F. B. Marby’s First Runic Exercise (the Passive “Is” Rune)

One of the best introductions to the basic techniques of Runic Exercises is Marby’s Is-rune exercise. It can be performed anywhere and at any time, and should be done as often as possible when one is still trying to familiarize themselves with these types of exercises.

The purpose of the exercise (besides the training aspect) is the general strengthening of the body and of the attention, resulting in an all-around rejuvenation. It can be performed in a standing position (which is preferred) as well as walking and even sitting.

• If standing, then you take the “Basic Military Position”: body erect, eyes focused straight ahead, chin down, chest out, with your feet touching at the heels.
• If walking, keep your feet straight, your elbows slightly bent, and your palms facing forward in a slightly cupped position.
• The sitting form of the exercise is one where you sit straight in a chair, knees together, with your palms on your knees, and the arms held to the body.
The only thought that you should have is “I am here”. Practice often and in any location.


Marby’s Instructions for the First Rune Exercise

The following introductions for the technique of runic gymnastics was outlined by Marby in the first volume of his Marby-Runen-Bücherei (1931).

1. Inhale for a duration of five seconds, then exhale for five seconds (equivalent to the time it takes to walk 7 normal steps). Maintain a rhythm of breath that is comfortable and make it a regular, then start to expand the duration of the inhalation & exhalation (but always equal). Practice as often as you can and in as many different places as you can.

2. Softly vocalize the vowel “I” (pronounced like ‘tree’, but without the ‘tr’). Do this in a tone and pitch most comfortable and natural for yourself. Practice daily in conjunction with the Is-rune posture.

3. Once this comfortable and natural tone has been mastered, practice raising the pitch of the note as high as you can (without pausing while raising the pitch).

4. Next try expanding the length of the initial “I”-sound to ten seconds. Continue to expand this time to your limits. Practice several times daily.

5. As you raise the tone from your lowest point to its highest level, visualize or sense the energy rising from below your feet out through the top of your head. Each time you repeat the exercise feel the energy of the tone rise from below upward throughout the length of your whole body. Then on the next inhalation begin high and spiral the sound down to the lowest level. Spiral the sound up and down your body with each breath. The overall effect of the sound will be something like a siren. The time period of the actual transition from the highest to the lowest tone is relatively short, usually about four seconds, with the end tone being held for however long is comfortable for you at that stage. Practice several times daily.

6. This step is very similar to the previous one, except here you repeatedly jump from the lowest to the highest tone (of which you are capable without strain and without cracking your voice). Practice daily and often.

7. Again, this is the same as the one above, except you similarly jump from the highest to the lowest tone you are used to making. Practice daily and often.

8. Return to the pattern of step six and jump from the low tone to the high tone. In the performance of exercises six through eight, the duration of each of the tones will be about four to five seconds.

To follow Marby’s instructions correctly, one would always go through the steps in the specified order, mastering the first step before going on to the second, etc. Each subsequent step is added only after the previous one has been practiced for at least seven days. According to this schedule it should take at least 54 days to complete the program. When the program is complete, one will have a solid foundation for the art and practice of runic gymnastics and rune-song.

One can also add basic affirmations to the routine. For the Is-rune, the basic affirmation is the contemplation of the fact that your whole body is an antenna or a magnetic conductor of currents from all five zones of “The Lodge of World Space” (the Cosmos/Universe). All of these currents flow to and through you, and all are running parallel to your own currents. You guide them (see yourself in the midst of the whole cosmos) with the great distances of outer space and inner space above and below you.

According to Marby, the actual results of this program of exercises should be:

• a feeling of overall vitality and strength,
• a feeling of lightness of being and rejuvenation of the soul, and
• a feeling of being effective in action in all that you do (with clearer thoughts and quieter emotions).
Additionally, you should be able to increase your ability to attract people to yourself and to be able to settle strife between people in your immediate environment. You will become calm and vital, and will emit this quality into your surroundings.



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