Let’s look at ourselves and discover the particular characteristic psychological trait that defines our personality and our reactions to the external events: our “Chief Feature”.

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Our Particular Psychology, Self-Observation and Change

“The state in which we find ourselves is deep Darkness. There will come a day when the Light will have triumphed inside ourselves, and then we will be ENLIGHTENED. Darkness is Unconsciousness, Light is Awakened Consciousness. When the Light triumphs over Darkness, it shines in infinite space. Then we will become, true Enlightened Masters true, true Resplendent Masters…

But right now, we are miserable programmed robots… This is why we must understand these things; we must begin to OBSERVE OURSELVES PSYCHOLOGICALLY. Above all, we must admit that we have a Particular Psychology. People easily accept that they have a physical body that you can touch, but the majority do not accept the fact that they have a Particular Psychology, because they can not see it.

The Sensual Mind can not see the Intimate Psychology.

[To understand the 3 Minds (‘Sensual Mind’ is one of them), see Ch. 12 of The Great Rebellion]

But when someone really accepts that they have a Psychology, they can begin to observe themselves. They begin to observe, and this gives them hope, and in fact [they] become different from others.

Someone who is observing themselves, unquestionably, can change if they want to. But until you start to see yourself, you continue with the consciousness asleep, in deep Darkness, and that’s unfortunate…

Practical life is wonderful: We can observe our attitudes, what are they?

There is an intimate relationship between ATTITUDES AND EVENTS. An event, however serious, would be wonderful if we assume a good attitude. A circumstance, however great it is, could turn negative and detrimental, if we assume a bad attitude. The attitude that we assume at each instant is definitive.”

It defines how we are going to handle the situation.

“How we conduct ourselves, for example, with the employee of a store, of a hardware store, of a clothing store? In what way? Maybe we get upset because they did not bring the exact merchandise we ask for; or because they are dull; or because they do not understand what we are asking for and, then, we look at them angrily, right? And we scold them. We would like to change them, when in fact it is us who must change, we are the vain ones. Possibly we are conceited; that is why we look at the shopkeeper or employee of a store in this way.


on page 117-120 of the El Quinto Evangelio by Samael Aun Weor
available in Gnostic Christification

Why is Conceit the worst enemy of the Work upon ourselves? Because it would be impossible to find ourselves ‘wrong’ if we could never be wrong… We need to find ourselves ‘wrong’ if we want to discover the ego in us. What is wrong is the ego, then we have something to meditate on, something to work with, but if we are conceited, then this process never occurs…

Egoic Transactions

“The difficulty of profound, introspective analysis lies in “counter-transference”. This difficulty is eliminated through structural and transactional analysis. It is important to segregate and to dissolve certain undesirable psychic aggregates which are fixed in our mind in a traumatic manner. Transactional and structural analysis are intelligently combined in the matter of the exploration of the ego. Any psychic aggregate should be previously segregated before its final dissolution.”

– Paraphrase from Ch. 1.30 (Transactions) of Revolution of the Dialectic

The Chief Feature

“Awakening is only possible by destroying the “I”, the ego. We have to recognize with complete clarity that that each person has their Particular Characteristic Psychological Trait (PCPT). Some will have lust as their characteristic trait, others will have hatred, for others it will be covetousness, etc. The trait is the sum of several particular characteristic psychological elements.

For each PCPT, a definite event, a precise circumstance, always exists. Is a man lustful? There will always be circumstances of lust in his life accompanied with specific problems. These circumstances are always repeated. We need to know our PCPT if we want to move on to a superior level of the Being and eliminate from ourselves the undesirable elements which constitute the psychological trait.

We need to become true solar human beings in the most complete sense of the word. The level of the worthy and modest woman is one level and the unworthy and immodest woman is another level. There are different levels of the Being.

Have we noticed our own level of Being, the level of the Being where we are? Are we conscious that we are hypnotized and asleep? All human beings are extremely mechanical, they are unconscious beings working with their consciousness asleep without knowing where they come from, or where they are going; they are profoundly hypnotized.

The hypnosis, which is collective and flows in all of nature, is derived from the abominable Kundartiguador organ. This race is hypnotized, unconscious, submerged in the most profound sleep. The intellectual animal becomes identified not only with external things, but he also goes around identified with himself,
• with his lustful thoughts,
• with his drunken sprees,
• with his anger,
• with his covetousness,
• with his self-importance,
• with his vanity,
• with mystical pride,
• with self- merit, etc.

Have we perhaps reflected that we have not only become identified with the exterior but also with that which is vanity and pride? For example: Did we triumph today? Did we triumph over the day or did the day triumph over us? Are we certain that we did not become identified with a morbid, covetous, proud thought, with an insult or a preoccupation or debt, etc.?

Are we sure that we triumphed over the day or did the day triumph over us? What did we do today? Have we noticed the level of the Being in which we are? Did we move on to a superior level of the Being or did we remain where we were?

Can we perhaps believe that it is possible to move on to a superior level of the Being if we do not eliminate specific psychological defects? Are we perhaps content with the level of the Being in which we presently find ourselves? If we are going to remain our entire life in one level of the Being, then, what are we doing?

In each level of the Being there are specific bitternesses, specific sufferings, that is obvious. Everyone complains that they suffer, that they has problems, of the state they are in and of their struggles. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, does the intellectual animal concern himself with moving on to a superior level of the Being?

Obviously, as long as we are in the level of the Being in which we are, all the adverse circumstances that we already know and all the bitterness in which we, are will have to be repeated again. Over and over again, identical difficulties will surge.

Do we want to change? Do we want to stop having the problems which afflict us, the economic, political, social, spiritual, family, lustful problems, etc.? Do we want to avoid difficulties? We have no other solution but to move on to a superior level of the Being.

Each time that we take a step towards a superior level of the Being, we become independent of the egos that trapped us in the lower level of Being. This is why we need to know our PCPT if we want to move on to a superior level of the Being and eliminate from ourselves the undesirable elements which constitute that PCPT, otherwise, how will we move on to a superior level of the Being? The intellectual animal wants to stop suffering but he does nothing to change; he does not struggle to move on to a superior level of the Being, therefore, how can he change?

Many pseudo-esoterists, sincere people and of good heart, are bottled up in the dogma of Evolution, they wait for time to perfect them… Why? Because such persons do nothing to change the levels of the Being, they always remain on the same rung. Therefore, we need to go beyond Evolution and enter the revolutionary path, the path of the Revolution of the Consciousness.

Evolution and involution are two laws which are simultaneously processed in all of creation, they constitute the mechanical axis of nature but they will never lead us to liberation. The laws of Evolution and involution are purely material and have nothing to do with the inner Self-Realization of the Being. We need to be revolutionary, we need to enter the path of the Revolution of the Consciousness.

How could we move on to a superior level of the Being if we were not revolutionary? Each level of the Being has a specific number of activities that belong to it. When one moves to a higher level of the Being, one has to take a leap and abandon all the activities one had in the inferior level of the Being. If one moves to a superior level of the Being, one has to leave behind many things which are presently important to us, which belong to the level in which we are.

The transition to another level of the Being includes, therefore, a leap and that leap is rebellious, it is never of an evolving type, it is always revolutionary, dialectic. To be full of oneself, to have false images of oneself, fantasies of oneself, is to be in inferior levels of the Being. One is identified with oneself thinking that one is going to have a lot of money, a beautiful, latest model car or that one’s fiancée loves him, that one is a great man or that one is a sage. There are many forms of becoming identified with oneself.

One has to begin by not becoming identified with oneself, and then, not becoming identified with things outside. When one, for example, does not become identified with an offender, one forgives him, loves him, the offender cannot hurt him; and if someone hurts one’s self-esteem, but one does not become identified with self-esteem, it is therefore clear that one cannot feel any pain since it does not hurt one.

If one does not become identified with vanity, one does not care about walking on the street even if with mended trousers. Why? Because one is not identified with vanity. If we first of all become identified with ourselves and then with the vanities of the exterior world, then we cannot forgive; let us remember the Lord’s prayer: “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors…” “

– Paraphrase from Ch. 1.31 (The Particular Characteristic Psychological Trait/Feature)
of Revolution of the Dialectic

Resentment, Debts, Accounts and Authentic Happiness

“It is not enough to simply forgive, but we also have to cancel the debts. Someone could forgive an enemy but would never ever cancel the debts. We have to be sincere, we need to cancel…

The Lord’s Gospel also says: “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth…” This is a phrase that no one has understood. Blessed are, we could say, the non resentful. If one is resentful, how could one be meek? The resentful person lives keeping count: “And I who did him so many favors… I protected him, I did so many deeds of charity for him and look at how this friend has paid me back when I have helped him so much and now he is incapable of helping me!”

This is the “accounting” of the resentful. How could one be meek if one is full of resentments? The one who is full of resentments lives keeping count at all times, therefore, they are not meek. So, how could they be blessed? To be happy is very difficult, for that, one first of all needs to be meek. The word beatitude means inner happiness, not within a thousand years, but now, right here, in the instant that we are living.

If we truly become meek through non-identification, we will then get to be happy. But it is necessary not only to not become identified with our thoughts of lust, hatred, vengeance, rancor, resentment, but also to eliminate from ourselves the Red Demons of Set, those psychic aggregates which personify our defects of a psychological type.

We have to comprehend, for example, what the process of resentment is, we have to dissect resentment. When one arrives at the conclusion that resentment comes from possessing self-esteem in our interior, we then struggle to eliminate the “I” of self-esteem. But we have to comprehend it in order to be able to eliminate it, we could not eliminate it if we have not previously comprehended it. In order to be able to eliminate one needs Devi Kundalini Shakti, it is only she who can disintegrate any psychological defect including the “I” of self-esteem.

Are we sure that we are not resentful towards someone? If we want to become independent from lunar mechanicity, we have to eliminate from ourselves the “I” of resentment and of self-esteem. When one understands this, one advances on the path which leads to the final Liberation.

It is only by means of the fire of Aries, the Lamb, of the incarnated Ram, of the inner Christ, that we can truly burn those inhuman elements which we carry in our interior; as consciousness becomes unbottled, we will awaken. Consciousness cannot awaken as long as it continues bottled up within psychic aggregates that in their mass constitute the myself, the “I”, the loose cathexis.

We need to undergo Mystical Death here and now. We need to die from instant to instant; it is only with death that the new arrives. If the germ does not die, the plant is not born. We need to learn how to live, in order to liberate ourselves from that lunar heredity that we have.”

– Paraphrase from Ch. 1.31 (The Particular Characteristic Psychological Trait/Feature)
of Revolution of the Dialectic

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