. The fact is that there exists the Astral Light of the Magi.

Now this Light becomes Heat and is therefore in close and constant relation to the heat of our body. The Seminal Energy or ‘Ens Semenis ’ is made from this Mysterious Light. Know that the evil mind makes it so that this Light can not manifest itself in all its power. For its full manifestation a person who wants to operate in the Astral Light has to be “Excited and Pure” as Wagner has said in his opera Parsifal.

Now let’s remember what Ludwig Staudenmaier said in his 1912 work Magic as Experimental Science: “We have certain nervous centers that we must excite in the experiments. With them we can awaken and exteriorize our magical forces.”

We must avail ourselves of the means at our disposal in order to study and manage the Light. For this study there has been, and will always be, Sexual Magic. Through profound meditative prayer, with the mind pure and in an elevated and holy disposition, by mentally directing the currents of the Ens Semenis to the Heart: this will give off Interior Light. But for those who are not capable of the purity and holiness required: it is better not to venture any further.

You can be sure that someone is an Initiate (whether a Mason, a Rose-Cross adept, or whomever) not simply due to the diplomas that they may own (because sometimes these are not worth the cost of the paper they are printed on), but because they have comprehended the great secrets of the Mysteries. Years and years of experimenting in the laboratory with the Masonic subjects has convinced Huiracocha that the Ancient Mysteries are truly in possession of a real, grandiose, and superior art with which we can teach official science.

We have been guided by our instincts too much, forgetting that we have intuition as a prominent divine factor that can guide us, but intuition does not work for us if we do not do magical exercises. We should study the movements before we do the exercises and this has always been the privilege of the Initiatic Societies. These exercises and everything that is done in the different Masonic degrees, are not only psycho-technical practices, but they are also practices that can take us to a superior state of consciousness from the commonly known state of consciousness…

-Paraphrase from the writings of Huiracocha and Samael Aun Weor


Esoteric Understanding of the Light and the Runic Alphabet

According to Huiracocha: “Human language is of a Divine origin and all its genesis proceeds from the Light”. That is to say, in its beginnings it was a language of light. Let us remember that the Christ said: “I am the Light of the World”, and Saint John repeated that the Logos (the Verb, the Word) and the Divine Light were two aspects, two exponents of the same thing and were, consequently, identical.

If God (the Divine Force, the Universal Law, the Great All, Life in itself, the Great energetic Potentiality, everything) is the same and equal (in essence and in substance) with the Word of Light or the Logos, then we are given a synthesis that encompasses and comprehends everything, and that can reach our imagination in a comprehensible way.

Now, if the primordial spoken Language was Light, then it will be so again when we attain Initiation, when we consciously return to God. Therefore, the Written Word must be of the same species and identical in its conditions: it must be Light and should give us the divine substance that we need (as environment & vehicle) in our ascending march towards God on the Initiatory Path.

Moreover, each letter, as a genetic principle, was (in itself) an exponent of Light, but we are not talking about the Letters that came after this principle or the imitations used by men in their different dialects (such as the Gothic, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew or Chinese letters, not even the symbolic language used by the Mayans), but we are referring to those that correspond to an Alphabet much older than all others and from which all other dialects or Alphabets surged forth.

This primitive, unique “genesis-izing” language and father of all human Languages, is the Runes. These Runes are, therefore, Light and we can make them visible through Runic Magic, because although we know Mantrams (mostly in Sanscrit and Hebrew), it has been necessary to return (to take the way back) in order to find the source from whence they came, in order to be able to grasp the most holy, the most effective, in its primordial sense.

-Paraphrase from Lessons 1 & 2 in Gnostic Rosicrucian Runology



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