Note: According to Huiracocha’s numbering and associations:
    •   the 21st rune    was studied with the 4th rune Os/Othil   ,
    •   and the 22nd rune    with the 18th rune Gibor/Gibur   .

So these are the last 2 runes from Huiracocha’s set of 22 runes (#19 and #20) that we have not yet studied:

We will look at them together, although, there is not much information regarding the meaning and symbolism of the 19th rune   .


The Jer/Gera or Belgthor Rune

The word “Belg”, in Prot-Indo-European, means “to bulge, to swell”. So it makes sense that the    Jer/Gera or Belgthor Rune can be seen as 2    Thoros, Thorn or Dorn Runes    put together (sometimes two or more overlapping runes is called a ‘bind rune’). At the same time, it seems somehow similar to the    Dagaz Rune.

It may also be seen as a version of the    Ingwaz rune called the “lantern rune”.

Other variations of this rune (such as    Jer, Jera, or Jeran) are said to have the meaning of “year” or “harvest”, as well as “season”, “plenty”, and “prosperity”.

Huiracocha gives this 19th rune    (Jer, Gera, Jera, Jeran or Belgthor , etc.) the values of “Fortune, friendships” and associates it with the constellation of Leo.

The    Jer/Gera or Belgthor Rune is often used in Runic Calendars to refer to the number 19 (or the 19th year).

Unfortunately, this is about all we can find about this 19th rune. But Huiracocha’s 20th rune    , the Cross or Kreuz , is a shape that most of us recognize and has lots of symbolism.


The Numeric Perspective for both Runes

Since Huiracocha gives the    Jer/Gera or Belgthor Rune the value of 19 and the    Cross Rune with the value of 20, let’s look at what this implies for their symbolic values.

In Gnostic Kabbalah, Arcanum 19 is the Sun, Inspiration, Alliance (a man and a woman holding hands beneath the Sun). Arcanum 19 speaks to us of Cooperation, the Alliance between Man & Woman, between Husband & Wife, in order to be able to perform Sexual Alchemy and, therefore, achieve the Second Birth.

Arcanum 20 is Judgment, Resurrection (the Dead come back to Life), which is said to only be possible through Initiation. This Initiation is our process of connecting with our Inner Divinity and implies the Death of the Ego, as well as Sexual Alchemy and Sacrifice for Humanity (the 3 Factors: Death, Birth, Sacrifice).

Once we have passed through the first 3 Degrees of Gnostic or Hermetic Masonry (Apprentice, Companion/Fellow, & Master – acquiring the Solar Astral, Mental & Causal Vehicles) and eliminated the 3 Traitors (our Lunar Astral, Mental & Causal Vehicles), then it is possible to achieve Resurrection (Arcanum 20), by passing on to the higher levels of Initiation (the Venustic Initiation, etc). However, all of this is only possible through Transmutation and the work upon ourselves.

Let us, then, consider Arcanum 19 and the    Jer/Gera or Belgthor Rune as similarly indicating a need to work together with our Initiatic Brother or Sister. Working together in the 9th Sphere, is how we can progress Initiatically.

And how do we work? Using Conscious Willpower, the    Thorn or Dorn Rune, which we can see doubled here, overlapping each other, as the    Jer/Gera or Belgthor Rune. The Cross is what that allows us to work together: the union of the opposing polarities. So we can see the connection between these two Runes by considering them from the numeric perspective.


The Symbolic Perspective for the Jer/Gera or Belgthor Rune

If we convert the    Jer/Gera or Belgthor Rune into a posture, then we see a person with both hands on the hips. Again, something like a double    Thoros, Thorn or Dorn Rune   .

According to the Center for Non-Verbal Studies, this posture is called “akimbo” or hands-on-hips:

Hands-on-hips shows that the body is prepared to “take steps”
      a. to perform,
      b. to take part in, or
      c. to take charge of
an event, activity, or work assignment.

As a nonverbal cue, the posture shows that the body is poised to “step forward” (either to carry out a superior’s order, or to discipline or threaten a subordinate, or to defend against those who “overstep their bounds”).

And in US Politics, it says:

Hands-on-hips has been analyzed as a “classic sign of confidence” … [such as] in the painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware River…

However, there is another side to this posture. According to Law Enforcement sources (in this case, an FBI Special Agent):

…it is a territorial-claiming gesture usually present when something is wrong. Many a child has come home to a mother waiting at the door with her arms akimbo. Nothing further need be said: the kid is in trouble.

I don’t recommend that officers responding to domestic situations stand in doorways with arms akimbo. They are blocking the king’s castle, they are being territorial, and it is a hostile statement when defusion is needed instead.

On the other hand, I encourage female officers to use arms akimbo more often to establish greater territory, and thus greater authority.

A general summary of this posture, then, would be that it indicates confidence and is related to the “action of controlling” a situation.

Prior to Action: If the action is to follow, then this can be accomplished by taking the control (or authority) away from someone else or by asserting one’s own authority (if there does not seem to be one already established).

After Action:If the action has just occurred, then it may indicate a perceived triumph.

Either way, it often seems to be the posture indicating some kind controlling or dominating action (either that will follow or has been accomplished). Which is maybe why we see modern fictional “Superheros” take this posture before or after they have acted.

Now, let’s study the Cross as it is seen by our Authors…



We were not able to find anything from Guido Von List about either of these Runes.


The “Jer/Gera” or “Belgthor” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben

In discussing the Thorn/Dorn Rune, he says:

The male magical thorn, the thorn of awakening, overcomes the thorn-hedge of the Wahl-castle (Selection-Castle), the rampart-castle, the place of selecting the bride, the hedge of thunder, the Thun-Ar -hedge: Tun = fence, Ar = Sun, therefore the fence of the Sun or of the fire.

The double Rune (Thorn from both sides) approaches the shape of the Rune of Marriage [Ehe -Rune ].

Marriage only creates the human being in its entirety in man and woman, who create the third one, which is more than both… This is the meaning of Sleeping Beauty, who sleeps the hibernation of infertility, until the prince, the knight, the fearless one, arrives, penetrates the hedge of thorny roses and awakens the virgin with a kiss. She is sleeping the sleep between death and reincarnation and her destiny it is to give birth to the son of the hero…

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben

For the Gnostic, the “Sleep” of Sleeping Beauty is the sleeping Consciousness, which must be awakened through the Work on ourselves…


The “Cross” According to R.J. Gorsleben

In discussing the Hagal Rune (Ha-Gall = Gall-Ha ), he says:

“For the true wise one, and the person who is knowledgeable about God, Christ is neither human nor God, but a symbol of the God-Man in its earthbound entanglement. Only the poor intellects ask for time and place of his birth.

The Ur -Christ reaches back in time much farther than the beginnings of the “historical” Christ, and this should be the essential result of the research, no matter how well-founded the individual facts may be viewed.

Like Christ, Wodan hangs on the World-Tree and “consecrated myself to myself!”

This World-Tree Cross, this “wood” is nothing else but the Cross upon which the ‘son of God’ “dies”. The Christ hangs on this World-Cross in the universe, and people who believe the letter have never understood the language of parables, which is noticeable in the myth of Christ.

Now the “Christians”, for nearly two thousand years (since the supposed physical death of an executed person), have not grasped the deeper meaning of this symbol. These “Christians” and this “Christianity” truly have to perish so that it will be possible for humans to again achieve the state of being the ‘son of God’ and a higher state of wisdom by means of the daily self sacrifice.

Whosoever cannot and does not want to sacrifice themselves will never come “to the father”; this is what the image of Christ on the cross wants to impart into us.


We have to understand and have the insight that we are led collectively towards a new process of “Christianization”, of crystallization, of becoming Krist (in an supra-denominational meaning) which is related to Ur -Law. This is the high teaching of providence and the genuine goal of life for a humanity who is striving in an upward direction.

This path of Cosmic “Christianization” did not begin a few centuries ago, but existed long ago. It reached heights of success in earlier times, from which heights we sank down just in this era of the Christ during the Piscean age.

The death on the Cross is the mystical death which precedes the spiritual rebirth or new birth. “Unless you become like the children, you cannot gain the kingdom of heaven”.

The sacred symbol of death on the Cross is an eternal task that all of us have to fulfill, every person for him or herself. One can only do it for all, when all do it for the one.

The All-One “Christ” is One in all of us: what a beautiful and elevated meaning!”

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Kreuz” or “Cross” Rune According to Kummer

(+) The Cross-Rune, the Holy Cross, Kreuz . The God-Man, the Divine Human, the Initiate’s Rune.

The Holy Cross is the initiate’s rune, the Grail Knight, the sign of wise magic.

Climb high to the mountains, peace in the heart,
Near the primordial power; now look to the valley!
Form the cross, forget all the pain;
Encircle yourself, like Christ, a holy time. (Kummer)

– No numerical value.


• “The Holy Cross is the initiate’s rune”
• “The Holy Cross is a receiving station”

Sound formulas: None.

Full Body Rune Exercise:
The student should visualize themselves on a hill, a mountain, or at the center of open land (a field or meadow, etc). Take up the Is -rune position facing north and do the breathing exercise. Then extend both arms sideways so that they represent the human cross as shown (palms down).

Now try to feel the immense heights and expanses over and around the practitioner. The waves which pulsate from east & west through the practitioner’s arms and body, clash with the waves that flow from above through the back of their head, in their upper chest, and in the thymus gland (which is also called the Heart of Jesus). The student may perceive one of its sounds.

The waves now flood the spinal cord, speaking strongly in the sympathetic nervous system and in the solar plexus. The so-called “second brain” comes into action; its unchangeable innermost self, its eternal essence will make itself felt.

Kummer says that he cannot explain the whole secret of this “high rune because many vibrations and inner sensations are such that they cannot be expressed in words. We have to look at the rune position of the holy cross as a receiving station in which high waves and sensations flow in and out.”

To consciously receive and use these high waves through rune positions is the true way of the wise magician, of the initiate. One should fathom the high waves in their spiritual core (the spark of God within), using them for their own higher development. This will strengthen the practitioner’s willpower and allow them to fully master their body, and thereby the practitioner reaches true liberty and becomes a God-Man.

Christ died on the cross, to forever remind us of the high spirituality of our Father, and to remain for us as a guidepost to God (All-Father). So, too, did Wotan (as he descended from the World-Ash-Tree and find the runes) become master of himself and shone in conscious spirituality.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
by Siegfried Adolf Kummer


Additional Note: Kummer’s Comments for the Practitioner

In this same chapter on the Kreuz or Cross-Rune, Kummer also gives the following practices:

“Dear brothers & sisters, the rune positions set you free. Therefore say daily:

“My Inner Being [Ich ] is full of will and power.
My Inner Being [Ich ] is full of noble spirituality.
My Inner Being [Ich ] rules my soul, my body.
My Inner Being [Ich ] is indestructible and eternal!”

In the evening, when the student lets all the experiences of the day pass before their mind’s eye [that is to say: they do the Retrospective exercise], they use their memory and recognize the mistakes made. One must be serious about doing better in the future.

Also, the student always keeps in mind that they want to become an initiate. Therefore avoid all sensual, sexual thoughts [that is to say: lust]; these thoughts have an effect. One’s thoughts must always be directed towards ethical development, then success in all exercises are greater.

The student is always eager to be kind and friendly to others. To train one’s willpower, the student will communicate and speak with unsympathetic people and be friendly and cheerful, but never excited, because the calm one is always the stronger one.

The student must also awaken in themselves an insatiable longing for the primordial phenomenon of all phenomena, for the local point of all being, for the mystery of all mysteries, for the sublime-holy divine. This longing (which is becoming ever stronger in them) will drive the student to come closer to high ideals, and thus to develop the highest virtues in themselves. Their ardent longing must focus primarily on All-knowledge, harmony, brotherhood/sisterhood and philanthropy.

The student takes the example of a high God-Man as a model, for a symbol is like a subconscious cue which suggestively evokes infinitely high mental images and thus considerably strengthens the longing in the practitioner. Such a symbol possesses a magical power that can never quite be described completely.

Runes represent the conscious spirit-man or spirit-woman, who has their highest perfection in the God-Man, in Divine Humanity. We are a spark of the great fire, an illusion of the immeasurable light, a very small part of the indescribable, immeasurably great universe, above which is the great mystery, the unsolved riddle for many…

This is the All-Father, God.

The word rune, runa means ‘secret whispering’, ‘secret counseling’, old north Germanic: runar ‘rune cognition’, ‘wisdom’, ‘magical word order’; it is related to the Anglo-Saxon runian , English roun , Old High German runen , and Middle High German runene , ‘murmur’, as ‘secret’ or ‘say secretly’.

In the Zohar , we read the following, echoed by the Templars:

“When Alfator (All-father) wanted to reveal the hidden,
he began to make a luminous point.

Before that bright point had broken through and emerged,
the infinite was quite hidden and did not spread light.”

Our ancestors, who told us about it, symbolized this ‘becoming’ or ‘coming into being’ as the following drawing:

Through this symbol, All-father’s will in the cosmos (as well as the revelation of this will in the depths of eternity) is implied. Then All-father sent his spirit-beam out from the point. Thus began the onset of time, as well as of all things in the eternal. The horizontal beam indicates something artificial and what has been, while the vertical beam in a circle means the spirit of the all-pervading, the 1, the beginning of all things.

As the divine spirit streamed through the cosmic nebula, up and down, forward and backward, it flared out sideways, right and left. Three dimensions in space-depth, height and width-were now inherent in the cosmic bodies. The intersecting spirit-beam of All-father had brought it into existence.

The spirit of the flaming cross made the world tremble, setting the ether in motion and creating movement in space. The divine fire in the cosmos had burned through the four arms of the spiritual cross of the All-father, of which the Edda says “without something that burned, it burns without end.”

It is the most holy cross that our ancestors have always revered; the high holy cross, the sign which has been abused in the past and even today.

The cross is the symbol of the cosmic primordial fire…”

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
by Siegfried Adolf Kummer


Peryt Shou’s “New Will” and the Runes

In 1920, an author named Peryt Shou (real name Albert Christian Georg Schultz) published an interesting book entitled The ‘Edda’ as Key to the Coming Age! [Die “Edda” als Schlussel des kommenden Weltalters!] . This appears to be the first publication of a specific exercise associated with the Runes.

Most of the book is related to the    Not- or ‘Need’-Rune and its significance. However, the German word Not can be translated in a variety of ways: “need, want, distress, misery; necessity, emergency, trouble, urgency, difficulty, danger”, so it is not as simple as the English ‘Need’…

Shou connects    Not with Arthur Schopenhauer’s concept of Willpower [Wille ] and references Schopenhauer’s book The World as Will and Imagination  [Die Welt als Wille und Vorstelung]  (1859). For Shou, this ‘new Will’ [neuen Willens ] is not Craving or Desire, but a “constructive Force in the Universe that works in a Divine way…”

He goes on to say that the Swastika    (or Gibor/Gibur Rune) is the Solar-Wheel, the Sign-of-Salvation, and the High-Need-Sign (or High-Not- Sign):

“It is the sign of the Sons of Mercury (Odin)… which opens the Gates of their spiritually-divine Power and they respond to those with knowledge of the Yggdrasil [World-Tree] with Streams [of energy or All-Waves].

This is the Esotericism of Wuotan. It is none other than the Intelligentsia Mercurii , and interplanetary Radio-Network that Broadcasts to us from the planet Mercury…

Whosoever understands how to “turn” it possesses the Secret of the “Brothers-of-Hermes” [Hermes-Brüder ], the secret of the Ygg-dra-sil , of the World-Cross (the drasil -Cross, the Gallows) and of the World-Tree! Wuotan descended from it, and he knows about the Law of drasil (the Generation of “Salvation” through “turning”)…

Wuotan is not an Individual-Being in the human Sense, but rather he is the Community of the Brothers-of-Hermes, who bear the concealed Name: “League of Truth”. (In this name the movement of the Wheel occurs.)”

Shou then refers to a special posture, which he says “corresponds to the ‘Guardian of Yggdrasil’ or [to the ‘Guardian] of the Tree-of-Life’ ”. The corresponding posture is to stand up with the arms out the sides and palms facing outwards.

This Guardian, he says:

“speaks the holy Word of Disenchantment and [of] Liberation from the Tree-of-Heaven here under the ‘eight-fold Star’.

Through the magical Power of a sacred Gesture, the Solar-Word frees and, in a living way circulates through the Body and thus delivers the one who is “Crying out in Need [Not ]”…”

Thus, Shou is saying that by using the    Not- Rune (which he says is related to understanding the “new Will” and his “Ninth Night” practice) we can “tune in” to the “Send-Waves” [Sendewellen ] from the Brothers-of-Hermes and come under their protection. He goes on to say that the Brothers-of-Hermes answer the “Call-Waves” [Rufwellen ] of the mantram “Æpandi nam”.


The Practice of the “Ninth Night” According to Peryt Shou

This is mantram (“Æpandi nam”) is a phrase that comes from a section of the epic poem Havamal called the Rúnatal , stanza #139. In the previous stanza (#138), Odin/Wodan explains that he hung for 9 days on the “windy tree” before he received the Runes, a tree “of which nobody knows from what root it arises”. Then Odin/Wodan tells us:

    They dealt me no bread,
nor drinking horn.
I looked beneath,
I took up the runes,
crying out, I took them up,

and fell back from there.
    Við hleifi mig seldu
né við hornigi,
nýsti ég niður,
nam ég upp rúnir,
æpandi nam,

féll ég aftur þaðan.

This phrase is divided into 2 parts:
    1) ‘Æpandi’ meaning “Calling/yelling/screaming/crying out” and
    2) ‘nam’ meaning “I took them [up]” or “I learned them”.

Thus, Odin/Wodan ‘took up’ or ‘learned’ the runes by ‘Yelling/Calling’ them.

Let’s take a look at how Shou says we should combine this mantram with “sacred Gesture” (palms facing outwards):

Short Practice
A very brief version of Shou’s “Ninth Night” Practice is as follows:
    a. Cross position (Arms laterally stretched out like an antenna) with the mantram “Æpandi nam”, pronounced “O-Pan-Di Nam”
    b. After speaking the formula, lower arms (palm on the hips, elbows at a natural angle).

    Repeat the formula.

Longer Practice
    a. Start in the Basic Is -Rune position and pronounce the first part of the mantram “Æpandi nam” (“Aaaaaaaaaap”) while visualizing the energy rising from the feet up to the center of the chest (Thymus gland).
    b. Then take up the Cross position (Arms laterally stretched out like an antenna) and pronounce the second part of the mantram “Æpandi nam” (“Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd”, emphasizing the “AN”) while visualizing the energy going from the center of the chest out to the palms of the hands. You may notice a slight prickling sensation in the hands.
    c. Now, while still in the Cross position, pronounce the third part of the mantram “Æpandi nam” (“Iiiiiiiiii”) while visualizing the energy rising up to the crown of the head.

    d. Repeat these 3 steps (“a” through “c”, including the corresponding mantrams) and gather up energy into the body. If you need to rest, temporarily place the hands on the hips, before returning to the Cross position for steps “e” through “g”.

    e. Once you have the energy gathered enough, then visualize the energy circulating around (from right to left) making a large circle (with the distance of the outstretched palms as the diameter of this circle). This is the activation of the “Antenna” enabling communication with the “Brothers-of-Hermes”.

    f. As a result of the circulation in the previous step, another smaller energetic circle will be established (from the crown of the head, to the elbows, to the solar plexus) and which also circulates in the same way (from right to left).

    g. Hold the Cross position as long as possible, pronouncing the mantram “Ap-And-I” and doing the visualization. When you can not hold you arms up anymore, then place them on the hips and pronounce the last part of the mantram “Naaaaaaaam”. With this a third circulation begins (another smaller circle from the center of the chest to the creative organs) which also circulates from right to left.

According to Shou, “the awakening of the    Not- Rune [and, therefore, the ‘New Will’] excites new powers in the human mind, opening the hidden channel in the heart and the voice of the World Spirit as a great, invisible, spirit community.”

-Paraphrase from The Edda as Key to the Coming Era
[Die Edda Als Schlussel Des Kommenden Weltzeitalters]
by Peryt Shou (aka Albert Christian A. Schultz)



Rosicrucian and Gnostic

The Cross According to Huiracocha

“Exoterically, the Cross is matter, and esoterically it is the Light…”

-Paraphrase from COURSE OF KABALAH [CURSO DE CÁBALA] (1936)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Kabalah


“…Let us take our imagination to the Cross. Here we also have the vertical beam traversed by the horizontal beam.

If the vertical beam represents the God-Man, then the Horizontal beam instead, symbolizes the Demon or negative principle.

The Cross teaches us that we are a mixture of God and Demon…”


“…The current that we have learned in the zodiacal course (which comes from above and stops in the heart) is the one that waits for the current from the earth from below to rise in order to form a single, unique current.

From above, the celestial forces arrive.

From below, the sexual forces.

When both are united, transmutation enters and becomes pure divine essence. Such is the Cross.

A beam comes from above, another ascends from the earth, while the transverse beam joins both and makes the vertical, horizontal current…”


“…Now the symbolic importance of the Christian Cross is comprehended, since this Cross is only a symbol of death for the exoteric Christian, whereas for the esoteric Christian or Initiate, the Cross… as Generation, is the ultimate symbol of Life.

Almost all practices related to the Runes have been lost over the centuries. Only one has been kept alive, which is the practice of the Cross.

We see in all the occult practices, in the Legends and even in History, that when Evil (the Devil) persecuted humans, they made the sign of the Cross, and Satan fled.

This is not a preconception, it is real, since the Cross or the sign of the Cross, certainly has a real value.

We have been led to believe that the Devil was a coward and that he persecuted his victims, until the Knight took his Sword by the blade showing the cross.

Both in sleep as when awakened, we make the sign of the Cross and it is a beautiful custom that has prevailed in all Christian Churches, but those who call themselves “believers” take this into practice mechanically like a routine, as a S.O.S. for the being in danger and suppose that it only has a religious value.

It is not thus.

The Cross is a symbol of High Magic, it evokes Life, and God within ourselves and if we make it consciously, it has an even greater meaning and becomes most powerful.

We do not need to give special instructions because everyone knows how to make the sign of the cross and it speaks to the student of Magic, who wants powers, who yearns for help from the Invisible, since to make THE SIGN OF THE CROSS is always a call to the superior forces. Amen…”

-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The Cross According to Samael Aun Weor

For the Gnostics, the Cross is not, by any measure, a conventional symbol, but the representation of an invariable Law, which covers (without any single exception) the entire gamut, the entire range of the actions of Nature.

Whoever studies the fundamentals of chemistry knows that the reaction of the elements happens only when they are crossed with others; for instance, H2O, the chemical formula of water, is simply the crossing of two molecules of hydrogen and one of Oxygen. So water, this precious fluid indispensable to organic life, is the outcome of the Cross.

The power in order to produce water, this is a Cross (or a Crossing) of hydrogen with oxygen.

The harmonious march of a system of worlds depends on the cross – the magnetic point where the two forces (centrifugal and centripetal) are found equilibrated.

Therefore, the power which supports the worlds is in that magnetic Cross of space.

A masculine cell (named zoosperm) is crossed with a feminine cell (named ovum) in order for the human entity, the outcome of this cross, to emerge.

Consequently, the human being is the outcome of the Cross (or a Crossing) of a masculine zoosperm with the feminine ovum.

Nothing can come into existence without the power of the Cross.

The sincere and ideal shaking of hands crosses and harmonizes the mutual affection of two people.

Therefore the Cross of the handshake originates the living affection between two souls.

Walking on the street, a handsome youngster finds an attractive damsel; they glance at each other, and from that prodigious, subtle and impalpable Cross (yet palpable in its magical power) affection, love, is born, which later organizes a home. Their Cross will produce astonishing effects, such as the multiplication of their species, the grandiosity of a country, and perhaps the birth of a new genius who will increase the progress of science or philosophy for the sake of the world.

The magnetic crossing of two views shows and demonstrates that the power is in the Cross.

A seed is introduced within the earth and it crosses its power with the chemical elements which constitute the structure of the planet; thus, trees, flowers, fruits and new seeds are produced, which will eventually increase their species and multiply them ad infinitum . Therefore, the power is in their Cross.

Nothing new can exist, nor can the old be transformed without the Cross. For such causes, we, Gnostics, wise to such excellence, know precisely the power of the Cross and this is why we offer reverence to the Cross. This reverence to the Cross is not based on a belief, but on an absolute and immediate knowledge. We, Gnostics, are mystics of the Truth and are always willing to know all things, leaving aside (as a worthless thing) any type of belief, since belief makes a person foolish, stupified, and unconscious. Audacious people always take advantage of stupidity and unconsciousness, in order to govern and command the naive crowds, who as sheep follow their chiefs, who are as stupid and unconscious as the crowds.

The cause of all the events of nature is in the Cross, and exceptions do not exist in this.

When someone reveals some philosophical, social or scientific idea, it is crossed with the ideas of those who listen, and this is how new reactions are produced, either for finding the truth of what the speaker presents, or rather (if his knowledge lacks a good foundation) to reject his pretensions of being a sage.

Therefore, intelligence is tested and truths are discovered through eliminating what is incorrect, by means of the crossing of ideas.

When our sight is crossed with a being or object, an experience about beings and things is acquired.

The protean substances of the food that we ingest, when they are crossed with our physiological, cellular life, produce crossed reactions that renew the life of the worn cells and create others new.

If the substance is not good for our organism, then the biochemical crossing of the substance with the secretions of our specific internal organs produce reactions in order for that substance to be properly eliminated from our organism.

The Cross encloses the mystery of all imaginable powers, whether these are physical, intellectual or moral.

A person who can find some philosophical, scientific, or rational fact, which does not depend on the power of the cross, does not exist. Thus, once again we can emphatically affirm that the power is in the Cross and that the natural and scientific Cross of the Gnostics has nothing to do with beliefs nor with any such instruments of torture.

The Cross of the Gnostics is the power of the Universe constructing atoms, molecules, cells, organs, organism, worlds and any system of worlds.

The intellectual aspect of Gnosis is the outcome of the crossing of luminous ideas, which produce new states of consciousness.

In the moral or emotive aspect, the power is in the Cross that produces all the marvelous sensations that ennoble and dignify the soul.

Likewise, when musical melodies cross with the psychosomatic hearing capacities of the one who listens, a beautiful manifestation is produced within the sensibility of the soul, producing an harmonious, internal sensation as the outcome of this precious Cross of sounds.

When a person crosses his sight with the natural beauty of a flower, or a man crosses his sight with the natural beauty of a woman, feelings of divine inspiration appear within the soul; these feelings reveal unto the consciousness the utmost sources of perfection which are found in the harmony of forms.

When thought is crossed with feeling, then the human being is not only in perfect harmony with himself, but moreover, he has more capacity to confront with success the labor which he is willingly doing.

It is necessary to think as a philosopher and to feel as an artist, because the magical, enchanting amalgam of the soul of the true Superman emerges from the precious cross that unites the elevated thought of the philosopher with the divine sensibility of the artist.

This Cross of thought and feeling, in a perfect harmony and concordance, is what allows the development of the mystical and spiritual sides of existence.

Blessed and divine Cross, in thy precious structure is found hidden all the mysteries of Nature and of Life.

by Samael Aun Weor



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